Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1307.6168 (Adam Bzdak et al.)

Decisive test of color coherence in proton-nucleus collisions at the LHC    [PDF]

Adam Bzdak, Vladimir Skokov
Proton-nucleus collisions (p+A) at LHC energies provide a rigorous test of the Color Glass Condensate (CGC), a model proposed to describe the high energy limit of Quantum Chromodynamics. In the CGC the average multiplicity of charged particles at midrapidity in p+A collisions depends logarithmically on the number of participants, $N_part$. In contrast, the Wounded Nucleon Model (WNM) of independent nucleon-nucleon scatterings, verified at RHIC energies, predicts that multiplicity in p+A depends linearly on $N_part$. We argue that for the first time, the dependence of mean multiplicity on $N_part$ in p+A collisions at LHC energies can single out a model of particle production, thus offering a stringent test of the CGC and the WNM. Based on this observation we propose a novel experimental test of color coherence in p+A collisions.
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