Thursday, May 9, 2013

1111.4683 (H. Sundu et al.)

Mass and Decay Constant of the $D_2^*(2460)$ Tensor Meson    [PDF]

H. Sundu, K. Azizi

1305.1623 (Francisco Campanario et al.)

WZ production in association with two jets at NLO in QCD    [PDF]

Francisco Campanario, Matthias Kerner, Le Duc Ninh, Dieter Zeppenfeld

1305.1624 (Chien-Yi Chen et al.)

Heavy Higgs Searches and Constraints on Two Higgs Doublet Models    [PDF]

Chien-Yi Chen, S. Dawson, Marc Sher

1305.1627 (Chee Sheng Fong et al.)

Spontaneous breaking of the flavor symmetry avoids the strong CP problem    [PDF]

Chee Sheng Fong, Enrico Nardi

1305.1645 (Benjamin Fuks et al.)

QCD resummation in the framework of supersymmetry    [PDF]

Benjamin Fuks, Michael Klasen, David R. Lamprea, Marcel Rothering

1305.1649 (Otto Eberhardt et al.)

Status of the two-Higgs-doublet model of type II    [PDF]

Otto Eberhardt, Ulrich Nierste, Martin Wiebusch

1305.1686 (Takuya Kakuda et al.)

Universal Extra Dimensions after Higgs Discovery    [PDF]

Takuya Kakuda, Kenji Nishiwaki, Kin-ya Oda, Ryoutaro Watanabe

1305.1692 (Keisuke Fujii)

Physics at the ILC with focus mostly on Higgs physics    [PDF]

Keisuke Fujii

1305.1699 (Y. M. Cho et al.)

Finite Energy Electroweak Dyon    [PDF]

Y. M. Cho, Kyoungtae Kim, J. H. Yoon

1305.1712 (M. A. Braun)

Inclusive cross-sections for gluon production in collision of two
projectiles on two targets in the BFKL approach

M. A. Braun

1305.1724 (V. Guzey et al.)

Evidence for nuclear gluon shadowing from the ALICE measurements of PbPb
ultraperipheral exclusive J/ψ production

V. Guzey, E. Kryshen, M. Strikman, M. Zhalov

1305.1754 (Koji Tsumura)

Two Higgs doublet models at future colliders    [PDF]

Koji Tsumura

1305.1757 (Ming-Kai Du et al.)

Baryonic Isgur-Wise Functions in Large $N_c$ HQET    [PDF]

Ming-Kai Du, Chun Liu

1305.1769 (Mieczyslaw Witold Krasny et al.)

The LHC excess of four-lepton events interpreted as Higgs-boson signal:
background from Double Drell--Yan process?

Mieczyslaw Witold Krasny, Wieslaw Placzek

1305.1784 (Fotis Farakos et al.)

Emergent Potentials in Consistent Higher Derivative N=1 Supergravity    [PDF]

Fotis Farakos, Alex Kehagias

1305.1797 (Thomas Lang et al.)

Elliptic flow and nuclear modification factors of D-mesons at FAIR in a
Hybrid-Langevin approach

Thomas Lang, Hendrik van Hees, Jan Steinheimer, Marcus Bleicher

1305.1817 (Giorgio Busoni et al.)

On the Minimum Dark Matter Mass Testable by Neutrinos from the Sun    [PDF]

Giorgio Busoni, Andrea De Simone, Wei-Chih Huang

1305.1835 (Jiunn-Wei Chen et al.)

Parity violating quantum kinetic theory in (2+1)-dimensions    [PDF]

Jiunn-Wei Chen, Jian-Hua Gao, Juan Liu, Shi Pu, Qun Wang

1305.1846 (Tianjun Li et al.)

No-Scale F-SU(5) in the Light of LHC, Planck and XENON    [PDF]

Tianjun Li, James A. Maxin, Dimitri V. Nanopoulos, Joel W. Walker

1305.1866 (Norimi Yokozaki)

Higgs Boson Mass in Low Energy SUSY Models with Vector-like Matters    [PDF]

Norimi Yokozaki

1305.1874 (Takuya Kakuda et al.)

Constraint on Universal Extra Dimensions from scalar boson searches    [PDF]

Takuya Kakuda, Kenji Nishiwaki, Kin-ya Oda, Ryoutaro Watanabe

1305.1878 (Burton A. Betchart et al.)

Analytic solutions for neutrino momenta in decay of top quarks at hadron

Burton A. Betchart, Regina Demina, Amnon Harel

1305.1883 (Jessica Frank et al.)

Higgs Spin Determination in the WW channel and beyond    [PDF]

Jessica Frank, Michael Rauch, Dieter Zeppenfeld

1305.1898 (M. V. T. Machado)

A study on central diffractive f_0(980) and f_2(1270) meson production
at the LHC

M. V. T. Machado

1305.1906 (A. Barroso et al.)

Avoiding Death by Vacuum    [PDF]

A. Barroso, P. M. Ferreira, I. Ivanov, R. Santos, Joao P. Silva

1305.1921 (A. C. B. Machado et al.)

FCNC in the minimal 3-3-1 model revisited    [PDF]

A. C. B. Machado, J. C. Montero, V. Pleitez

1305.1924 (Giovanni A. Chirilli et al.)

Solution of the NLO BFKL Equation and the Strategy for Solving the
All-Order BFKL Equation

Giovanni A. Chirilli, Yuri V. Kovchegov