Thursday, February 21, 2013

1211.1038 (Kimihide Nishimura)

Detectability of Lorentz-violating potentials in a unified model of

Kimihide Nishimura

1302.4743 (Simon Gritschacher et al.)

Secondary Heavy Quark Production in Jets through Mass Modes    [PDF]

Simon Gritschacher, Andre H. Hoang, Ilaria Jemos, Piotr Pietrulewicz

1302.4750 (Giacomo Cacciapaglia et al.)

LHC Missing-Transverse-Energy Constraints on Models with Universal Extra

Giacomo Cacciapaglia, Aldo Deandrea, John Ellis, Jad Marrouche, Luca Panizzi

1302.4753 (Cora Dvorkin et al.)

Perturbed Recombination from Dark Matter Annihilation    [PDF]

Cora Dvorkin, Kfir Blum, Matias Zaldarriaga

1302.4781 (Jonathan Kozaczuk et al.)

Electroweak Baryogenesis And The Fermi Gamma-Ray Line    [PDF]

Jonathan Kozaczuk, Stefano Profumo, Carroll L. Wainwright

1302.4790 (Lu Zhao et al.)

A possible NN*(1440) quasi-molecular state    [PDF]

Lu Zhao, Peng-Nian Shen, Ying-Jie Zhang, Bing-Song Zou

1302.4823 (Manmohan Gupta et al.)

Flavor mixings and textures of the fermion mass matrices    [PDF]

Manmohan Gupta, Gulsheen Ahuja

1302.4828 (Ling-Xiao Cui et al.)

Thermal Mass Spectra of Scalar and Pseudo-Scalar Mesons in IR-improved
Soft-Wall AdS/QCD Model with Finite Chemical Potential

Ling-Xiao Cui, Yue-Liang Wu

1302.4852 (Giancarlo D'Ambrosio)

Rare Kaon decays    [PDF]

Giancarlo D'Ambrosio

1302.4892 (Stefan Gieseke et al.)

Multiple Partonic Interactions in Herwig++    [PDF]

Stefan Gieseke, Christian Rohr, Andrzej Siodmok

1302.4917 (Sourendu Gupta et al.)

Hadronic Screening in Improved Taste    [PDF]

Sourendu Gupta, Nikhil Karthik

1302.4994 (Piyabut Burikham et al.)

Chiral symmetry breaking from two-loop effective potential of the
holographic non-local NJL model

Piyabut Burikham, Daris Samart, Suppiya Siranan

1302.5023 (S. Aghababaei et al.)

Lorentz Violation in the Higgs Sector and Noncommutative Standard Model    [PDF]

S. Aghababaei, M. Haghighat, A. Kheirandish

1302.5024 (Ehsan Hatefi)

Closed string Ramond-Ramond proposed higher derivative interactions on
fermionic amplitudes in IIB

Ehsan Hatefi

1302.5031 (Hai-Rong Dong et al.)

Some recent progress in understanding exclusive double charmonium
production at $B$ factories

Hai-Rong Dong, Feng Feng, Yu Jia

1302.5045 (Jacques Soffer)

Do we understand elastic scattering up to LHC energies?    [PDF]

Jacques Soffer

1302.5047 (Chien-Yeah Seng et al.)

Parity Violating Deep Inelastic Electron-Deuteron Scattering: Higher
Twist and Parton Angular Momentum

Chien-Yeah Seng, Michael J. Ramsey-Musolf

1302.5098 (Maximilian Attems et al.)

The chromo-Weibel instability in an expanding background    [PDF]

Maximilian Attems, Anton Rebhan, Michael Strickland