Friday, January 25, 2013

1212.0753 (Bodo Lampe)

Color and Isospin Waves from Tetrahedral Shubnikov Groups    [PDF]

Bodo Lampe

1301.5637 (Andre de Gouvea et al.)

Transition Magnetic Moments and Collective Neutrino
Oscillations:Three-Flavor Effects and Detectability

Andre de Gouvea, Shashank Shalgar

1301.5645 (O. V. Tarasov et al.)

Three-loop calculations in non-Abelian gauge theories    [PDF]

O. V. Tarasov, A. A. Vladimirov

1301.5669 (N. Ahmadiniaz et al.)

QED effective action for an O(2)xO(3) symmetric field in the full mass

N. Ahmadiniaz, A. Huet, A. Raya, C. Schubert

1301.5707 (Petr Satunin)

Width of photon decay in magnetic field: elementary semiclassical
derivation and sensitivity to Lorentz violation

Petr Satunin

1301.5721 (Antonio De Felice et al.)

Shapes of primordial non-Gaussianities in the Horndeski's most general
scalar-tensor theories

Antonio De Felice, Shinji Tsujikawa

1301.5739 (A. Rakotozafindrabe et al.)

Spin physics at A Fixed-Target ExpeRiment at the LHC (AFTER@LHC)    [PDF]

A. Rakotozafindrabe, M. Anselmino, R. Arnaldi, S. J. Brodsky, V. Chambert, J. P. Didelez, E. G. Ferreiro, F. Fleuret, B. Genolini, C. Hadjidakis, J. P. Lansberg, C. Lorce, P. Rosier, I. Schienbein, E. Scomparin, U. I. Uggerhoj

1301.5741 (L. Roca et al.)

Lambda(1405) poles obtained from pi0-Sigma0 photoproduction data    [PDF]

L. Roca, E. Oset

1301.5750 (Timothy J. Hollowood et al.)

Overview of large N QCD with chemical potential at weak and strong

Timothy J. Hollowood, Joyce C. Myers

1301.5762 (Mohammed Younus et al.)

Effect of Energy Loss On Azimuthal Correlation of charm and correlated
charm decay in collision of lead nuclei at sqrt{s} = 2.76 A TeV

Mohammed Younus, Dinesh K. Srivastava

1301.5778 (Jing Chen et al.)

The 130 GeV gamma-ray line and Sommerfeld enhancements    [PDF]

Jing Chen, Yu-Feng Zhou

1301.5779 (Maryam Arabsalmani et al.)

Reconstructing the Properties of Dark Energy using Standard Sirens    [PDF]

Maryam Arabsalmani, Varun Sahni, Tarun Deep Saini

1301.5784 (F. Gelis)

Factorization in high energy nucleus-nucleus collisions    [PDF]

F. Gelis

1301.5787 (Emanuele Pace et al.)

Neutron Transverse-Momentum Distributions and Polarized 3He within
Light-Front Hamiltonian Dynamics

Emanuele Pace, Giovanni Salme', Sergio Scopetta, Alessio Del Dotto, Matteo Rinaldi

1301.5790 (S. R. Beane et al.)

Nucleon-Nucleon Scattering Parameters in the Limit of SU(3) Flavor

S. R. Beane, E. Chang, S. D. Cohen, W. Detmold, P. Junnarkar, H. W. Lin, T. C. Luu, K. Orginos, A. Parreno, M. J. Savage, A. Walker-Loud

1301.5810 (B. Auerbach et al.)

Studies of highly-boosted top quarks near the TeV scale using jet masses
at the LHC

B. Auerbach, S. V. Chekanov, N. Kidonakis

1301.5812 (Yong Tang)

Vacuum Stability in the Standard Model    [PDF]

Yong Tang

1301.5816 (Vladimir Sauli)

Lepton mass hierarchy from the quark mass hierarchy in the light of the
quark Technicolor Dynamics

Vladimir Sauli

1301.5826 (G. S. Bali et al.)

Thermodynamic properties of QCD in external magnetic fields    [PDF]

G. S. Bali, F. Bruckmann, M. Constantinou, M. Costa, G. Endrodi, Z. Fodor, S. D. Katz, S. Krieg, H. Panagopoulos, A. Schafer, K. K. Szabo

1301.5845 (David d'Enterria et al.)

Enhanced J/Psi production from double parton scatterings in
nucleus-nucleus collisions at the Large Hadron Collider

David d'Enterria, Alexander M. Snigirev

1301.5855 (A. Bazavov et al.)

Leptonic decay-constant ratio f_{K^+}/f_{pi^+} from lattice QCD with
physical light quarks

A. Bazavov, C. Bernard, C. DeTar, J. Foley, W. Freeman, Steven Gottlieb, U. M. Heller, J. E. Hetrick, J. Kim, J. Laiho, L. Levkova, M. Lightman, J. Osborn, S. Qiu, R. L. Sugar, D. Toussaint, R. S. Van de Water, R. Zhou

1301.5856 (Adrian Carmona et al.)

Custodial Leptons and Higgs Decays    [PDF]

Adrian Carmona, Florian Goertz

1301.5865 (Maxim Dvornikov)

Quantization of massive Weyl fields in vacuum    [PDF]

Maxim Dvornikov

1301.5867 (Gerald Eigen et al.)

Global CKM Fits with the Scan Method    [PDF]

Gerald Eigen, Gregory Dubois-Felsmann, David G. Hitlin, Frank C. Porter

1301.5893 (Charles Gale et al.)

Hydrodynamic Modeling of Heavy-Ion Collisions    [PDF]

Charles Gale, Sangyong Jeon, Bjoern Schenke