Thursday, May 31, 2012

1011.2656 (Johannes Bluemlein et al.)

A Symbolic Summation Approach to Feynman Integral Calculus    [PDF]

Johannes Bluemlein, Sebastian Klein, Carsten Schneider, Flavia Stan

1103.4782 (Katri Huitu et al.)

Neutralino and chargino masses and related sum rules beyond MSSM    [PDF]

Katri Huitu, P. N. Pandita, Paavo Tiitola

1105.6085 (Katherine Jones-Smith et al.)

Detecting Chameleon Dark Energy via Electrostatic Analogy    [PDF]

Katherine Jones-Smith, Francesc Ferrer

1107.1216 (Gianluca Blankenburg et al.)

B->tau nu in multi-Higgs models with MFV    [PDF]

Gianluca Blankenburg, Gino Isidori

1108.4062 (Leonard S. Kisslinger)

CP Violation and the LBNE Project    [PDF]

Leonard S. Kisslinger

1112.4837 (Guillermo Ballesteros et al.)

Nonlinear cosmological consistency relations and effective matter

Guillermo Ballesteros, Lukas Hollenstein, Rajeev Kumar Jain, Martin Kunz

1201.0343 (Minoru Eto et al.)

Vortex trimer in three-component Bose-Einstein condensates    [PDF]

Minoru Eto, Muneto Nitta

1205.6479 (Brian Henning et al.)

Constraints on Light Dark Matter from Big Bang Nucleosynthesis    [PDF]

Brian Henning, Hitoshi Murayama

1205.6480 (Jonathan L. Feng et al.)

Confluence of Constraints in Gauge Mediation: The 125 GeV Higgs Boson
and Goldilocks Cosmology

Jonathan L. Feng, Ze'ev Surujon, Hai-Bo Yu

1205.6481 (Hyung Do Kim et al.)

D0 dimuon charge asymmetry from B_s system with Z' couplings and the
recent LHCb result

Hyung Do Kim, Sung-Gi Kim, Seodong Shin

1205.6483 (Cédric Lorcé)

Geometrical approach to the proton spin decomposition    [PDF]

Cédric Lorcé

1205.6497 (Giuseppe Degrassi et al.)

Higgs mass and vacuum stability in the Standard Model at NNLO    [PDF]

Giuseppe Degrassi, Stefano Di Vita, Joan Elias-Miró, José R. Espinosa, Gian F. Giudice, Gino Isidori, Alessandro Strumia

1205.6499 (G. Shen et al.)

Spin Response and Neutrino Emissivity of Dense Neutron Matter    [PDF]

G. Shen, S. Gandolfi, S. Reddy, J. Carlson

1205.6505 (C. N. Papanicolas et al.)

A novel method of data analysis for hadronic physics    [PDF]

C. N. Papanicolas, E. Stiliaris

1205.6525 (David McKeen et al.)

Testing Parity with Atomic Radiative Capture of $μ^-$    [PDF]

David McKeen, Maxim Pospelov

1205.6532 (Zhi-zhong Xing)

A further study of μ-τsymmetry breaking at neutrino telescopes
after the Daya Bay and RENO measurements of θ_{13}

Zhi-zhong Xing

1205.6569 (L. Basso et al.)

Probing the charged Higgs boson at the LHC in the CP-violating type-II

L. Basso, A. Lipniacka, F. Mahmoudi, S. Moretti, P. Osland, G. M. Pruna, M. Purmohammadi

1205.6580 (Werner Bernreuther et al.)

Top quark and leptonic charge asymmetries for the Tevatron and LHC    [PDF]

Werner Bernreuther, Zong-Guo Si

1205.6606 (M. Albaladejo et al.)

On the size of the sigma meson and its nature    [PDF]

M. Albaladejo, J. A. Oller

1205.6625 (Axel Maas)

Bound-state/elementary-particle duality in the Higgs sector and the case
for an excited 'Higgs' within the standard model

Axel Maas

1205.6628 (I. T. Lorenz et al.)

The size of the proton - closing in on the radius puzzle    [PDF]

I. T. Lorenz, H. -W. Hammer, Ulf-G. Meißner

1205.6634 (Raphael Bousso)

New Scale Factor Measure    [PDF]

Raphael Bousso

1205.6636 (Nello Paver et al.)

Second-class current effects from isospin breaking in tau-->omega pi

Nello Paver, Riazuddin

1205.6648 (Robert Lang et al.)

Shear Viscosity of a Hot Pion Gas    [PDF]

Robert Lang, Norbert Kaiser, Wolfram Weise

1205.6676 (P. P. Avelino et al.)

Bouncing Eddington-inspired Born-Infeld cosmologies: an alternative to
Inflation ?

P. P. Avelino, R. Z. Ferreira

1205.6682 (Bin Gong et al.)

Polarization for Prompt J/psi, psi(2s) production at the Tevatron and

Bin Gong, Lu-Ping Wan, Jian-Xiong Wang, Hong-Fei Zhang

1205.6710 (I. Bediaga et al.)

Looking for meson molecules in B decays    [PDF]

I. Bediaga, F. S. Navarra, M. Nielsen

1205.6713 (H. Kowalski et al.)

BFKL Evolution as a Communicator Between Small and Large Energy Scales    [PDF]

H. Kowalski, L. N. Lipatov, D. A. Ross

1205.6753 (Erminia Calabrese et al.)

The impact of a new median statistics $H_0$ prior on the evidence for
dark radiation

Erminia Calabrese, Maria Archidiacono, Alessandro Melchiorri, Bharat Ratra

1205.6776 (Joachim Brod)

Direct CP violation in D-meson decays    [PDF]

Joachim Brod

1205.6781 (Christopher E Coleman-Smith et al.)

What can we learn from Dijet suppression at RHIC?    [PDF]

Christopher E Coleman-Smith, Berndt Muller

1205.6783 (Mathias Garny et al.)

Constraints on Hadronically Decaying Dark Matter    [PDF]

Mathias Garny, Alejandro Ibarra, David Tran

1205.6790 (Jose R. Espinosa et al.)

Probing for Invisible Higgs Decays with Global Fits    [PDF]

Jose R. Espinosa, Margarete Muhlleitner, Christophe Grojean, Michael Trott

1205.6793 (M. S. Maior de Sousa et al.)

The ρ(2S) and ψ(2S) meson in a double pole QCD Sum Rules    [PDF]

M. S. Maior de Sousa, R. Rodrigues da Silva

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

1006.2066 (Nora Brambilla et al.)

Precision determination of r_0Lambda_MS from the QCD static energy    [PDF]

Nora Brambilla, Xavier Garcia i Tormo, Joan Soto, Antonio Vairo

1109.0426 (Kanabu Nawa et al.)

Complex 2D Matrix Model and Geometrical Map on Complex-Nc Plane    [PDF]

Kanabu Nawa, Sho Ozaki, Hideko Nagahiro, Daisuke Jido, Atsushi Hosaka

1112.5339 (Mattias Blennow et al.)

RG running in a minimal UED model in light of recent LHC Higgs mass

Mattias Blennow, Henrik Melbeus, Tommy Ohlsson, He Zhang

1201.3031 (Sandhya Choubey et al.)

Lepton Number and Lepton Flavor Violation through Color Octet States    [PDF]

Sandhya Choubey, Michael Duerr, Manimala Mitra, Werner Rodejohann

1205.5679 (Harmen J. Warringa)

Dynamics of the Chiral Magnetic Effect in a weak magnetic field    [PDF]

Harmen J. Warringa

1205.6076 (C. -J. David Lin et al.)

Lattice study of infrared behaviour in SU(3) gauge theory with twelve
massless flavours

C. -J. David Lin, Kenji Ogawa, Hiroshi Ohki, Eigo Shintani

1205.6430 (Leonard S. Kisslinger et al.)

Erratum for Time Reversal in Neutrino Oscillations    [PDF]

Leonard S. Kisslinger, Ernest M. Henley, Mikkel B. Johnson

1205.6205 (Elias Kiritsis et al.)

The holographic quantum effective potential at finite temperature and

Elias Kiritsis, Vasilis Niarchos

1205.6207 (Marco Serone)

On the Cut-off Estimate in Lifshitz Five Dimensional Field Theories    [PDF]

Marco Serone

1205.6212 (Victor S. Basto-Gonzalez et al.)

Kinematical Test of Large Extra Dimension in Beta Decay Experiments    [PDF]

Victor S. Basto-Gonzalez, Arman Esmaili, Orlando L. G. Peres

1205.6231 (Evgeny Kh. Akhmedov et al.)

Quantum field theoretic approach to neutrino oscillations in matter    [PDF]

Evgeny Kh. Akhmedov, Alina Wilhelm

1205.6232 (Marcin Badziak)

Yukawa unification in SUSY SO(10) in light of the LHC Higgs data    [PDF]

Marcin Badziak

1205.6260 (M. Pospelov et al.)

How do you know if you ran through a wall?    [PDF]

M. Pospelov, S. Pustelny, M. P. Ledbetter, D. F. Jackson Kimball, W. Gawlik, D. Budker

1205.6261 (Mikjel Thorsrud et al.)

Cosmology of a Scalar Field Coupled to Matter and an Isotropy-Violating
Maxwell Field

Mikjel Thorsrud, David F. Mota, Sigbjørn Hervik

1205.6267 (Bhaskar Dutta et al.)

Holomorphic Bisectional Curvatures, Supersymmetry Breaking, and
Affleck-Dine Baryogenesis

Bhaskar Dutta, Kuver Sinha

1205.6284 (Kei Kotake et al.)

Core-Collapse Supernovae as Supercomputing Science: a status report
toward 6D simulations with exact Boltzmann neutrino transport in full general

Kei Kotake, Kohsuke Sumiyoshi, Shoichi Yamada, Tomoya Takiwaki, Takami Kuroda, Yudai Suwa, Hiroki Nagakura

1205.6292 (Cecilia Lunardini et al.)

Diffuse supernova neutrinos: oscillation effects, stellar cooling and
progenitor mass dependence

Cecilia Lunardini, Irene Tamborra

1205.6320 (T. M. Aliev et al.)

Mixing angle of doubly heavy baryons in QCD    [PDF]

T. M. Aliev, K. Azizi, M. Savci

1205.6338 (C. D. Tunnell)

Sterile Neutrino Sensitivity with Wrong-Sign Muon Appearance at nSTORM    [PDF]

C. D. Tunnell

1205.6340 (M. L. Nekrasov)

Modified perturbation theory for angular distribution in W-pair

M. L. Nekrasov

1205.6344 (Matteo Cacciari et al.)

Theoretical predictions for charm and bottom production at the LHC    [PDF]

Matteo Cacciari, Stefano Frixione, Nicolas Houdeau, Michelangelo L. Mangano, Paolo Nason, Giovanni Ridolfi

1205.6356 (Federico Alberto Ceccopieri et al.)

Revisiting QCD Fits in Diffractive DIS    [PDF]

Federico Alberto Ceccopieri, Laurent Favart

1205.6358 (F. Hautmann et al.)

TMD PDFs: a Monte Carlo implementation for the sea quark distribution    [PDF]

F. Hautmann, M. Hentschinski, H. Jung

1205.6381 (Miloslav Svec)

Evidence for rho^0(770)-f_0(980) mixing in pi(-)p->pi(-)pi(+)n from CERN
measurements on polarized target

Miloslav Svec

1205.6382 (A. A. Bylinkin et al.)

A variation of the charged particle spectrum shape as function of
rapidity in high energy pp collisions

A. A. Bylinkin, A. A. Rostovtsev

1205.6400 (Cédric Weiland)

Enhanced Higgs-Mediated Lepton-Flavour-Violating Processes in the
Supersymmetric Inverse Seesaw Model

Cédric Weiland

1205.6410 (R. Horsley et al.)

A Lattice Study of the Glue in the Nucleon    [PDF]

R. Horsley, R. Millo, Y. Nakamura, H. Perlt, D. Pleiter, P. E. L. Rakow, G. Schierholz, A. Schiller, F. Winter, J. M. Zanotti

1205.6416 (Cheng-Wei Chiang et al.)

Dark Matter and Higgs Boson in a Model with Discrete Gauge Symmetry    [PDF]

Cheng-Wei Chiang, Takaaki Nomura, Jusak Tandean

1205.6428 (Denis Wouters et al.)

Irregularity in gamma ray source spectra as a signature of axionlike

Denis Wouters, Pierre Brun

1205.6434 (Alex Pomarol et al.)

The Composite Higgs and Light Resonance Connection    [PDF]

Alex Pomarol, Francesco Riva

1205.6462 (P. Aurenche et al.)

Parton energy loss in glasma    [PDF]

P. Aurenche, B. G. Zakharov

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

0812.4833 (Dragos-Victor Anghel et al.)

Fractional exclusion statistics applied to relativistic nuclear matter    [PDF]

Dragos-Victor Anghel, A. S. Parvan, A. S. Khvorostukhin

1102.3997 (Chiu Man Ho et al.)

Conformal Completion of the Standard Model with a Fourth Generation    [PDF]

Chiu Man Ho, Pham Q. Hung, Thomas W. Kephart

1105.0756 (Bingfang Yang et al.)

Top quark pair production via $e^{+}e^{-}$ collision in the littlest
Higgs model with T-parity at the ILC

Bingfang Yang, Jinzhong Han, Lin Wang, Xuelei Wang

1107.2400 (P. A. N. Machado et al.)

Bulk Neutrinos as an Alternative Cause of the Gallium and Reactor
Anti-neutrino Anomalies

P. A. N. Machado, H. Nunokawa, F. A. Pereira dos Santos, R. Zukanovich Funchal

1107.4483 (Reetanjali Moharana et al.)

Neutrinos from Decaying Muons, Pions, Kaons and Neutrons in Gamma Ray

Reetanjali Moharana, Nayantara Gupta

1111.0580 (Michele Caselle et al.)

Thermodynamics of SU(N) Yang-Mills theories in 2+1 dimensions II - The
deconfined phase

Michele Caselle, Luca Castagnini, Alessandra Feo, Ferdinando Gliozzi, Umut Gürsoy, Marco Panero, Andreas Schäfer

1112.0937 (Ya-Zheng Chen et al.)

Effects of nuclear deformation on the form factor for direct dark matter

Ya-Zheng Chen, Jun-Mou Chen, Yan-An Luo, Hong Shen, Xue-Qian Li

1112.2387 (V. I. Kuksa et al.)

Mass shell smearing effects in top pair production    [PDF]

V. I. Kuksa, R. S. Pasechnik, D. E. Vlasenko

1112.6395 (Alan Kostelecky et al.)

Neutrinos with Lorentz-violating operators of arbitrary dimension    [PDF]

Alan Kostelecky, Matthew Mewes

1201.0008 (A. Altheimer et al.)

Jet Substructure at the Tevatron and LHC: New results, new tools, new

A. Altheimer, S. Arora, L. Asquith, G. Brooijmans, J. Butterworth, M. Campanelli, B. Chapleau, A. E. Cholakian, J. P. Chou, M. Dasgupta, A. Davison, J. Dolen, S. D. Ellis, R. Essig, J. J. Fan, R. Field, A. Fregoso, J. Gallicchio, Y. Gershtein, A. Gomes, A. Haas, E. Halkiadakis, V. Halyo, S. Hoeche, A. Hook, A. Hornig, P. Huang, E. Izaguirre, M. Jankowiak, G. Kribs, D. Krohn, A. J. Larkoski, A. Lath, C. Lee, S. J. Lee, P. Loch, P. Maksimovic, M. Martinez, D. W. Miller, T. Plehn, K. Prokofiev, R. Rahmat, S. Rappoccio, A. Safonov, G. P. Salam, S. Schumann, M. D. Schwartz, A. Schwartzman, M. Seymour, J. Shao, P. Sinervo, M. Son, D. E. Soper, M. Spannowsky, I. W. Stewart, M. Strassler, E. Strauss, M. Takeuchi, J. Thaler, S. Thomas, B. Tweedie, R. Vasquez Sierra, C. K. Vermilion, M. Villaplana, M. Vos, J. Wacker, D. Walker, J. R. Walsh, L. -T. Wang, S. Wilbur, W. Zhu

1201.0422 (Zhao Zhang)

Correction to the Chiral Magnetic Effect from axial-vector interaction    [PDF]

Zhao Zhang

1201.2358 (D. J. Miller et al.)

The gravitational cusp anomalous dimension from AdS space    [PDF]

D. J. Miller, C. D. White

1205.5418 (Raghavan Rangarajan et al.)

Flat directions and gravitino production in SUSY models    [PDF]

Raghavan Rangarajan, Anjishnu Sarkar

1205.5803 (Boaz Keren-Zur et al.)

On Partial Compositeness and the CP asymmetry in charm decays    [PDF]

Boaz Keren-Zur, Paolo Lodone, Marco Nardecchia, Duccio Pappadopulo, Riccardo Rattazzi, Luca Vecchi

1205.5802 (J. Gonzalez-Fraile)

Update of the Present Bounds on New Neutral Vector Resonances from
Electroweak Gauge Boson Pair Production at the LHC

J. Gonzalez-Fraile

1205.5805 (Daniele S. M. Alves et al.)

Stops and MET: the shape of things to come    [PDF]

Daniele S. M. Alves, Matthew R. Buckley, Patrick J. Fox, Joseph D. Lykken, Chiu-Tien Yu

1205.5809 (Laura G. van den Aarssen et al.)

Dark matter with long-range interactions as a solution to all
small-scale problems of $Λ$CDM cosmology?

Laura G. van den Aarssen, Torsten Bringmann, Christoph Pfrommer

1205.5808 (Zhenyu Han et al.)

(Light) Stop Signs    [PDF]

Zhenyu Han, Andrey Katz, David Krohn, Matthew Reece

1205.5811 (Damir Becirevic et al.)

Complementarity of the constraints on New Physics from $B_s\to
μ^+μ^-$ and from $B\to K \ell^+\ell^-$ decays

Damir Becirevic, Nejc Kosnik, Federico Mescia, Elia Schneider

1205.5813 (Hrayr H. Matevosyan et al.)

Collins Fragmentation Function within NJL-jet Model    [PDF]

Hrayr H. Matevosyan, Anthony W. Thomas, Wolfgang Bentz

1205.5816 (David E. Kaplan et al.)

Searching for Direct Stop Production in Hadronic Top Data at the LHC    [PDF]

David E. Kaplan, Keith Rehermann, Daniel Stolarski

1205.5826 (Nobuchika Okada)

SuperWIMP dark matter and 125 GeV Higgs boson in the minimal GMSB    [PDF]

Nobuchika Okada

1205.5842 (Marcela Carena et al.)

Light Stau Phenomenology and the Higgs γγRate    [PDF]

Marcela Carena, Stefania Gori, Nausheen R. Shah, Carlos E. M. Wagner, Lian-Tao Wang

1205.5867 (O. V. Selyugin)

Hard and soft pomerons in the elastic nucleon scattering    [PDF]

O. V. Selyugin

1205.5887 (Adam Latosiński et al.)

Non-Conservation of (B-L) from Neutrino Seesaw    [PDF]

Adam Latosiński, Krzysztof A. Meissner, Hermann Nicolai

1205.5890 (I. F. Ginzburg)

Light charged Higgs at LHC    [PDF]

I. F. Ginzburg

1205.5903 (Marcela Carena et al.)

The pMSSM Interpretation of LHC Results Using Rernormalization Group

Marcela Carena, Joseph Lykken, Sezen Sekmen, Nausheen R. Shah, Carlos E. M. Wagner

1205.5918 (Isabella Masina et al.)

Gamma Ray Constraints on Flavor Violating Asymmetric Dark Matter    [PDF]

Isabella Masina, Paolo Panci, Francesco Sannino

1205.5965 (M. Csanad et al.)

Exact solutions of relativistic perfect fluid hydrodynamics for a QCD
equation of state

M. Csanad, M. I. Nagy, S. Lokos

1205.5967 (R. Nevzorov)

E6 inspired SUSY models with exact custodial symmetry    [PDF]

R. Nevzorov

1205.5988 (Emilian Dudas et al.)

Relating the CMSSM and SUGRA models with GUT scale and Super-GUT scale
Supersymmetry Breaking

Emilian Dudas, Yann Mambrini, Azar Mustafayev, Keith A. Olive

1205.5998 (A. Tawfik et al.)

Lorentz Invariance Violation and Generalized Uncertainty Principle    [PDF]

A. Tawfik, H. Magdy, A. Farag Ali

1205.6001 (Andrey Grozin et al.)

Simultaneous decoupling of bottom and charm quarks    [PDF]

Andrey Grozin, Maik Höschele, Jens Hoff, Matthias Steinhauser

1205.6003 (Kate Scholberg)

Supernova Neutrino Detection    [PDF]

Kate Scholberg

1205.6068 (Dmitry Yu. Ivanov et al.)

Inclusive production of a pair of hadrons separated by a large interval
of rapidity in proton collisions

Dmitry Yu. Ivanov, Alessandro Papa

1205.6080 (Nicki Bornhauser et al.)

Mitigation of the LHC Inverse Problem    [PDF]

Nicki Bornhauser, Manuel Drees

1205.6085 (Xingang Chen et al.)

Searching for Standard Clocks in the Primordial Universe    [PDF]

Xingang Chen, Christophe Ringeval

1205.6094 (David M. Straub)

Overview of constraints on new physics in rare B decays    [PDF]

David M. Straub

1205.6095 (A. A. Slavnov)

Decoupling of the longitudinal polarization of the vector field in the
massless Higgs-Kibble model

A. A. Slavnov

1205.6097 (M. Sadzikowski et al.)

Evidence for the higher twists effects in diffractive DIS at HERA    [PDF]

M. Sadzikowski, L. Motyka, W. Slominski

1205.6108 (E. G. de Oliveira et al.)

Drell-Yan as a probe of small x partons at the LHC    [PDF]

E. G. de Oliveira, A. D. Martin, M. G. Ryskin

1205.6120 (Luis N. Epele et al.)

Looking for magnetic monopoles at LHC with diphoton events    [PDF]

Luis N. Epele, Huner Fanchiotti, Carlos A. García Canal, Vasiliki A. Mitsou, Vicente Vento

1205.6134 (D. Aristizabal Sierra et al.)

The role of lepton flavor symmetries in leptogenesis    [PDF]

D. Aristizabal Sierra, I. de Medeiros Varzielas

1205.6139 (S. Mohammad Moosavi Nejad)

${\cal O}(α_s)$ corrections to the B-hadron energy distribution of
the top decay in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model considering GM-VFN

S. Mohammad Moosavi Nejad

1205.6151 (Yu-Chih Chen et al.)

Chiral Symmetry and the Residual Mass in Lattice QCD with the Optimal
Domain-Wall Fermion

Yu-Chih Chen, Ting-Wai Chiu, for the TWQCD collaboration

1205.6155 (Alexei Bazavov et al.)

Determination of alpha_s from the QCD static energy    [PDF]

Alexei Bazavov, Nora Brambilla, Xavier Garcia i Tormo, Peter Petreczky, Joan Soto, Antonio Vairo

1205.6157 (O. Antipin et al.)

A Perturbative Realization of Miransky Scaling    [PDF]

O. Antipin, S. Di Chiara, M. Mojaza, E. Mølgaard, F. Sannino

1205.6182 (Davide Pagani)

Top quark forward-backward asymmetry at the Tevatron: the electroweak

Davide Pagani

1205.6190 (Rabindra N. Mohapatra)

Gauged Flavor, Supersymmetry and Grand Unification    [PDF]

Rabindra N. Mohapatra

1205.6191 (A. L. Kataev)

Analytical eighth-order light-by-light QED contributions from leptons
with heavier masses to the anomalous magnetic moment of electron

A. L. Kataev

Monday, May 28, 2012

1009.5691 (Marco Bonvini et al.)

Soft gluon resummation of Drell-Yan rapidity distributions: theory and

Marco Bonvini, Stefano Forte, Giovanni Ridolfi

1107.2408 (Ivone F. M. Albuquerque et al.)

Constraints on Enhanced Dark Matter Annihilation from IceCube Results    [PDF]

Ivone F. M. Albuquerque, Leandro J. Beraldo e Silva, Carlos Pérez de los Heros

1111.3946 (Clemens Bauer et al.)

Compelling evidence of renormalons in QCD from high order perturbative

Clemens Bauer, Gunnar S. Bali, Antonio Pineda

1112.0637 (F. Yuasa et al.)

Numerical Computation of Two-loop Box Diagrams with Masses    [PDF]

F. Yuasa, E. de Doncker, N. Hamaguchi, T. Ishikawa, K. Kato, Y. Kurihara, J. Fujimoto, Y. Shimizu

1112.5451 (David Pirtskhalava et al.)

CP Violation and Flavor SU(3) Breaking in D-meson Decays    [PDF]

David Pirtskhalava, Patipan Uttayarat

1201.3412 (Jian-Rong Zhang et al.)

Search for $Z^{+}_{s1}$ and $Z^{+}_{s2}$ strangeonium-like structures    [PDF]

Jian-Rong Zhang, Long-Fei Gan, Ming-Qiu Huang

1205.5555 (Linda M. Carpenter et al.)

Pseudo-Higgs Signals a the LHC    [PDF]

Linda M. Carpenter, Jessica Goodman

1205.5557 (Goran Senjanovic)

Supersymmetry and Unification: Heavy Top Was the Key    [PDF]

Goran Senjanovic

1205.5580 (Leo Bellantoni et al.)

Masses of a Fourth Generation with Two Higgs Doublets    [PDF]

Leo Bellantoni, Jens Erler, Jonathan J. Heckman, Enrique Ramirez-Homs

1205.5606 (Yu-tin Huang et al.)

One-loop renormalization and the S-matrix    [PDF]

Yu-tin Huang, David A. McGady, Cheng Peng

1205.5620 (E. G. Drukarev et al.)

The role of the in-medium four-quark condensates revised    [PDF]

E. G. Drukarev, M. G. Ryskin, V. A. Sadovnikova

1205.5626 (Thierry Lasserre et al.)

Comment on Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 191802 (2012): "Observation of Reactor
Electron Antineutrino Disappearance in the RENO Experiment"

Thierry Lasserre, Guillaume Mention, Michel Cribier, Antoine Collin, Vincent Durand, Vincent Fischer, Jonathan Gaffiot, David Lhuillier, Alain Letourneau, Matthieu Vivier

1205.5637 (Stefano Bertolini et al.)

Towards a New Minimal SO(10) Unification    [PDF]

Stefano Bertolini, Luca Di Luzio, Michal Malinsky

1205.5648 (P. V. Dong et al.)

Question of Peccei-Quinn symmetry and quark masses in the economical
3-3-1 model

P. V. Dong, H. T. Hung, H. N. Long

1205.5676 (Jin-Yan Liu et al.)

Two Higgs Bi-doublet Model With Spontaneous P and CP Violation and
Decoupling Limit to Two Higgs Doublet Model

Jin-Yan Liu, Li-Ming Wang, Yue-Liang Wu, Yu-Feng Zhou

1205.5681 (Shinya Kanemura et al.)

Search for Lepton Number Violating Charged Current Processes with
Neutrino Beams

Shinya Kanemura, Yoshitaka Kuno, Toshihiko Ota

1205.5698 (Luca Merlo)

Theoretical Models for Neutrino Masses    [PDF]

Luca Merlo

1205.5703 (E. Veli Veliev et al.)

Spectrum of the heavy axial vector χ_b1(1P) and χ_c1(1P) mesons in
thermal QCD

E. Veli Veliev, K. Azizi, H. Sundu, G. Kaya

1205.5707 (Yang Zhang)

Integrand-Level Reduction of Loop Amplitudes by Computational Algebraic
Geometry Methods

Yang Zhang

1205.5725 (Tianhong Wang et al.)

EM Decay of X(3872) as the $1{^1D_2}(2^{-+})$ charmonium    [PDF]

Tianhong Wang, Guo-Li Wang, Yue Jiang, Wan-Li Ju

1205.5726 (H. Cardenas et al.)

The role of charged Higgs boson decays in the determination of
tanβ-like parameters

H. Cardenas, D. Restrepo, J. -Alexis Rodriguez

1205.5727 (H. Kawamura et al.)

On the next-to-next-to-leading order QCD corrections to heavy-quark
production in deep-inelastic scattering

H. Kawamura, N. A. Lo Presti, S. Moch, A. Vogt

1205.5739 (Yacine Mehtar-Tani et al.)

The radiation pattern of a QCD antenna in a dense medium    [PDF]

Yacine Mehtar-Tani, Carlos A. Salgado, Konrad Tywoniuk

1205.5741 (Guang-You Qin et al.)

Parton Transport via Transverse and Longitudinal Scattering in Dense

Guang-You Qin, Abhijit Majumder

1205.5755 (Kohta Murase et al.)

Gamma-Ray and Neutrino Backgrounds as Probes of the High-Energy
Universe: Hints of Cascades, General Constraints, and Implications for TeV

Kohta Murase, John F. Beacom, Hajime Takami

1205.5780 (Gennaro Corcella et al.)

Heavy Neutral Gauge Bosons at the LHC in an Extended MSSM    [PDF]

Gennaro Corcella, Simonetta Gentile

1205.5787 (L. Velasco Sevilla)

Gluinos lighter than squarks and detection at the LHC    [PDF]

L. Velasco Sevilla

1205.5789 (Bobby Samir Acharya et al.)

Mixed Wino-Axion Dark Matter in String/M Theory and the 130 GeV
Gamma-line "Signal"

Bobby Samir Acharya, Gordon Kane, Piyush Kumar, Ran Lu, Bob Zheng

Friday, May 25, 2012

1102.5659 (Ernst Trojan et al.)

Shock waves in superconducting cosmic strings: growth of current    [PDF]

Ernst Trojan, George V. Vlasov

1103.0673 (Ernst Trojan et al.)

Shock waves in superconducting cosmic strings: instability to extrinsic

Ernst Trojan, George V. Vlasov

1104.2009 (Hans-Peter Pavel)

A novel strong coupling expansion of the QCD Hamiltonian    [PDF]

Hans-Peter Pavel

1110.0556 (Daisuke Yamauchi et al.)

Weak lensing of CMB by cosmic (super-)strings    [PDF]

Daisuke Yamauchi, Keitaro Takahashi, Yuuiti Sendouda, Chul-Moon Yoo

1112.0493 (Xiaoyong Chu et al.)

The Four Basic Ways of Creating Dark Matter Through a Portal    [PDF]

Xiaoyong Chu, Thomas Hambye, Michel H. G. Tytgat

1112.3564 (O. Buchmueller et al.)

Higgs and Supersymmetry    [PDF]

O. Buchmueller, R. Cavanaugh, A. De Roeck, M. J. Dolan, J. R. Ellis, H. Flacher, S. Heinemeyer, G. Isidori, J. Marrouche, D. Martinez Santos, K. A. Olive, S. Rogerson, F. J. Ronga, K. J. de Vries, G. Weiglein

1204.0049 (R. Berg et al.)

Mass Predictions for Pseudoscalar $J^{PC}=0^{-+}$ Charmonium and
Bottomonium Hybrids in QCD Sum-Rules

R. Berg, D. Harnett, R. T. Kleiv, T. G. Steele

1205.5267 (Ezequiel Alvarez)

Enhancing the sensitivity to New Physics in the top-antitop invariant
mass distribution

Ezequiel Alvarez

1205.5270 (Hsin-Chia Cheng et al.)

The case for three-body decaying dark matter    [PDF]

Hsin-Chia Cheng, Wei-Chih Huang, Ian Low, Gabe Shaughnessy

1205.5281 (Arman Esmaili et al.)

Probing the stability of superheavy dark matter particles with
high-energy neutrinos

Arman Esmaili, Alejandro Ibarra, Orlando L. G. Peres

1205.5283 (Marco Cirelli et al.)

Gamma ray constraints on Decaying Dark Matter    [PDF]

Marco Cirelli, Emmanuel Moulin, Paolo Panci, Pasquale D. Serpico, Aion Viana

1205.5293 (Christoph P. Hofmann)

Low-Temperature Properties of Two-Dimensional Ideal Ferromagnets    [PDF]

Christoph P. Hofmann

1205.5294 (M. Shrestha et al.)

Partial-wave analysis of π-p {\to} ηn and π-p {\to}
K0Λ reactions

M. Shrestha, D. M. M. Manley

1205.5317 (Zhi-Gang Wang)

The $B_c$-decays $B_c^+ \to J/ψπ^+π^-π^+$, $η_c
π^+π^-π^+ $

Zhi-Gang Wang

1205.5326 (F. N. Ndili)

Hierarchies of the 4 Texture Zero Quark Mass Matrices and their equal
spacing rule

F. N. Ndili

1205.5328 (Hua-Xing Chen)

Baryon Tri-local Interpolating Fields    [PDF]

Hua-Xing Chen

1205.5330 (Sabyasachi Roy et al.)

Isgur-Wise Function for Heavy Light Mesons in D dimensional Potential

Sabyasachi Roy, Bhaskar Jyoti Hazarika, Dilip Kumar Choudhury

1205.5356 (Gergely Markó et al.)

Broken phase effective potential in the two-loop Phi-derivable
approximation and nature of the phase transition in a scalar theory

Gergely Markó, Urko Reinosa, Zsolt Szép

1205.5359 (Ilkka Helenius et al.)

Impact-parameter dependent nuclear parton distribution functions: EPS09s
and EKS98s and their applications in nuclear hard processes

Ilkka Helenius, Kari J. Eskola, Heli Honkanen, Carlos A. Salgado

1205.5362 (Wang Bo-Qun et al.)

Data taking strategy for the phase study in $ψ^{\prime} \to K^+K^-$    [PDF]

Wang Bo-Qun, Mo Xiao-Hu, Yuan Chang-Zheng, Ban Yong

1205.5364 (L. E. Ibanez et al.)

Discrete Gauge Symmetries in Discrete MSSM-like Orientifolds    [PDF]

L. E. Ibanez, A. N. Schellekens, A. M. Uranga

1205.5365 (P. E. Shanahan et al.)

Sigma terms from an SU(3) chiral extrapolation    [PDF]

P. E. Shanahan, A. W. Thomas, R. D. Young

1205.5368 (Tatsumi Aoyama et al.)

Tenth-Order QED Contribution to the Electron g-2 and an Improved Value
of the Fine Structure Constant

Tatsumi Aoyama, Masashi Hayakawa, Toichiro Kinoshita, Makiko Nio

1205.5370 (Tatsumi Aoyama et al.)

Complete Tenth-Order QED Contribution to the Muon g-2    [PDF]

Tatsumi Aoyama, Masashi Hayakawa, Toichiro Kinoshita, Makiko Nio

1205.5411 (F. Hautmann)

Energy flow observables in hadronic collisions    [PDF]

F. Hautmann

1205.5444 (Roberto Contino et al.)

Anomalous Couplings in Double Higgs Production    [PDF]

Roberto Contino, Margherita Ghezzi, Mauro Moretti, Giuliano Panico, Fulvio Piccinini, Andrea Wulzer

1205.5499 (Emilio Ciuffoli et al.)

The Reactor Anomaly after Daya Bay and RENO    [PDF]

Emilio Ciuffoli, Jarah Evslin, Hong Li

1205.5514 (Martin M. Block et al.)

Forward hadronic scattering at 8 TeV: predictions for the LHC    [PDF]

Martin M. Block, Francis Halzen

1205.5515 (Ivan Donkin et al.)

NMSSM with Lopsided Gauge Mediation    [PDF]

Ivan Donkin, Alexander K. Knochel

1205.5536 (Abdesslam Arhrib et al.)

H\toγγin the Complex Two Higgs Doublet Model    [PDF]

Abdesslam Arhrib, Rachid Benbrik, Chuan-Hung Chen

1205.5547 (Diego Aristizabal Sierra et al.)

Minimal lepton flavor violating realizations of minimal seesaw models    [PDF]

Diego Aristizabal Sierra, Audrey Degee, Jernej F. Kamenik

1205.5550 (Yasunori Nomura)

The Static Quantum Multiverse    [PDF]

Yasunori Nomura

Thursday, May 24, 2012

1101.3357 (Nicole F. Bell et al.)

Dark Matter Annihilation Signatures from Electroweak Bremsstrahlung    [PDF]

Nicole F. Bell, James B. Dent, Thomas D. Jacques, Thomas J. Weiler

1104.3823 (Nicole F. Bell et al.)

W/Z Bremsstrahlung as the Dominant Annihilation Channel for Dark Matter,

Nicole F. Bell, James B. Dent, Ahmad J. Galea, Thomas D. Jacques, Lawrence M. Krauss, Thomas J. Weiler

1107.3105 (Kenji Kadota et al.)

Flavour issues for string-motivated heavy scalar spectra with a low
gluino mass: the G2-MSSM case

Kenji Kadota, Gordon Kane, Joern Kersten, Liliana Velasco-Sevilla

1112.3961 (Gustavo Burdman et al.)

Is the LHC Observing the Pseudo-scalar State of a Two-Higgs Doublet
Model ?

Gustavo Burdman, Carlos Haluch, Ricardo Matheus

1112.6419 (Chien-Yi Chen et al.)

Multi-Lepton Collider Signatures of Heavy Dirac and Majorana Neutrinos    [PDF]

Chien-Yi Chen, P. S. Bhupal Dev

1205.5035 (Krzysztof Kutak et al.)

Gluon saturation in dijet production in p-Pb collisions at Large Hadron

Krzysztof Kutak, Sebastian Sapeta

1205.5056 (Daniel Nogradi)

SU(3) gauge theory with sextet fermions    [PDF]

Daniel Nogradi

1205.5061 (Suchita Kulkarni)

Effective couplings approach to neutralino dark matter relic density    [PDF]

Suchita Kulkarni

1205.5081 (Wenyu Wang)

A comparative study of dark matter in MSSM and its singlet extensions: a
mini review

Wenyu Wang

1205.5133 (Guido Altarelli et al.)

Tri-Bimaximal Neutrino Mixing and Discrete Flavour Symmetries    [PDF]

Guido Altarelli, Ferruccio Feruglio, Luca Merlo

1205.5135 (Federica Bazzocchi et al.)

Neutrino Mixings and the S4 Discrete Flavour Symmetry    [PDF]

Federica Bazzocchi, Luca Merlo

1205.5170 (B. C. Allanach et al.)

A Supersymmetric Explanation for High A_{FB}(t tbar) Via R-Parity

B. C. Allanach, Sridhar

1205.5173 (Kaoru Hagiwara et al.)

On the W+4 jets background to the top quark asymmetry at the Tevatron    [PDF]

Kaoru Hagiwara, Junichi Kanzaki, Yoshitaro Takaesu

1205.5194 (H. Khanpour et al.)

New parton distributions in fixed flavour factorization scheme from
recent deep-inelastic-scattering data

H. Khanpour, Ali N. Khorramian, S. Atashbar Tehrani

1205.5207 (N. Matagne et al.)

Highly excited negative parity baryons in the $1/N_c$ expansion    [PDF]

N. Matagne, Fl. Stancu

1205.5223 (Yoshihiko Oyama et al.)

Determination of neutrino mass hierarchy by 21 cm line and CMB B-mode
polarization observations

Yoshihiko Oyama, Akie Shimizu, Kazunori Kohri

1205.5228 (Hyun-Chul Kim et al.)

Energy-momentum tensor form factors of the nucleon in nuclear matter    [PDF]

Hyun-Chul Kim, Peter Schweitzer, Ulugbek Yakhshiev

1205.5230 (A. Donini et al.)

The minimal 3+2 neutrino model versus oscillation anomalies    [PDF]

A. Donini, P. Hernandez, J. Lopez-Pavon, M. Maltoni, T. Schwetz

1205.5241 (Aurora Meroni et al.)

A SUSY SU(5)xT' Unified Model of Flavour with large θ_{13}    [PDF]

Aurora Meroni, S. T. Petcov, Martin Spinrath

1205.5254 (G. L. Fogli et al.)

Global analysis of neutrino masses, mixings and phases: entering the era
of leptonic CP violation searches

G. L. Fogli, E. Lisi, A. Marrone, D. Montanino, A. Palazzo, A. M. Rotunno

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

1201.1564 (Pietro Colangelo et al.)

In-medium hadronic spectral functions through the soft-wall holographic
model of QCD

Pietro Colangelo, Floriana Giannuzzi, Stefano Nicotri

1205.4721 (Jure Drobnak et al.)

Flipping t tbar asymmetries at the Tevatron and the LHC    [PDF]

Jure Drobnak, Jernej F. Kamenik, Jure Zupan

1205.4723 (Arvind Rajaraman et al.)

Two Lines or Not Two Lines? That is the Question of Gamma Ray Spectra    [PDF]

Arvind Rajaraman, Tim M. P. Tait, Daniel Whiteson

1205.4733 (S. Dawson et al.)

A Higgs Conundrum with Vector Fermions    [PDF]

S. Dawson, E. Furlan

1205.4751 (Swarup Kumar Majee)

The Impact of Non-zero θ_{13} on Neutrino Mass and Leptogenesis in
a SUSY SO(10) Model

Swarup Kumar Majee

1205.4755 (F. Gonzalez Canales et al.)

The $S_3$ flavour symmetry: Neutrino masses and mixings    [PDF]

F. Gonzalez Canales, A. Mondragon, M. Mondragon

1205.4756 (V. Skokov et al.)

Volume fluctuations and higher order cumulants of the net baryon number    [PDF]

V. Skokov, B. Friman, K. Redlich

1205.4760 (Andrea Banfi et al.)

Predictions for Drell-Yan φ* and Q_T observables at the LHC    [PDF]

Andrea Banfi, Mrinal Dasgupta, Simone Marzani, Lee Tomlinson

1205.4768 (Dimitri Diakonov et al.)

Free energy for parameterized Polyakov loops in SU(2) and SU(3) lattice
gauge theory

Dimitri Diakonov, Christof Gattringer, Hans-Peter Schadler

1205.4772 (Cosmas K. Zachos)

Ternary Plots for Neutrino Mixing Visualization    [PDF]

Cosmas K. Zachos

1205.4804 (Artur M. Ankowski)

Consistent analysis of neutral- and charged-current neutrino scattering
off carbon

Artur M. Ankowski

1205.4827 (Yasuhiro Abe)

Holonomies of gauge fields in twistor space 5: amplitudes of gluons and
massive scalars

Yasuhiro Abe

1205.4830 (George Lazarides)

How to remedy the eta-problem of SUSY GUT hybrid inflation via vector

George Lazarides

1205.4838 (M. Döring et al.)

Scalar mesons moving in a finite volume and the role of partial wave

M. Döring, U. -G. Meißner, E. Oset, A. Rusetsky

1205.4852 (Youngman Kim et al.)

Holographic QCD: Past, Present, and Future    [PDF]

Youngman Kim, Ik Jae Shin, Takuya Tsukioka

1205.4863 (L. Alvarez-Ruso et al.)

Charged kaon production by coherent scattering of neutrinos and
antineutrinos on nuclei

L. Alvarez-Ruso, J. Nieves, I. Ruiz Simo, M. Valverde, M. J. Vicente Vacas

1205.4880 (Ignacio Ferreras et al.)

Confronting MOND and TeVeS with strong gravitational lensing over
galactic scales: an extended survey

Ignacio Ferreras, Nick Mavromatos, Mairi Sakellariadou, Muhammad Furqaan Yusaf

1205.4881 (Andreas Crivellin)

Rare decays and MSSM phenomenology    [PDF]

Andreas Crivellin

1205.4882 (Lars Bergström)

Dark Matter Evidence, Particle Physics Candidates and Detection Methods    [PDF]

Lars Bergström

1205.4887 (L. Ya. Glozman et al.)

Symmetries of hadrons after unbreaking the chiral symmetry    [PDF]

L. Ya. Glozman, C. B. Lang, M. Schröck

1205.4895 (Sreemoyee Sarkar et al.)

Effect of flow on the quasiparticle damping rate in hot QCD plasma    [PDF]

Sreemoyee Sarkar, Abhee K. Dutt-Mazumder

1205.4896 (S. R. Gevorkyan et al.)

Vector exchanges in production of light meson pairs and elementary atoms    [PDF]

S. R. Gevorkyan, E. A. Kuraev, M. K. Volkov

1205.4902 (K. Arnold et al.)

Herwig++ 2.6 Release Note    [PDF]

K. Arnold, L. d'Errico, S. Gieseke, D. Grellscheid, K. Hamilton, A. Papaefstathiou, S. Platzer, P. Richardson, C. Rohr, A. Schofield, A. Siodmok, M. Stoll, D. Winn

1205.4908 (Yasuhito Sakaki et al.)

Constraints of the Charged Scalar Effects Using the Forward-Backward
Asymmetry on $B\to D^{(*)}τ\bar{ν_τ}$

Yasuhito Sakaki, Hidekazu Tanaka

1205.4915 (Keiko I. Nagao et al.)

Directional Search for Isospin-Violating Dark Matter with Nuclear

Keiko I. Nagao, Tatsuhiro Naka

1205.4934 (D. J. Wang et al.)

QGP flow fluctuations and the characteristics of higher moments    [PDF]

D. J. Wang, L. P. Csernai, D. Strottman, Cs. Anderlik, Y. Cheng, D. M. Zhou, Y. L. Yan, X. Cai, B. H. Sa

1205.4938 (Tsutomu Kobayashi et al.)

New Cosmological Solutions in Massive Gravity    [PDF]

Tsutomu Kobayashi, Masaru Siino, Masahide Yamaguchi, Daisuke Yoshida

1205.4945 (Jan Uphoff et al.)

Open heavy flavor in Pb+Pb collisions at sqrt(s)=2.76 TeV within a
transport model

Jan Uphoff, Oliver Fochler, Zhe Xu, Carsten Greiner

1205.4948 (M. Ciuchini et al.)

Testing the Standard Model and searching for New Physics with $B_d \to
ππ$ and $B_s \to K K$ decays

M. Ciuchini, E. Franco, S. Mishima, L. Silvestrini

1205.4964 (Jonathan L. Rosner)

Prospects for improved $Λ_c$ branching fractions    [PDF]

Jonathan L. Rosner

1205.4969 (R. F. Sawyer)

Photon-photon interactions as a source of CMB circular polarization    [PDF]

R. F. Sawyer

1205.4972 (N. Fukui et al.)

Magnetic monopole loops generated from two-instanton solutions:
Jackiw-Nohl-Rebbi versus 't Hooft instanton

N. Fukui, K. -I. Kondo, A. Shibata, T. Shinohara

1205.4976 (N. Fukui et al.)

Magnetic monopole loops generated from calorons with nontrivial holonomy    [PDF]

N. Fukui, K. -I. Kondo, A. Shibata, T. Shinohara

1205.4987 (D. Bodeker et al.)

Heavy quark chemical equilibration rate as a transport coefficient    [PDF]

D. Bodeker, M. Laine

1205.4991 (Johannes Blümlein)

Why Precision?    [PDF]

Johannes Blümlein

1205.5005 (Kaoru Hagiwara et al.)

Diquark contributions to Top quark charge asymmetry at the Tevatron and

Kaoru Hagiwara, Junya Nakamura

1205.5007 (Juan Wu)

Measurements of cosmic ray antiprotons with PAMELA and studies of
propagation models

Juan Wu

1205.5019 (Longgang Pang et al.)

Effects of initial flow velocity fluctuation in event-by-event (3+1)D

Longgang Pang, Qun Wang, Xin-Nian Wang

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

1106.4275 (Gorazd Cvetič et al.)

Analogs of noninteger powers in general analytic QCD    [PDF]

Gorazd Cvetič, Anatoly V. Kotikov

1106.5711 (Susmita Kundu et al.)

Neutrinos from WIMP annihilation in the Sun : Implications of a
self-consistent model of the Milky Way's dark matter halo

Susmita Kundu, Pijushpani Bhattacharjee

1108.4165 (Saurabh D. Rindani et al.)

CP violation in tbW couplings at the LHC    [PDF]

Saurabh D. Rindani, Pankaj Sharma

1111.6772 (Naoto Tanji et al.)

Schwinger mechanism enhanced by the Nielsen--Olesen instability    [PDF]

Naoto Tanji, Kazunori Itakura

1201.1066 (Rohini M. Godbole et al.)

Sivers Effect and Transverse Single Spin Asymmetry in $e+p^\uparrow \to

Rohini M. Godbole, Anuradha Misra, Asmita Mukherjee, Vaibhav S. Rawoot

1201.4814 (Jernej F. Kamenik et al.)

Could a light Higgs boson illuminate the dark sector?    [PDF]

Jernej F. Kamenik, Christopher Smith

1205.4244 (Kunal Kumar et al.)

Effects from New Colored States and the Higgs Portal on Gluon Fusion and
Higgs Decays

Kunal Kumar, Roberto Vega-Morales, Felix Yu

1205.4246 (Francesco Sannino)

Jumping Dynamics    [PDF]

Francesco Sannino

1205.4247 (A. Barroso et al.)

Probing the scalar-pseudoscalar mixing in the 125 GeV Higgs particle
with current data

A. Barroso, P. M. Ferreira, Rui Santos, João P. Silva

1205.4254 (Jafar Sadeghi et al.)

STU/QCD Correspondence    [PDF]

Jafar Sadeghi, Behnam Pourhassan

1205.4285 (J. Barranco et al.)

A reduction in the UHE neutrino flux due to neutrino spin precession    [PDF]

J. Barranco, O. G. Miranda, C. A. Moura, A. Parada

1205.4311 (Jian Wang et al.)

Improved Resummation Prediction on Higgs Production at Hadron Colliders    [PDF]

Jian Wang, Chong Sheng Li, Zhao Li, C. -P. Yuan, Hai Tao Li

1205.4325 (Qin Chang et al.)

Revisiting the Annihilation Corrections in Non-leptonic $\bar{B}_s^0$
Decays within QCD Factorization

Qin Chang, Xiao-Wei Cui, Lin Han, Ya-Dong Yang

1205.4326 (Jean-Marc Richard)

An introduction to the quark model    [PDF]

Jean-Marc Richard

1205.4334 (Anindya Datta et al.)

Universal Extra-Dimensional models with boundary localized kinetic
terms: Probing at the LHC

Anindya Datta, Ujjal Kumar Dey, Avirup Shaw, Amitava Raychaudhuri

1205.4337 (G. Shen et al.)

Inclusive neutrino scattering off deuteron from threshold to GeV

G. Shen, L. E. Marcucci, J. Carlson, S. Gandolfi, R. Schiavilla

1205.4404 (Johannes Bergstrom)

Bayesian evidence for non-zero theta_13 and CP-violation in neutrino

Johannes Bergstrom

1205.4419 (A. Bungau et al.)

An Electron Antineutrino Disappearance Search Using High-Rate 8Li
Production and Decay

A. Bungau, A. Adelmann, J. R. Alonso, W. Barletta, R. Barlow, L. Bartoszek, L. Calabretta, A. Calanna, D. Campo, J. M. Conrad, Z. Djurcic, Y. Kamyshkov, M. H. Shaevitz, I. Shimizu, T. Smidt, J. Spitz, M. Wascko, L. A. Winslow, J. J. Yang

1205.4424 (Alexander N. Jourjine)

Towards A Unified Description of Quark and Lepton Mixing    [PDF]

Alexander N. Jourjine

1205.4432 (A. A. Bylinkin et al.)

An analysis of charged particles spectra in events with different
charged multiplicity

A. A. Bylinkin, A. A. Rostovtsev

1205.4465 (Xiaohui Liu et al.)

Gauge-boson production with multiple jets near threshold    [PDF]

Xiaohui Liu, Sonny Mantry, Frank Petriello

1205.4474 (Liang Tang et al.)

Study on the effects of the light CP-odd Higgs via the leptonic decays
of pseudoscalar mesons

Liang Tang, Hong-Wei Ke, Xue-Qian Li

1205.4483 (Paul H. Frampton et al.)

Three Generations in Minimally Extended Standard Models    [PDF]

Paul H. Frampton, Chiu Man Ho, Thomas W. Kephart

1205.4492 (Efrain J. Ferrer et al.)

Quarkyonic Chiral Spirals in a Magnetic Field    [PDF]

Efrain J. Ferrer, Vivian de la Incera, Angel Sanchez