Thursday, September 6, 2012

1209.0086 (G. L. Klimchitskaya et al.)

Constraints on non-Newtonian gravity and light elementary particles from
measurements of the Casimir force by means of dynamic AFM

G. L. Klimchitskaya, U. Mohideen, V. M. Mostepanenko

1209.0098 (Simon Badger et al.)

NLO QCD corrections to multi-jet production at the LHC with a
centre-of-mass energy of sqrt(s)=8 TeV

Simon Badger, Benedikt Biedermann, Peter Uwer, Valery Yundin

1209.0100 (Simon Badger et al.)

Numerical evaluation of virtual corrections to multi-jet production in
massless QCD

Simon Badger, Benedikt Biedermann, Peter Uwer, Valery Yundin

1209.0104 (C. M. Bouchard)

Hadronic matrix elements for B-mixing in the Standard Model and beyond    [PDF]

C. M. Bouchard

1209.0107 (R. Faccini et al.)

Exotic Heavy Quarkonium Spectroscopy: A Mini-review    [PDF]

R. Faccini, A. Pilloni, A. D. Polosa

1209.0117 (D. N. Triantafyllopoulos)

Multi-gluon correlations in the Color Glass Condensate    [PDF]

D. N. Triantafyllopoulos

1209.0118 (A. Augusto Alves Jr et al.)

New results on the spectroscopy of XYZ states from LHC experiments    [PDF]

A. Augusto Alves Jr, on behalf of LHCb Collabration

1209.0144 (Shunsuke Ohkoda et al.)

Exotic mesons with hidden charm and bottom near thresholds    [PDF]

Shunsuke Ohkoda, Y. Yamaguchi, S. Yasui, K. Sudoh, A. Hosaka

1209.0158 (S. Catani et al.)

Vector boson production at hadron colliders: hard-collinear coefficients
at the NNLO

S. Catani, L. Cieri, D. de Florian, G. Ferrera, M. Grazzini

1209.0164 (A. V. Nesterenko)

Hadronic effects in low-energy QCD: inclusive tau lepton decay    [PDF]

A. V. Nesterenko

1209.0174 (Chao-Qiang Geng et al.)

Study of pesudoscalar transition form factors within light front quark

Chao-Qiang Geng, Chong-Chung Lih

1209.0187 (Yasuhiro Yamaguchi et al.)

Exotic baryons from a heavy meson and a nucleon    [PDF]

Yasuhiro Yamaguchi, Shunsuke Ohkoda, Shigehiro Yasui, Atsushi Hosaka

1209.0198 (Magdalena Djordjevic)

Heavy flavor suppression in a dynamical QCD medium with finite magnetic

Magdalena Djordjevic

1209.0204 (G. E. Volovik et al.)

Two Higgs bosons, $t$ - quark, and the Nambu sum rule    [PDF]

G. E. Volovik, M. A. Zubkov

1209.0211 (Amol Upadhye)

Dark energy fifth forces in torsion pendulum experiments    [PDF]

Amol Upadhye

1209.0212 (G. Ropke et al.)

Cluster virial expansion for nuclear matter within a quasiparticle
statistical approach

G. Ropke, N. -U. Bastian, D. Blaschke, T. Klahn, S. Typel, H. H. Wolter

1209.0215 (Zini Rahman et al.)

Discovery limit of CP violating Phase $δ$ in oscillation experiment
using neutrino beam from electron capture

Zini Rahman, Rathin Adhikari

1209.0225 (Kohta Murase et al.)

Galaxy Clusters as Reservoirs of Heavy Dark Matter and High-Energy
Cosmic Rays: Constraints from Neutrino Observations

Kohta Murase, John F. Beacom

1209.0231 (Nicole F. Bell et al.)

Searching for Dark Matter at the LHC with a Mono-Z    [PDF]

Nicole F. Bell, James B. Dent, Ahmad J. Galea, Thomas D. Jacques, Lawrence M. Krauss, Thomas J. Weiler

1209.0247 (Gaelle Giesen et al.)

CMB photons shedding light on dark matter    [PDF]

Gaelle Giesen, Julien Lesgourgues, Benjamin Audren, Yacine Ali-Haïmoud

1209.0465 (Paolo Pani et al.)

Black hole bombs and photon mass bounds    [PDF]

Paolo Pani, Vitor Cardoso, Leonardo Gualtieri, Emanuele Berti, Akihiro Ishibashi

1209.0764 (Jared A. Evans et al.)

LHC Coverage of RPV MSSM with Light Stops    [PDF]

Jared A. Evans, Yevgeny Kats

1209.0773 (Paolo Pani et al.)

Perturbations of slowly rotating black holes: massive vector fields in
the Kerr metric

Paolo Pani, Vitor Cardoso, Leonardo Gualtieri, Emanuele Berti, Akihiro Ishibashi

1209.0772 (Kaustubh Agashe et al.)

A simple, yet subtle "invariance" of two-body decay kinematics    [PDF]

Kaustubh Agashe, Roberto Franceschini, Doojin Kim

1209.0777 (Yonatan Kahn et al.)

Searching for an invisible A' vector boson with DarkLight    [PDF]

Yonatan Kahn, Jesse Thaler

1209.0797 (Nectaria A. B. Gizani)

Implications of pc and kpc jet asymmetry to the cosmic ray acceleration    [PDF]

Nectaria A. B. Gizani

1209.0799 (Kirill Tuchin)

Beyond the proton collinear factorization in heavy quark production in
pA collisions at low x

Kirill Tuchin

1209.0801 (Nectaria A. B. Gizani)

Extended reagions of radio emission not associated with the AGN
phenomenon as sources of acceleration of cosmic rays: The case of cD galaxies

Nectaria A. B. Gizani

1209.0817 (J. Berges et al.)

The non-linear Glasma    [PDF]

J. Berges, S. Schlichting

1209.0844 (Pol Bernard Gossiaux)

Recent results on heavy quark quenching in ultrarelativistic heavy ion
collisions: the impact of coherent gluon radiation

Pol Bernard Gossiaux

1209.0849 (Xiu-Lei Ren et al.)

Octet-baryon masses in finite space    [PDF]

Xiu-Lei Ren, Lisheng Geng, Jie Meng

1209.0860 (Guang-You Qin)

Jet modification in hot and dense QCD matter    [PDF]

Guang-You Qin

1209.0883 (Vikram Vyas)

Heavy Quark Potential from Gauge/Gravity Duality: A Large D Analysis    [PDF]

Vikram Vyas

1209.0907 (L. Tolos et al.)

Charm and Strangeness with Heavy-Quark Spin Symmetry    [PDF]

L. Tolos, C. Garcia-Recio, J. Nieves, O. Romanets, L. L. Salcedo

1209.0918 (Nodoka Yamanaka et al.)

R-parity violating supersymmetric contributions to the neutron beta
decay at the one-loop level

Nodoka Yamanaka, Toru Sato, Takahiro Kubota

1209.0949 (Bo Xiao et al.)

A simple algorithm for automatic Feynman diagram generation    [PDF]

Bo Xiao, Hao Wang, Shou-hua Zhu

1209.0958 (A. A. Bylinkin et al.)

A photon-proton mariage    [PDF]

A. A. Bylinkin, A. A. Rostovtsev

1209.0965 (Maciej Kaminski et al.)

Tree-level contributions to B -> Xs gamma    [PDF]

Maciej Kaminski, Mikolaj Misiak, Michal Poradzinski

1209.0969 (Damir Becirevic et al.)

Complementarity of Bs->mu+mu- and B-> K l+l- in New Physics searches    [PDF]

Damir Becirevic, Nejc Kosnik, Federico Mescia, Elia Schneider

1209.0980 (P. C. Bruns et al.)

Chiral extrapolation of baryon mass ratios    [PDF]

P. C. Bruns, L. Greil, A. Schäfer

1209.1000 (C. D. Fosco et al.)

Fourth order perturbative expansion for the Casimir energy with a
slightly deformed plate

C. D. Fosco, F. C. Lombardo, F. D. Mazzitelli

1209.1022 (Tianjun Li et al.)

Supersymmetric Dark Matter at XENON100 and the LHC: No-Scale F-SU(5)
Stringy Correlations

Tianjun Li, James A. Maxin, Dimitri V. Nanopoulos, Joel W. Walker

1209.1037 (Alexandre Alves)

Is the New Resonance Spin 0 or 2? Taking a Step Forward in the Higgs
Boson Discovery

Alexandre Alves

1209.1044 (Willy Fischler et al.)

Brownian Motion in Non-Commutative Super-Yang-Mills    [PDF]

Willy Fischler, Juan F. Pedraza, Walter Tangarife Garcia

1209.1046 (Lance Labun et al.)

Top anomalous magnetic moment and the two photon decay of Higgs    [PDF]

Lance Labun, Johann Rafelski

1209.1047 (Carlos A. Salgado)

Theory summary. Hard Probes 2012    [PDF]

Carlos A. Salgado

1209.1051 (Paul M. Hohler et al.)

Evaluating chiral symmetry restoration through the use of sum rules    [PDF]

Paul M. Hohler, Ralf Rapp

1209.1052 (Jinfeng Liao)

Hard Probe of Soft Matter Geometry and Fluctuations from RHIC to LHC    [PDF]

Jinfeng Liao

1209.1054 (A. Criollo et al.)

Symmetric texture-zero mass matrices and its eigenvalues    [PDF]

A. Criollo, R. Noriega-Papaqui

1209.1059 (Zhaofeng Kang et al.)

The Nelson-Seiberg theorem revised    [PDF]

Zhaofeng Kang, Tianjun Li, Zheng Sun