Wednesday, July 4, 2012

1207.0375 (Arata Yamamoto)

Chiral Magnetic Effect on the Lattice    [PDF]

Arata Yamamoto

1207.0376 (Arata Yamamoto)

Lattice simulation of ultracold atomic Bose-Fermi mixtures    [PDF]

Arata Yamamoto

1207.0380 (Peter Richardson et al.)

Investigation of Monte Carlo Uncertainties on Higgs Boson searches using
Jet Substructure

Peter Richardson, David Winn

1207.0400 (Kazuhiko Kamikado et al.)

Fluctuations in the quark-meson model for QCD with isospin chemical

Kazuhiko Kamikado, Nils Strodthoff, Lorenz von Smekal, Jochen Wambach

1207.0427 (Robert Lawrance et al.)

Holographic Technidilaton and LHC searches    [PDF]

Robert Lawrance, Maurizio Piai

1207.0435 (Maria Eugenia Cabrera et al.)

Understanding and improving the Effective Mass for LHC searches    [PDF]

Maria Eugenia Cabrera, J. Alberto Casas

1207.0438 (Otto Eberhardt et al.)

Status of the fourth fermion generation before ICHEP2012: Higgs data and
electroweak precision observables

Otto Eberhardt, Alexander Lenz, Andreas Menzel, Ulrich Nierste, Martin Wiebusch

1207.0445 (Mar Bastero-Gil et al.)

General dissipation coefficient in low-temperature warm inflation    [PDF]

Mar Bastero-Gil, Arjun Berera, Rudnei O. Ramos, Joao G. Rosa

1207.0450 (R. Sekhar Chivukula et al.)

Discovering Strong Top Dynamics at the LHC    [PDF]

R. Sekhar Chivukula, Baradhwaj Coleppa, Pawin Ittisamai, Heather E. Logan, Adam Martin, Jing Ren, Elizabeth H. Simmons

1207.0457 (Anton Kapustin)

Remarks on nonrelativistic Goldstone bosons    [PDF]

Anton Kapustin

1207.0461 (Manavendra Mahato)

Chiral vortices in relativistic hydrodynamics    [PDF]

Manavendra Mahato

1207.0462 (Gavin P. Salam)

QCD in hadron collisions    [PDF]

Gavin P. Salam

1207.0467 (Yoni BenTov et al.)

The Flavor of Privacy at the LHC    [PDF]

Yoni BenTov, A. Zee

1207.0474 (Cédric Delaunay et al.)

Charming CP Violation and Dipole Operators from RS Flavor Anarchy    [PDF]

Cédric Delaunay, Jernej F. Kamenik, Gilad Perez, Lisa Randall

1207.0476 (Anindya Datta et al.)

Vacuum Stability Constraints and LHC Searches for a Model with a
Universal Extra Dimension

Anindya Datta, Sreerup Raychaudhuri

1207.0477 (Dmitri E. Kharzeev et al.)

Chiral Electronics    [PDF]

Dmitri E. Kharzeev, Ho-Ung Yee

1207.0480 (Jonathan R. Gaunt)

Single Perturbative Splitting Diagrams in Double Parton Scattering    [PDF]

Jonathan R. Gaunt

1207.0493 (Spencer Chang et al.)

Revisiting Theories with Enhanced Higgs Couplings to Weak Gauge Bosons    [PDF]

Spencer Chang, Christopher A. Newby, Nirmal Raj, Chaowaroj Wanotayaroj

1207.0497 (Celine Boehm et al.)

Increasing Neff with particles in thermal equilibrium with neutrinos    [PDF]

Celine Boehm, Matthew J. Dolan, Christopher McCabe

1207.0502 (Mattia Fornasa et al.)

Characterization of Dark-Matter-induced anisotropies in the diffuse
gamma-ray background

Mattia Fornasa, Jesus Zavala, Miguel A. Sanchez-Conde, Jennifer M. Siegal-Gaskins, Timur Delahaye, Francisco Prada, Mark Vogelsberger, Fabio Zandanel, Carlos S. Frenk

1207.0507 (Lorenzo Basso et al.)

Dark matter scenarios in the minimal SUSY B-L model    [PDF]

Lorenzo Basso, Ben O'Leary, Werner Porod, Florian Staub

1207.0510 (Andre de Gouvea et al.)

Dark Matter From Weak Polyplets    [PDF]

Andre de Gouvea, Wei-Chih Huang, Jennifer Kile

1207.0513 (Jun Gao et al.)

MEKS: a program for computation of inclusive jet cross sections at
hadron colliders

Jun Gao, Zhihua Liang, Davison E. Soper, Hung-Liang Lai, Pavel M. Nadolsky, C. -P. Yuan

1207.0516 (Andre de Gouvea et al.)

Effect of Transition Magnetic Moments on Collective Supernova Neutrino

Andre de Gouvea, Shashank Shalgar

1207.0544 (Apostolos Pilaftsis)

Anomalous Fermion Mass Generation at Three Loops    [PDF]

Apostolos Pilaftsis

1207.0549 (Gerald A. Miller et al.)

Nuclear Quasi-Elastic Electron Scattering Limits Nucleon Off-Mass Shell

Gerald A. Miller, Anthony W. Thomas, Jonathan D. Carroll

1207.0567 (B. Ananthanarayan et al.)

The 27-plet contributions to the CP-conserving $K\rightarrow πl^+l^-$

B. Ananthanarayan, I. Sentitemsu Imsong

1207.0587 (Guido Altarelli et al.)

Repressing Anarchy in Neutrino Mass Textures    [PDF]

Guido Altarelli, Ferruccio Feruglio, Isabella Masina, Luca Merlo

1207.0588 (Xian Gao et al.)

Full bispectra from primordial scalar and tensor perturbations in the
most general single-field inflation model

Xian Gao, Tsutomu Kobayashi, Maresuke Shiraishi, Masahide Yamaguchi, Jun'ichi Yokoyama, Shuichiro Yokoyama

1207.0600 (O. V. Selyugin)

The effects of the small t properties of hadronic scattering amplitude
on the determination its real part

O. V. Selyugin

1207.0606 (Prabhakar Tiwari)

New limit insertion on pseudoscalar-photon mixing from WMAP Observations    [PDF]

Prabhakar Tiwari

1207.0609 (Stefan Keppeler et al.)

Orthogonal multiplet bases in SU(Nc) color space    [PDF]

Stefan Keppeler, Malin Sjodahl

1207.0621 (Hirohisa Kubota et al.)

Radion-higgs mixing state at the LHCwith the KK contributions to the
production and decay

Hirohisa Kubota, Mihoko Nojiri

1207.0629 (Radoslaw Ryblewski)

Collective phenomena in the early stages of relativistic heavy-ion

Radoslaw Ryblewski

1207.0643 (Seyed Yaser Ayazi)

Top pair Asymmetries at Hadron colliders with general $Z'$ couplings    [PDF]

Seyed Yaser Ayazi

1207.0674 (Andrea Banfi et al.)

Implications of QCD radiative corrections on high-pT Higgs searches    [PDF]

Andrea Banfi, Julián Cancino

1207.0685 (Michela D'Onofrio et al.)

The Sphaleron Rate through the Electroweak Cross-over    [PDF]

Michela D'Onofrio, Kari Rummukainen, Anders Tranberg

1207.0688 (Tobias Hurth et al.)

The Minimal Flavour Violation benchmark in view of the latest LHCb data    [PDF]

Tobias Hurth, Farvah Mahmoudi

1207.0729 (M. Maniatis et al.)

Constraints on the NMSSM from the oblique parameters    [PDF]

M. Maniatis, Y. Schroder

1207.0735 (Junji Jia et al.)

Walking techni-pions at LHC    [PDF]

Junji Jia, Shinya Matsuzaki, Koichi Yamawaki

1207.0740 (Cédric Delaunay et al.)

Predictions from Heavy New Physics Interpretation of the Top
Forward-Backward Asymmetry

Cédric Delaunay, Oram Gedalia, Yonit Hochberg, Yotam Soreq

1207.0746 (M. Libanov et al.)

Heavy-meson physics and flavour violation with a single generation    [PDF]

M. Libanov, N. Nemkov, E. Nugaev, I. Timiryasov

1207.0755 (Ioannis Bouras et al.)

RHIC and LHC phenomena with an unified parton transport    [PDF]

Ioannis Bouras, Andrej El, Oliver Fochler, Felix Reining, Florian Senzel, Jan Uphoff, Christian Wesp, Zhe Xu, Carsten Greiner

1207.0761 (Bhubanjyoti Bhattacharya et al.)

Direct CP Violation in D Decays in view of LHCb and CDF Results    [PDF]

Bhubanjyoti Bhattacharya, Michael Gronau, Jonathan L. Rosner

1207.0776 (Dieter Horns et al.)

Hardening of TeV gamma spectrum of AGNs in galaxy clusters by
conversions of photons into axion-like particles

Dieter Horns, Luca Maccione, Manuel Meyer, Alessandro Mirizzi, Daniele Montanino, Marco Roncadelli

1207.0779 (Vernon Barger et al.)

Flavor-Tuned SUSY Higgs Bosons at the LHC: Enhanced Di-photon and
Suppressed Di-tau Signals of the 125 GeV Higgs

Vernon Barger, Muneyuki Ishida, Wai-Yee Keung

1207.0798 (Genevieve Belanger et al.)

Testing Minimal Universal Extra Dimensions Using Higgs Boson Searches at
the LHC

Genevieve Belanger, Alexander Belyaev, Matthew Brown, Mitsuru Kakizaki, Alexander Pukhov

1207.0800 (Timothy Cohen et al.)

Illuminating the 130 GeV Gamma Line with Continuum Photons    [PDF]

Timothy Cohen, Mariangela Lisanti, Tracy R. Slatyer, Jay G. Wacker

1207.0802 (Kaoru Hagiwara et al.)

Properties of 125 GeV Higgs boson in non-decoupling MSSM scenarios    [PDF]

Kaoru Hagiwara, Jae Sik Lee, Junya Nakamura

1207.0803 (Brando Bellazzini et al.)

Photophilic Higgs from sgoldstino mixing    [PDF]

Brando Bellazzini, Christoffer Petersson, Riccardo Torre