Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1009.0762 (P. Sikivie)

Superconducting Radio Frequency Cavities as Axion Dark Matter Detectors    [PDF]

P. Sikivie

1109.2869 (S. Andreas et al.)

Dark Matter and Dark Forces from a supersymmetric hidden sector    [PDF]

S. Andreas, M. D. Goodsell, A. Ringwald

1112.0607 (Robert Foot et al.)

Electroweak scale invariant models with small cosmological constant    [PDF]

Robert Foot, Archil Kobakhidze

1212.2600 (Daniel Elander et al.)

On the glueball spectrum of walking backgrounds from wrapped-D5 gravity

Daniel Elander, Maurizio Piai

1301.4502 (Marco Bonvini et al.)

The scale of soft resummation in SCET vs perturbative QCD    [PDF]

Marco Bonvini, Stefano Forte, Margherita Ghezzi, Giovanni Ridolfi

1301.4515 (Heechang Na)

$|V_{cd}|$ and $|V_{cs}|$ from Semileptonic and Leptonic decays using
lattice QCD methods

Heechang Na

1301.4545 (A. A. Grinyuk et al.)

Transition between soft physics at LHC and low-x physics at HERA    [PDF]

A. A. Grinyuk, A. V. Lipatov, G. I. Lykasov, N. P. Zotov

1301.4555 (Vicent Mateu et al.)

Hadron Mass Effects in Power Corrections to Event Shapes    [PDF]

Vicent Mateu, Iain W. Stewart, Jesse Thaler

1301.4557 (Yasuhiro Yamaguchi et al.)

Hadronic molecules for charmed and bottom baryons near thresholds    [PDF]

Yasuhiro Yamaguchi, Shunsuke Ohkoda, Shigehiro Yasui, Atsushi Hosaka

1301.4563 (Margaret E. Carrington et al.)

Parton Energy Loss in the Extremly Prolate Quark-Gluon Plasma    [PDF]

Margaret E. Carrington, Katarzyna Deja, Stanislaw Mrowczynski

1301.4570 (Hong-Jian He et al.)

Spontaneous Spacetime Reduction and Unitary Weak Boson Scattering at the

Hong-Jian He, Zhong-Zhi Xianyu

1301.4577 (Carolina Lujan-Peschard et al.)

Counting muons to probe the neutrino mass spectrum    [PDF]

Carolina Lujan-Peschard, Giulia Pagliaroli, Francesco Vissani

1301.4622 (B. C. Tiburzi)

Lattice QCD Methods for Hadronic Polarizabilities    [PDF]

B. C. Tiburzi

1301.4641 (Junjie Cao et al.)

The Z+photon and diphoton decays of the Higgs boson as a joint probe of
low energy SUSY models at LHC

Junjie Cao, Lei Wu, Peiwen Wu, Jin Min Yang

1301.4647 (Michal Praszalowicz)

Violation of Geometrical Scaling in pp Collisions at NA61/SHINE    [PDF]

Michal Praszalowicz

1301.4652 (L. T. Hue et al.)

Lepton flavor violating processes τ->μγ$, $τ-> 3μ$ and
$Z-> μτ$ in the Supersymmetric economical 3-3-1 model

L. T. Hue, D. T. Huong, H. N. Long

1301.4687 (Mairi Sakellariadou)

Noncommutative Spectral Geometry: A Short Review    [PDF]

Mairi Sakellariadou

1301.4693 (James Currie et al.)

Infrared Structure at NNLO Using Antenna Subtraction    [PDF]

James Currie, E. W. N. Glover, Steven Wells

1301.4694 (Chian-Shu Chen et al.)

New Scalar Contributions to $h\to Zγ$    [PDF]

Chian-Shu Chen, Chao-Qiang Geng, Da Huang, Lu-Hsing Tsai

1301.4721 (Bin Zhu et al.)

Singlet-Assisted SUSY Breaking For SP(2N) Theoreis That S-Confines    [PDF]

Bin Zhu, Kun Meng, Ran Ding, Qiyi Li

1301.4746 (Gour Bhattacharya et al.)

On the self-interaction of dark energy in a ghost-condensate model    [PDF]

Gour Bhattacharya, Pradip Mukherjee, Anirban Saha

1301.4784 (Ram Lal Awasthi et al.)

Neutrinoless double beta decay and pseudo-Dirac neutrino mass
predictions through inverse seesaw mechanism

Ram Lal Awasthi, M. K. Parida, Sudhanwa Patra

1301.4785 (K. -I. Ishikawa et al.)

Conformal Theories with IR cutoff    [PDF]

K. -I. Ishikawa, Y. Iwasaki, Yu Nakayama, T. Yoshie

1301.4831 (Nicola Bartolo et al.)

Matter bispectrum in cubic Galileon cosmologies    [PDF]

Nicola Bartolo, Emilio Bellini, Daniele Bertacca, Sabino Matarrese

1301.4846 (M. A. Braun)

On the collision of two projectiles on two targets in the BFKL approach    [PDF]

M. A. Braun

1301.4849 (Mikhail A. Ivanov)

Multiquark states in the covariant quark confinement model    [PDF]

Mikhail A. Ivanov

1301.4890 (Mark Hindmarsh et al.)

Consistent cosmology with Higgs thermal inflation in a minimal extension
of the MSSM

Mark Hindmarsh, D. R. Timothy Jones

1301.4892 (Mohammad Mahdi Ettefaghi et al.)

Annihilation of singlet fermionic dark matter into two photons    [PDF]

Mohammad Mahdi Ettefaghi, Reza Moazzemi

1301.4902 (Y. G. Ma et al.)

A brief review of antimatter production    [PDF]

Y. G. Ma, J. H. Chen, L. Xue

1301.4905 (Chris Quigg)

Beyond Confinement    [PDF]

Chris Quigg

1301.4921 (Vlasios Petousis)

Hadron to Vector Mesons - Photons and the Electromagnetic Form Factors    [PDF]

Vlasios Petousis

1301.4930 (P. A. Boyle et al.)

New results from the lattice on the theoretical inputs to the hadronic
tau determination of V_us

P. A. Boyle, L. Del Debbio, N. Garron, R. J. Hudspith, E. Kerrane, K. Maltman, J. M. Zanotti

1301.4940 (A. Prokudin)

SPIN Effects, QCD, and Jefferson Laboratory with 12 GeV electrons    [PDF]

A. Prokudin

1301.4965 (A. Djouadi et al.)

Probing the spin-parity of the Higgs boson via jet kinematics in vector
boson fusion

A. Djouadi, R. M. Godbole, B. Mellado, K. Mohan

1301.4984 (Fabio Capela et al.)

Constraints on primordial black holes as dark matter candidates from
capture by neutron stars

Fabio Capela, Maxim Pshirkov, Peter Tinyakov