Wednesday, February 13, 2013

0909.3090 (Bob McElrath)

On The Origin of Neutrino Mass and Mixing in the Standard Model    [PDF]

Bob McElrath

1106.5075 (Adrian Bevan et al.)

Time-dependent CP asymmetries in D and B decays    [PDF]

Adrian Bevan, Gianluca Inguglia, Brian Meadows

1302.2620 (Lawrence J. Hall et al.)

A Cosmological Upper Bound on Superpartner Masses    [PDF]

Lawrence J. Hall, Joshua T. Ruderman, Tomer Volansky

1302.2625 (Alexander Merle)

keV Neutrino Model Building    [PDF]

Alexander Merle

1302.2630 (Thomas Gehrmann et al.)

Two-loop QCD helicity amplitudes for $g\,g \to Z\,g$ and $g\,g \to

Thomas Gehrmann, Lorenzo Tancredi, Erich Weihs

1302.2637 (Lingfei Wang et al.)

Cosmological perturbations from a Spectator field during inflation    [PDF]

Lingfei Wang, Anupam Mazumdar

1302.2640 (Piero Nicolini et al.)

Production and evaporation of Planck scale black holes at the LHC    [PDF]

Piero Nicolini, Jonas Mureika, Euro Spallucci, Elizabeth Winstanley, Marcus Bleicher

1302.2641 (Mohamed M. Anber)

Theta dependence of the deconfining phase transition in pure SU(N_c)
Yang-Mills theories

Mohamed M. Anber

1302.2642 (Nathaniel Craig et al.)

General Messenger Higgs Mediation    [PDF]

Nathaniel Craig, Simon Knapen, David Shih

1302.2644 (R. J. Dowdall et al.)

B-meson decay constants from improved lattice NRQCD and physical u, d, s
and c sea quarks

R. J. Dowdall, C. T. H. Davies, R. R. Horgan, C. J. Monahan, J. Shigemitsu

1302.2730 (J. P. Noordmans et al.)

Lorentz violation in neutron and allowed nuclear beta decay    [PDF]

J. P. Noordmans, H. W. Wilschut, R. G. E. Timmermans

1302.2791 (Ilídio Lopes et al.)

Solar neutrino physics oscillations: Sensitivity to the electronic
density in the Sun's core

Ilídio Lopes, Sylvaine Turck-Chièze

1302.2807 (Mikhail Gorchtein et al.)

$μ-H$ Lamb shift: dispersing the nucleon-excitation uncertainty with a
finite energy sum rule

Mikhail Gorchtein, Felipe J. Llanes-Estrada, Adam P. Szczepaniak

1302.2834 (Avraham Gal)

Comment on a recent attempt to explain the `GSI anomaly' by
initial-state e.m. spin-rotation coupling

Avraham Gal

1302.2884 (Franziska Schissler et al.)

Parton Shower Effects on W and Z Production via Vector Boson Fusion at

Franziska Schissler, Dieter Zeppenfeld

1302.2888 (S. Wallon)

Hard exclusive processes    [PDF]

S. Wallon

1302.2894 (Cheng-Wei Chiang et al.)

Effects of Family Nonuniversal Z' Boson on Leptonic Decays of Higgs and
Weak Bosons

Cheng-Wei Chiang, Takaaki Nomura, Jusak Tandean