Wednesday, August 8, 2012

1103.0809 (A. Majumder et al.)

Suppression of the high $p_T$ charged hadron $R_{AA}$ at the LHC    [PDF]

A. Majumder, C. Shen

1109.5963 (Jian Wang et al.)

Search for the signal of monotop production at the early LHC    [PDF]

Jian Wang, Chong Sheng Li, Ding Yu Shao, Hao Zhang

1111.7160 (Irinel Caprini et al.)

Regge analysis of the pi pi scattering amplitude    [PDF]

Irinel Caprini, Gilberto Colangelo, Heinrich Leutwyler

1208.1257 (S. Somorendro Singh et al.)

Dilepton emission at temperature dependent baryonic quark-gluon plasma    [PDF]

S. Somorendro Singh, Yogesh Kumar

1208.1260 (Juliette Mammei et al.)

The MOLLER Experiment    [PDF]

Juliette Mammei, for The MOLLER Collaboration

1208.1266 (Ilja Dorsner et al.)

Higgs Uncovering Light Scalar Remnants of High Scale Matter Unification    [PDF]

Ilja Dorsner, Svjetlana Fajfer, Admir Greljo, Jernej F. Kamenik

1208.1281 (Miguel G. Echevarria et al.)

Model-Independent Evolution of Transverse Momentum Dependent
Distribution Functions (TMDs) at NNLL

Miguel G. Echevarria, Ahmad Idilbi, Andreas Schäfer, Ignazio Scimemi

1208.1286 (Martin Jung)

Recent topics in CP violation    [PDF]

Martin Jung

1208.1305 (Michio Hashimoto et al.)

Enhanced diphoton Higgs decay rate and isospin symmetric Higgs boson    [PDF]

Michio Hashimoto, V. A. Miransky

1208.1319 (Jin Young Kim)

Bending of electromagnetic wave in an ultra-strong magnetic field    [PDF]

Jin Young Kim

1208.1323 (Masahiro Kawasaki et al.)

Remarks on Hubble Induced Mass from Fermion Kinetic Term    [PDF]

Masahiro Kawasaki, Tomohiro Takesako

1208.1343 (A. Moyotl)

CP violating anomalous tau lepton coupling $\barττV$ via a
spin-0 unparticle

A. Moyotl

1208.1344 (Andrea De Simone et al.)

Cosmological Perturbations from the Standard Model Higgs    [PDF]

Andrea De Simone, Antonio Riotto

1208.1386 (B. L. Ioffe)

The first dozen years of the history of ITEP Theoretical Physics

B. L. Ioffe

1208.1393 (Bin Wu)

On holographic thermalization and gravitational collapse of massless
scalar fields

Bin Wu

1208.1398 (A. V. Luchinsky)

Production of charged $π$-mesons in exclusive $B_{c}\to V(P)+nπ$

A. V. Luchinsky

1208.1402 (Dominik Dannheim et al.)

CLIC e+e- Linear Collider Studies    [PDF]

Dominik Dannheim, Philippe Lebrun, Lucie Linssen, Daniel Schulte, Frank Simon, Steinar Stapnes, Nobukazu Toge, Harry Weerts, James Wells

1208.1416 (Giovanni Salme' et al.)

Exploring the Pion phenomenology within a fully covariant constituent
quark model

Giovanni Salme', Emanuele Pace, Giovanni Romanelli

1208.1427 (Jiangyong Jia et al.)

Measurement of Event Plane Correlations in Pb-Pb Collisions at
$\sqrt{s_{\mathrm{NN}}}$=2.76 TeV with the ATLAS Detector

Jiangyong Jia, for the ATLAS Collaboration

1208.1444 (S. Alekhin et al.)

ABM11 parton distributions and benchmarks    [PDF]

S. Alekhin, J. Bluemlein, S. -O. Moch

1208.1451 (D. Binosi et al.)

The all-order equation of the effective gluon mass    [PDF]

D. Binosi, D. Ibañez, J. Papavassiliou

1208.1488 (A. K. Kohara et al.)

Analysis of $\mathrm{p \bar{p}}$ in forward and large $|t|$ scattering    [PDF]

A. K. Kohara, E. Ferreira, T. Kodama

1208.1499 (Leandro Da Rold et al.)

Up Asymmetries From Exhilarated Composite Flavor Structures    [PDF]

Leandro Da Rold, Cédric Delaunay, Christophe Grojean, Gilad Perez