Friday, September 28, 2012

0802.2060 (Davor Palle)

On chirality of the vorticity of the Universe    [PDF]

Davor Palle

1209.6054 (Matthew R. Buckley et al.)

Thermal Dark Matter from a Confining Sector    [PDF]

Matthew R. Buckley, Ethan T. Neil

1209.6054 (Matthew R. Buckley et al.)

Thermal Dark Matter from a Confining Sector    [PDF]

Matthew R. Buckley, Ethan T. Neil

1209.6063 (Anirban Kundu et al.)

$B_s\to D_s K$ as a Probe of CPT Violation    [PDF]

Anirban Kundu, Soumitra Nandi, Sunando Kumar Patra, Amarjit Soni

1209.6071 (M Jay Perez et al.)

On Mixing Supersymmetry and Family Symmetry Breakings    [PDF]

M Jay Perez, Pierre Ramond, Jue Zhang

1209.6083 (Sarah Andreas et al.)

New Limits on Hidden Photons from Past Electron Beam Dumps    [PDF]

Sarah Andreas, Carsten Niebuhr, Andreas Ringwald

1209.6086 (Matteo Cacciari et al.)

Jet Fragmentation Function Moments in Heavy Ion Collisions    [PDF]

Matteo Cacciari, Paloma Quiroga-Arias, Gavin P. Salam, Gregory Soyez

1209.6090 (Daniele Fargion)

Radioactive UHECR Astronomy: Correlating gamma anisotropy and neutrino
PeV events

Daniele Fargion

1209.6092 (Michal Deak)

Estimation of saturation and coherence effects in the KGBJS equation - a
non-linear CCFM equation

Michal Deak

1209.6093 (Quan Liu et al.)

The Thomas-Fermi Quark Model: Non-Relativistic Aspects    [PDF]

Quan Liu, Walter Wilcox

1209.6115 (Shoichi Sasaki)

Hyperon vector form factor from 2+1 flavor lattice QCD    [PDF]

Shoichi Sasaki

1209.6121 (Sabyasachi Roy et al.)

Isgur-Wise function within a QCD quark model with Airy's function as the
wave function of heavy-light mesons

Sabyasachi Roy, N. S. Bordoloi, D. K. Choudhury

1209.6136 (P. K. Srivastava et al.)

Description of Strongly Interacting Matter in A Hybrid Model    [PDF]

P. K. Srivastava, C. P. Singh

1209.6137 (Awaneesh Singh et al.)

Domain Growth in Chiral Phase Transitions: Inertial Dynamics    [PDF]

Awaneesh Singh, Sanjay Puri, Hiranmaya Mishra

1209.6207 (Tetsuo Hyodo et al.)

Production of doubly charmed tetraquarks with exotic color
configurations in electron-positron collisions

Tetsuo Hyodo, Yan-Rui Liu, Makoto Oka, Kazutaka Sudoh, Shigehiro Yasui

1209.6208 (Tetsuo Hyodo)

Antikaon-nucleon dynamics and its application to few-body systems    [PDF]

Tetsuo Hyodo

1209.6213 (Jorge C. Romao et al.)

A resource for signs and Feynman diagrams of the Standard Model    [PDF]

Jorge C. Romao, Joao P. Silva

1209.6214 (O. I. Piskounova)

The Difference Between Hyperon Transverse Momentum Distributions in
Proton-Proton and Proton-Antiproton Collisions

O. I. Piskounova

1209.6215 (Rikkert Frederix et al.)

Merging meets matching in MC@NLO    [PDF]

Rikkert Frederix, Stefano Frixione

1209.6226 (Fei-Fan Lee et al.)

Sensitivities of IceCube DeepCore Detector to Signatures of Low-Mass
Dark Matter in the Galactic Halo

Fei-Fan Lee, Guey-Lin Lin, Yue-Lin Sming Tsai

1209.6233 (F. Caporale et al.)

Mueller-Navelet jets in high-energy hadron collisions    [PDF]

F. Caporale, D. Yu. Ivanov, B. Murdaca, A. Papa

1209.6235 (G. Chalons et al.)

Analysis of the Higgs potentials for two doublets and a singlet    [PDF]

G. Chalons, F. Domingo

1209.6239 (A. S. Cornell et al.)

Renormalisation running of masses and mixings in UED models    [PDF]

A. S. Cornell, Aldo Deandrea, Lu-Xin Liu, Ahmad Tarhini

1209.6257 (Jian Wang et al.)

Updated predictions for graviton and photon associated production at the

Jian Wang, Chong Sheng Li

1209.6259 (Nicola Cufaro Petroni et al.)

Phenomenology from relativistic Levy-Schroedinger equations: Application
to neutrinos

Nicola Cufaro Petroni, Modesto Pusterla

1209.6265 (A. Grebenyuk et al.)

Jet production and the inelastic pp cross section at the LHC    [PDF]

A. Grebenyuk, F. Hautmann, H. Jung, P. Katsas, A. Knutsson

1209.6268 (Guo-Ying Chen et al.)

Study of the anomalous cross section lineshape of e^+e^-\to D\bar D at
ψ(3770) with an effective field theory

Guo-Ying Chen, Qiang Zhao

1209.6274 (Pedro Bicudo et al.)

Lattice QCD signal for a bottom-bottom tetraquark    [PDF]

Pedro Bicudo, Marc Wagner

1209.6295 (Joao Pires)

Infrared structure of pp $\to$ 2 jets at NNLO: the gluon channel    [PDF]

Joao Pires

1209.6302 (Katri Huitu et al.)

Comparison of neutralino and sneutrino dark matter in a model with
spontaneous CP violation

Katri Huitu, Jari Laamanen, Lasse Leinonen, Santosh Kumar Rai, Timo Rüppell

1209.6305 (F. Hautmann et al.)

Unintegrated sea quark at small x and vector boson production    [PDF]

F. Hautmann, M. Hentschinski, H. Jung

1209.6306 (J. Bsaisou et al.)

The electric dipole moment of the deuteron from the QCD $θ$-term    [PDF]

J. Bsaisou, C. Hanhart, S. Liebig, U. -G. Meißner, A. Nogga, A. Wirzba

1209.6318 (Naoki Yamatsu)

New Mixing Structures of Chiral Generations in a Model with Noncompact
Horizontal Symmetry

Naoki Yamatsu

1209.6330 (Charles Gale et al.)

Event-by-event anisotropic flow in heavy-ion collisions from combined
Yang-Mills and viscous fluid dynamics

Charles Gale, Sangyong Jeon, Bjoern Schenke, Prithwish Tribedy, Raju Venugopalan

1209.6345 (Sophia Borowka et al.)

Numerical evaluation of massive multi-loop integrals with SecDec    [PDF]

Sophia Borowka, Gudrun Heinrich

1209.6352 (J. A. Aguilar-Saavedra et al.)

Collider-independent top quark forward-backward asymmetries: standard
model predictions

J. A. Aguilar-Saavedra, W. Bernreuther, Z. -G. Si