Monday, December 3, 2012

0907.5424 (Daniel Baumann)

TASI Lectures on Inflation    [PDF]

Daniel Baumann

1108.3593 (S. A. Alavi et al.)

Neutrino spin oscillations in gravitational fields    [PDF]

S. A. Alavi, S. F. Hosseini

1211.6858 (Yoske Sumitomo et al.)

Preference for a Vanishingly Small Cosmological Constant in
Supersymmetric Vacua in a Type IIB String Theory Model

Yoske Sumitomo, S. -H. Henry Tye

1211.6893 (Julen Ibañez-Azpiroz et al.)

Tight binding models for ultracold atoms in honeycomb optical lattices    [PDF]

Julen Ibañez-Azpiroz, Asier Eiguren, Aitor Bergara, Giulio Pettini, Michele Modugno

1211.7061 (Arvind Rajaraman et al.)

Effective Theories of Gamma-ray Lines from Dark Matter Annihilation    [PDF]

Arvind Rajaraman, Tim M. P. Tait, Alexander M. Wijangco

1211.7066 (Amol Upadhye)

Particles and forces from chameleon dark energy    [PDF]

Amol Upadhye

1211.7069 (Sovan Chakraborty et al.)

Testing Lorentz Invariance with neutrino burst from supernova

Sovan Chakraborty, Alessandro Mirizzi, Günter Sigl

1211.7079 (R. L. S. Farias et al.)

Reliability of the Optimized Perturbation Theory for scalar fields at
finite temperature

R. L. S. Farias, D. L. Teixeira Jr, R. O. Ramos

1211.7090 (Louis E. Strigari)

Galactic Searches for Dark Matter    [PDF]

Louis E. Strigari

1211.7093 (Lizardo H. C. M. Nunes et al.)

The competition between the superconducting and the excitonic phases on
doped Dirac electronic systems

Lizardo H. C. M. Nunes, R. L. S. Farias, E. C. Marino

1211.7106 (M. W. Cahill-Rowley et al.)

SUSY Without Prejudice at the 7 and 8 TeV LHC: Gravitino LSPs    [PDF]

M. W. Cahill-Rowley, J. L. Hewett, A. Ismail, T. G. Rizzo

1211.7129 (Teppei Katori)

Tests of Lorentz and CPT violation with neutrinos    [PDF]

Teppei Katori

1211.7144 (J. P. Ma et al.)

TMD Factorization for Quarkonium Production at Low Transverse Momentum    [PDF]

J. P. Ma, J. X. Wang, S. Zhao

1211.7146 (E. Boos et al.)

The Single Top Quark Physics    [PDF]

E. Boos, L. Dudko

1211.7165 (S. M. Gerasyuta et al.)

Low-lying hypernuclei in the relativistic quark-gluon model    [PDF]

S. M. Gerasyuta, E. E. Matskevich

1211.7173 (Shin Muroya et al.)

On the Coefficients of a Hyperbolic Hydrodynamic Model    [PDF]

Shin Muroya, Masashi Mizutani

1211.7175 (Osamu Yasuda)

Phenomenology of neutrino oscillation ---Brief overview and its
relevance to tau physics---

Osamu Yasuda

1211.7182 (Koichi Kanazawa et al.)

Twist-3 quark-gluon correlation contribution to single-transverse spin
asymmetry for direct-photon and single-jet productions in pp collision

Koichi Kanazawa, Yuji Koike

1211.7193 (A. I. Belesev et al.)

An upper limit on additional neutrino mass eigenstate in 2 to 100 eV
region from "Troitsk nu-mass" data

A. I. Belesev, A. I. Berlev, E. V. Geraskin, A. A. Golubev, N. A. Likhovid, A. A. Nozik, V. S. Pantuev, V. I. Parfenov, A. K. Skasyrskaya

1211.7201 (Stanley J. Brodsky et al.)

QCD and Light-Front Holography    [PDF]

Stanley J. Brodsky, Guy F. de Teramond

1211.7204 (Leif Lonnblad)

Fooling Around with the Sudakov Veto Algorithm    [PDF]

Leif Lonnblad

1211.7207 (Subhankar Roy et al.)

Bi-Large neutrino mixing with charged lepton correction    [PDF]

Subhankar Roy, N. Nimai Singh

1211.7209 (Jure Drobnak)

Top Decays in the Standard Model and Beyond    [PDF]

Jure Drobnak

1211.7218 (N. G. Stefanis)

Worldline techniques and QCD observables    [PDF]

N. G. Stefanis

1211.7225 (Francesco Caporale et al.)

Mueller-Navelet small-cone jets at LHC in next-to-leading BFKL    [PDF]

Francesco Caporale, Dmitry Yu. Ivanov, Beatrice Murdaca, Alessandro Papa

1211.7237 (Minoru Eto et al.)

Cosmic R-string, R-tube and Vacuum Instability    [PDF]

Minoru Eto, Yuta Hamada, Kohei Kamada, Tatsuo Kobayashi, Keisuke Ohashi, Yutaka Ookouchi

1211.7261 (Biplob Bhattacherjee et al.)

Top Polarization and Stop Mixing from Boosted Jet Substructure    [PDF]

Biplob Bhattacherjee, Sourav K. Mandal, Mihoko Nojiri

1211.7267 (L. Ya. Glozman)

Confinement, chiral symmetry breaking and the mass generation of hadrons    [PDF]

L. Ya. Glozman

1211.7274 (Stefano Catani et al.)

Factorization violation in the multiparton collinear limit    [PDF]

Stefano Catani, Daniel de Florian, German Rodrigo

1211.7278 (Leif Lonnblad et al.)

Merging Multi-leg NLO Matrix Elements with Parton Showers    [PDF]

Leif Lonnblad, Stefan Prestel

1211.7285 (Christoph Ditsche et al.)

Roy-Steiner equations for pi N scattering    [PDF]

Christoph Ditsche, Martin Hoferichter, Bastian Kubis, Ulf-G. Meißner

1211.7286 (Laura Tolos et al.)

Strangeness and Charm in Nuclear Matter    [PDF]

Laura Tolos, Daniel Cabrera, Carmen Garcia-Recio, Raquel Molina, Juan Nieves, Eulogio Oset, Angels Ramos, Olena Romanets, Lorenzo Luis Salcedo

1211.7288 (Daiji Kimura et al.)

The form factors for hadronic tau decay using background field method    [PDF]

Daiji Kimura, Kang Young Lee, Takuya Morozumi

1211.7290 (Francesco Caracciolo et al.)

UV Completions of Composite Higgs Models with Partial Compositeness    [PDF]

Francesco Caracciolo, Alberto Parolini, Marco Serone

1211.7293 (Jens O. Andersen et al.)

Two-color QCD in a strong magnetic field: The role of the Polyakov loop    [PDF]

Jens O. Andersen, Arturo A. Cruz

1211.7318 (Toru Kojo et al.)

The quark mass gap in a magnetic field    [PDF]

Toru Kojo, Nan Su

1211.7323 (Walaa I. Eshraim et al.)

Phenomenology of the pseudoscalar glueball with a mass of 2.6 GeV    [PDF]

Walaa I. Eshraim, Stanislaus Janowski

1211.7344 (M. Laine et al.)

Lattice study of an electroweak phase transition at m_h ~ 126 GeV    [PDF]

M. Laine, G. Nardini, K. Rummukainen