Tuesday, February 21, 2012

1110.1182 (Alfredo Aranda et al.)

Neutrino masses generation in a Z_4 model    [PDF]

Alfredo Aranda, Cesar Bonilla, Alma D. Rojas

1110.1875 (Mikhail G. Ivanov)

Superluminal motion and Lorentzian symmetry breaking and repairing in
two-metric theories

Mikhail G. Ivanov

1110.5630 (John N. Ng et al.)

Top Quark Forward-Backward Asymmetry and Anomalous Right-Handed Charge

John N. Ng, Peter T. Winslow

1111.1054 (Debajyoti Choudhury et al.)

Dijet resonances, widths and all that    [PDF]

Debajyoti Choudhury, Rohini M. Godbole, Pratishruti Saha

1111.2875 (Mohamed M. Anber et al.)

On the running of the gravitational constant    [PDF]

Mohamed M. Anber, John F. Donoghue

1111.5462 (Chuan-Hung Chen et al.)

Exotic fermion multiplets as a solution to baryon asymmetry, dark matter
and neutrino masses

Chuan-Hung Chen, Sandy S. C. Law

1111.6073 (Marco Bochicchio)

Glueballs propagators in large-N YM    [PDF]

Marco Bochicchio

1111.6262 (Adrian Palcu)

Dimension-five effective operators in electro-weak SU(4)xU(1) gauge

Adrian Palcu

1112.0627 (Xian-Hui Ge et al.)

Holographic RG flows and transport coefficients in
Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet-Maxwell theory

Xian-Hui Ge, Yi Ling, Yu Tian, Xiao-Ning Wu

1112.5819 (Takeshi Araki et al.)

A Q_6 flavor symmetry model for the nuMSM    [PDF]

Takeshi Araki, Y. F. Li

1201.1768 (Chengrong Deng et al.)

QCD quark cyclobutadiene and light tetraquark spectrum    [PDF]

Chengrong Deng, Jialun Ping, Fan Wang

1201.4144 (Nikolay P. Zotov)

Small x physics and hard QCD processes at LHC    [PDF]

Nikolay P. Zotov

1201.4537 (Moritz McGarrie et al.)

Super-Higgs in Superspace    [PDF]

Moritz McGarrie, Gianni Tallarita

1202.4024 (P. M. Ferreira et al.)

Texture-zero model for the lepton mass matrices    [PDF]

P. M. Ferreira, L. Lavoura

1202.4036 (Andrew Casey et al.)

Calculating Dihadron Fragmentation Functions in the NJL-jet model    [PDF]

Andrew Casey, Hrayr H. Matevosyan, Anthony W. Thomas

1202.4038 (Howard Baer et al.)

Neutralino dark matter in mSUGRA/CMSSM with a 125 GeV light Higgs scalar    [PDF]

Howard Baer, Vernon Barger, Azar Mustafayev

1202.4060 (Xiao-Dong Li et al.)

Dark Energy and Fate of the Universe    [PDF]

Xiao-Dong Li, Shuang Wang, Qing-Guo Huang, Xin Zhang, Miao Li

1202.4067 (Shinta Kasuya et al.)

Axino dark matter and baryon number asymmetry from Q-ball decay in gauge

Shinta Kasuya, Etsuko Kawakami, Masahiro Kawasaki

1202.4071 (Hong Li et al.)

Constraining dynamical dark energy with a divergence-free
parametrization in the presence of spatial curvature and massive neutrinos

Hong Li, Xin Zhang

1202.4100 (F. Jugeau et al.)

New results on the baryon decay Lambda_b -> Lambda_c ell nu in Heavy
Quark Effective Theory

F. Jugeau, Yu Jia, L. Oliver

1202.4105 (Marco Frasca)

Condensates in the refined Gribov-Zwanziger scenario    [PDF]

Marco Frasca

1202.4130 (Shinya Gongyo et al.)

Gauge-Invariant Formalism with Dirac-mode Expansion for Confinement and
Chiral Symmetry Breaking

Shinya Gongyo, Takumi Iritani, Hideo Suganuma

1202.4139 (Xiao Wang et al.)

Non-strange partner of strangeonium-like state Y(2175)    [PDF]

Xiao Wang, Zhi-Feng Sun, Dian-Yong Chen, Xiang Liu, Takayuki Matsuki

1202.4147 (A. Lengyel et al.)

Which Pomeron survives at LHC energies?    [PDF]

A. Lengyel, Z. Tarics

1202.4162 (Kei-Ichi Kondo)

A unitary and renormalizable model for massive Yang-Mills fields without
Higgs fields

Kei-Ichi Kondo

1202.4167 (Chengrong Deng et al.)

X(1835), X(2120) and X(2370) in a flux tube model    [PDF]

Chengrong Deng, Jialun Ping, Youchang Yang, Fan Wang

1202.4169 (C. R. Deng et al.)

Dynamical study of the light scalar mesons below 1 GeV in a flux-tube

C. R. Deng, J. L. Ping, F. Wang

1202.4173 (Frithjof Karsch)

Determination of Freeze-out Conditions from Lattice QCD Calculations    [PDF]

Frithjof Karsch

1202.4182 (O. P. Santillan)

A common scenario for an small vacuum energy and long lived super heavy
dark matter

O. P. Santillan

1202.4197 (Tomasz Golan et al.)

Final State Interactions Effects in Neutrino-Nucleus Interactions    [PDF]

Tomasz Golan, Cezary Juszczak, Jan T. Sobczyk

1202.4206 (Xun Chen et al.)

Understanding Polarization Correlation of Entangled Vector Meson Pairs    [PDF]

Xun Chen, Siguang Wang, Yajun Mao

1202.4213 (Debajyoti Choudhury et al.)

Dijet signals of the Little Higgs model with T-parity    [PDF]

Debajyoti Choudhury, Dilip Kumar Ghosh, Santosh Kumar Rai

1202.4216 (Robert Delbourgo)

Properties, Generations and Masses    [PDF]

Robert Delbourgo

1202.4221 (Premomoy Ghosh)

Negative binomial multiplicity distribution in proton-proton collisions
in limited pseudorapidity intervals at LHC up to sqrt (s) = 7 TeV and the
clan model

Premomoy Ghosh

1202.4226 (Premomoy Ghosh)

Two-component model in quantum statistical framework compared with
multiplicity distributions in proton-proton collisions at energies up to
$\sqrt {s}$ = 7 TeV

Premomoy Ghosh

1202.4234 (Yoni BenTov et al.)

Lepton Private Higgs and the discrete group Σ(81)    [PDF]

Yoni BenTov, A. Zee

1202.4235 (Manuel Asorey et al.)

Vacuum stress-tensor in SSB theories    [PDF]

Manuel Asorey, Petr M. Lavrov, Baltazar J. Ribeiro, Ilya L. Shapiro

1202.4258 (Xinyi Zhang et al.)

On self-complementarity relations of neutrino mixing    [PDF]

Xinyi Zhang, Bo-Qiang Ma

1202.4266 (Joaquim Matias et al.)

Complete Anatomy of B -> K*ll and its angular distribution    [PDF]

Joaquim Matias, Federico Mescia, Marc Ramon, Javier Virto

1202.4268 (Altug Arda et al.)

Exact Solutions of the Schrödinger Equation via Laplace Transform
Approach: Pseudoharmonic potential and Mie-type potentials

Altug Arda, Ramazan Sever

1202.4297 (A. Martínez Torres et al.)

Strategy to find the two $Λ(1405)$ states from lattice QCD

A. Martínez Torres, M. Bayar, D. Jido, E. Oset

1202.4299 (Alexey Yu. Illarionov et al.)

Low-x evolution of parton densities    [PDF]

Alexey Yu. Illarionov, Anatoly V. Kotikov

1202.4312 (Andrea Meucci et al.)

Relativistic descriptions of final-state interactions in charged-current
quasielastic antineutrino-nucleus scattering at MiniBooNE kinematics

Andrea Meucci, Carlotta Giusti

1202.4353 (Simon Hands et al.)

Non-relativistic spectrum of two-color QCD at non-zero baryon density    [PDF]

Simon Hands, Seyong Kim, Jon-Ivar Skullerud

1202.4364 (P. E. Vielzeuf et al.)

Probing dark energy beyond $z=2$ with CODEX    [PDF]

P. E. Vielzeuf, C. J. A. P. Martins

1202.4369 (Franjo Krmpotić et al.)

Nonmesonic weak decay of Lambda-hypernuclei within independent-particle

Franjo Krmpotić, Alfredo P. Galeão, Mahir S. Hussein

1202.4381 (Falk Zimmermann et al.)

Vacuum structure and string tension in Yang-Mills dimeron ensembles    [PDF]

Falk Zimmermann, Hilmar Forkel, Michael Muller-Preussker

1202.4391 (Chris Quigg)

Particle Physics in a Season of Change    [PDF]

Chris Quigg

1202.4436 (Dimitrios Giataganas)

Probing strongly coupled anisotropic plasma    [PDF]

Dimitrios Giataganas

1202.4448 (Gordon Kane et al.)

Discovering Gluino Events at LHC-8 via Disappearing Chargino Tracks    [PDF]

Gordon Kane, Ran Lu, Bob Zheng