Wednesday, August 1, 2012

1106.3942 (Axel Maas)

Describing gauge bosons at zero and finite temperature    [PDF]

Axel Maas

1108.2040 (Céline Degrande et al.)

UFO - The Universal FeynRules Output    [PDF]

Céline Degrande, Claude Duhr, Benjamin Fuks, David Grellscheid, Olivier Mattelaer, Thomas Reiter

1112.2582 (Aleksandra Drozd et al.)

Multi-Scalar-Singlet Extension of the Standard Model - the Case for Dark
Matter and an Invisible Higgs Boson

Aleksandra Drozd, Bohdan Grzadkowski, Jose Wudka

1207.7068 (M. Adeel Ajaib et al.)

Higgs Boson Production and Decay: Effects from Light Third Generation
and Vectorlike Matter

M. Adeel Ajaib, Ilia Gogoladze, Qaisar Shafi

1207.7358 (Scott Menary)

Why We Already Know that Antihydrogen is Almost Certainly NOT Going to
Fall "Up"

Scott Menary

1207.7094 (Eduardo S. Fraga et al.)

Large Nc Deconfinement Transition in the Presence of a Magnetic Field    [PDF]

Eduardo S. Fraga, Jorge Noronha, Leticia F. Palhares

1207.7095 (Hovhannes R. Grigoryan)

Analyticity, Unitarity and One-loop Graviton Corrections to Compton

Hovhannes R. Grigoryan

1207.7128 (S. S. Chabysheva et al.)

A dynamical model for longitudinal wave functions in light-front
holographic QCD

S. S. Chabysheva, J. R. Hiller

1207.7152 (Hiroshi Itoyama et al.)

D-term Dynamical SUSY Breaking    [PDF]

Hiroshi Itoyama, Nobuhito Maru

1207.7158 (W. A. Horowitz)

Weakness or Strength in the Golden Years of RHIC and LHC?    [PDF]

W. A. Horowitz

1207.7163 (B. Eakins et al.)

Heavy Diquark Symmetry Constraints for Strong Decays    [PDF]

B. Eakins, W. Roberts

1207.7202 (T. Lappi)

Multigluon correlations in JIMWLK    [PDF]

T. Lappi

1207.7212 (Yun-hua Chen et al.)

Pion-nucleon elastic scattering amplitude within covariant baryon chiral
perturbation theory up to $O(p^4)$ level

Yun-hua Chen, De-liang Yao, H. Q. Zheng

1207.7216 (Satoshi Iso et al.)

Radiation Reaction by Massive Particles and Its Non-Analytic Behavior    [PDF]

Satoshi Iso, Sen Zhang

1207.7227 (L. Calibbi et al.)

Status of Supersymmetric Seesaw in SO(10) models    [PDF]

L. Calibbi, D. Chowdhury, A. Masiero, K. M. Patel, S. K. Vempati

1207.7236 (Stefan Antusch et al.)

Naturalness of the Non-Universal MSSM in the light of the recent Higgs

Stefan Antusch, Lorenzo Calibbi, Vinzenz Maurer, Maurizio Monaco, Martin Spinrath

1207.7275 (George W. -S. Hou)

Theory Summary {\large (a Perspective}    [PDF]

George W. -S. Hou

1207.7285 (Ben A. Stefanek et al.)

An analytic description of the damping of gravitational waves by free
streaming neutrinos

Ben A. Stefanek, Wayne W. Repko

1207.7287 (E. Megias et al.)

The hadron resonance gas model: thermodynamics of QCD and Polyakov loop    [PDF]

E. Megias, E. Ruiz Arriola, L. L. Salcedo

1207.7297 (V. Gharibyan)

Planck scale gravity test with accelerators    [PDF]

V. Gharibyan

1207.7300 (Igor A. Bandos)

On pure spinor formalism for quantum superstring and spinor moving frame    [PDF]

Igor A. Bandos

1207.7302 (Berndt Müller)

No Pain, No Gain: Hard Probes of the Quark-Gluon Plasma Coming of Age    [PDF]

Berndt Müller

1207.7315 (O. Buchmueller et al.)

The CMSSM and NUHM1 in Light of 7 TeV LHC, B_s to mu+mu- and XENON100

O. Buchmueller, R. Cavanaugh, M. Citron, A. De Roeck, M. J. Dolan, J. R. Ellis, H. Flacher, S. Heinemeyer, G. Isidori, J. Marrouche, D. Martinez Santos, S. Nakach, K. A. Olive, S. Rogerson, F. J. Ronga, K. J. de Vries, G. Weiglein

1207.7323 (L. Ya. Glozman et al.)

Effects of the low lying Dirac modes on excited hadrons in lattice QCD    [PDF]

L. Ya. Glozman, C. B. Lang, M. Schröck

1207.7327 (Adam Bzdak et al.)

Charge-Dependent Correlations in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions and
the Chiral Magnetic Effect

Adam Bzdak, Volker Koch, Jinfeng Liao

1207.7328 (Federico R. Urban et al.)

Perturbations and non-Gaussianities in three-form inflationary

Federico R. Urban, Tomi K. Koivisto

1207.7331 (Hannu Holopainen et al.)

Dynamical freeze-out in event-by-event hydrodynamics    [PDF]

Hannu Holopainen, Pasi Huovinen

1207.7355 (José R. Espinosa et al.)

NSUSY fits    [PDF]

José R. Espinosa, Christophe Grojean, Verónica Sanz, Michael Trott