Thursday, December 6, 2012

0909.3410 (V. M. Braun et al.)

Scale dependence of twist-three contributions to single spin asymmetries    [PDF]

V. M. Braun, A. N. Manashov, B. Pirnay

1003.1690 (M. L. de Farias Freire et al.)

The D-\bar{D} matter in Walecka's mean field theory    [PDF]

M. L. de Farias Freire, R. Rodrigues da Silva

1212.0126 (Bruce L. Sánchez-Vega et al.)

The case of asymptotic supersymmetry    [PDF]

Bruce L. Sánchez-Vega, Ilya L. Shapiro

1212.0132 (K. A. Bugaev et al.)

Adiabatic Chemical Freeze-out and Wide Resonance Modification in a
Thermal Medium

K. A. Bugaev, D. R. Oliinychenko, E. G. Nikonov, A. S. Sorin, G. M. Zinovjev

1212.0165 (Mario Martone et al.)

B^\pm -> D K^\pm with direct CP violation in charm    [PDF]

Mario Martone, Jure Zupan

1212.0166 (Piotr Lebiedowicz et al.)

Exclusive production of meson pairs and resonances in proton-proton

Piotr Lebiedowicz, Antoni Szczurek

1212.0192 (Yuhui Zhu et al.)

Nonflow contribution to Dihadron Azimuthal Correlations in 200 GeV/c
Au+Au Collisions

Yuhui Zhu, Y. G. Ma, J. H. Chen, G. L. Ma, S. Zhang, C. Zhong

1212.0203 (K. Hidaka et al.)

Flavour violating squark and gluino decays at LHC    [PDF]

K. Hidaka, A. Bartl, H. Eberl, E. Ginina, B. Herrmann, W. Majerotto, W. Porod

1212.0260 (K. Urmossy)

Multiplicity Dependence of Hadron Spectra in Proton-proton Collisions at
LHC Energies and Super-statistics

K. Urmossy

1212.0301 (N. Carrasco et al.)

B-physics from lattice QCD...with a twist    [PDF]

N. Carrasco, P. Dimopoulos, R. Frezzotti, V. Gimenez, G. Herdoiza, V. Lubicz, G. Martinelli, C. Michael, D. Palao, G. C. Rossi, F. Sanfilippo, A. Shindler, S. Simula, C. Tarantino

1212.0854 (Marcin Badziak et al.)

The heterotic MiniLandscape and the 126 GeV Higgs boson    [PDF]

Marcin Badziak, Sven Krippendorf, Hans Peter Nilles, Martin Wolfgang Winkler

1212.0864 (Yang Bai et al.)

Dichromatic Dark Matter    [PDF]

Yang Bai, Meng Su, Yue Zhao

1212.0880 (Christian Kohlfürst)

Electron-Positron Pair Production in Structured Pulses of Electric

Christian Kohlfürst

1212.0890 (Yoshiyuki Nakagawa et al.)

Phase structure of finite density QCD with a histogram method    [PDF]

Yoshiyuki Nakagawa, Sinya Aoki, Shinji Ejiri, Tetsuo Hatsuda, Kazuyuki Kanaya, Hiroshi Ohno, Hana Saito, Takashi Umeda

1212.0893 (Renato Guedes et al.)

Charged Higgs discovery potential in the single top mode in 2HDMs    [PDF]

Renato Guedes, Stefano Moretti, Rui Santos

1212.0898 (Radja Boughezal et al.)

Precise predictions for top quark plus missing energy signatures at the

Radja Boughezal, Markus Schulze

1212.0904 (A. Bolaños et al.)

Analysis of mu-tau conversion through μN -> τX deep inelastic
scattering induced by unparticles

A. Bolaños, A. Fernandez, A. Moyotl, G. Tavares-Velasco

1212.0929 (Chung Kao et al.)

Confirming the LHC Higgs Discovery with WW    [PDF]

Chung Kao, Joshua Sayre

1212.0947 (Mirzayusuf Musakhanov)

QCD in Infrared Region and Spontaneous Breaking of the Chiral Symmetry    [PDF]

Mirzayusuf Musakhanov

1212.0990 (J. de Vries et al.)

The Effective Chiral Lagrangian From Dimension-Six Parity and
Time-Reversal Violation

J. de Vries, E. Mereghetti, R. G. E. Timmermans, U. van Kolck

1212.1031 (L. B. Okun)

On the concepts of vacuum and mass and the search for higgs    [PDF]

L. B. Okun

1212.1039 (Miha Nemevsek)

Low Scale Left-Right Symmetry and Warm Dark Matter    [PDF]

Miha Nemevsek

1212.1058 (Miguel-Angel Sanchis-Lozano et al.)

Non-perturbative QCD effects in $η_c$ and $η_b$ decays into
baryons and WIMP scattering off nuclei

Miguel-Angel Sanchis-Lozano, Nikolai Kochelev, Redamy Perez-Ramos

1212.1062 (Takehiko Asaka et al.)

Heavy neutrino search in accelerator-based experiments    [PDF]

Takehiko Asaka, Shintaro Eijima, Atsushi Watanabe

1212.1066 (Iain K. Cooper et al.)

A Golden A_5 Model of Leptons with a Minimal NLO Correction    [PDF]

Iain K. Cooper, Stephen F. King, Alexander J. Stuart

1212.1075 (Silvia Galli)

Clusters of galaxies and variation of the fine structure constant    [PDF]

Silvia Galli

1212.1102 (R. Aouane et al.)

Landau gauge gluon and ghost propagators from lattice QCD with Nf=2
twisted mass fermions at finite temperature

R. Aouane, F. Burger, E. -M. Ilgenfritz, M. Muller-Preussker, A. Sternbeck

1212.1122 (Paulo F. Bedaque et al.)

The low lying modes of triplet-condensed neutron matter and their
effective theory

Paulo F. Bedaque, Amy N. Nicholson

1212.1127 (Alejandro Ayala et al.)

Head shock vs Mach cone: azimuthal correlations from 2 to 3 parton
processes in relativistic heavy-ion collisions

Alejandro Ayala, Isabel Dominguez, Maria Elena Tejeda-Yeomans

1212.1145 (I. Lovrekovic)

Dark Matter from Q4 Extension of Standard Model    [PDF]

I. Lovrekovic