Tuesday, July 9, 2013

1112.0091 (Kihyeon Cho et al.)

Right-handed current contributions in $B \to K π$ decays    [PDF]

Kihyeon Cho, Soo-hyeon Nam

1305.2844 (Giulia Ricciardi)

Determination of the CKM matrix elements |V(xb)|    [PDF]

Giulia Ricciardi

1307.1699 (Andrew J. Larkoski et al.)

Unsafe but Calculable: Ratios of Angularities in Perturbative QCD    [PDF]

Andrew J. Larkoski, Jesse Thaler

1307.1703 (Markos Maniatis et al.)

Exact Minimization of Higgs Potentials    [PDF]

Markos Maniatis, Dhagash Mehta

1307.1700 (David Mesterházy et al.)

New Dynamic Critical Behavior for Model C    [PDF]

David Mesterházy, Jan H. Stockemer, Leticia F. Palhares, Jürgen Berges

1307.1705 (David J. E. Marsh et al.)

A Model For Halo Formation With Axion Mixed Dark Matter    [PDF]

David J. E. Marsh, Joe Silk

1307.1711 (Adam Alloul et al.)

Doubly-charged particles at the Large Hadron Collider    [PDF]

Adam Alloul, Mariana Frank, Benjamin Fuks, Michel Rausch de Traubenberg

1307.1724 (A. Martínez Torres et al.)

Exploring the $D^*ρ$ system within QCD sum rules    [PDF]

A. Martínez Torres, K. P. Khemchandani, M. Nielsen, F. S. Navarra, E. Oset

1307.1732 (L. Turko et al.)

An effective model of QCD thermodynamics    [PDF]

L. Turko, D. Blaschke, D. Prorok, J. Berdermann

1307.1734 (Rodolfo Casana et al.)

Self-dual Maxwell-Chern-Simons solitons from a Lorentz-violating model    [PDF]

Rodolfo Casana, Lucas Sourrouille

1307.1750 (N. N. Achasov et al.)

Comparative study of the production of scalar and tensor mesons in
$e^+e^-$ collisions

N. N. Achasov, A. I. Goncharenko, A. V. Kiselev, E. V. Rogozina

1307.1755 (R. Foot)

Tully-Fisher relation, galactic rotation curves and dissipative mirror
dark matter

R. Foot

1307.1758 (Jonathan L. Feng et al.)

Isospin-Violating Dark Matter Benchmarks for Snowmass 2013    [PDF]

Jonathan L. Feng, Jason Kumar, Danny Marfatia, David Sanford

1307.1765 (Thomas Epelbaum et al.)

Fluctuations of the initial color fields in high energy heavy ion

Thomas Epelbaum, Francois Gelis

1307.1782 (D. Barducci et al.)

LHC physics of extra gauge bosons in the 4D Composite Higgs Model    [PDF]

D. Barducci, A. Belyaev, S. De Curtis, S. Moretti, G. M. Pruna

1307.1797 (Camila S. Machado et al.)

Modification of the B Meson Mass in a Magnetic Field from QCD Sum Rules    [PDF]

Camila S. Machado, Stefano I. Finazzo, Ricardo D. Matheus, Jorge Noronha

1307.1808 (Iain W. Stewart et al.)

Jet p_T Resummation in Higgs Production at NNLL'+NNLO    [PDF]

Iain W. Stewart, Frank J. Tackmann, Jonathan R. Walsh, Saba Zuberi

1307.1819 (Thomas A. Trainor et al.)

Two-component model of 2D trigger-associated hadron correlations on
rapidity space $\bf y_{ta} \times y_{tt}$ derived from 1D $\bf p_t$ spectra
for p-p collisions at $\bf \sqrt{s} = 200$ GeV

Thomas A. Trainor, Duncan J. Prindle

1307.1820 (Daniel Duffty et al.)

Search for W' bosons through decays to boosted-top and boosted-bottom

Daniel Duffty, Zack Sullivan

1307.1831 (Hiroyuki Abe et al.)

Flavor landscape of 10D SYM theory with magnetized extra dimensions    [PDF]

Hiroyuki Abe, Tatsuo Kobayashi, Hiroshi Ohki, Keigo Sumita, Yoshiyuki Tatsuta

1307.1843 (André David et al.)

How well can we guess theoretical uncertainties?    [PDF]

André David, Giampiero Passarino

1307.1846 (Seyed Yaser Ayazi et al.)

Probing the top quark chromoelectric and chromomagnetic dipole moments
in single top $tW$-channel at the LHC

Seyed Yaser Ayazi, Hoda Hesari, Mojtaba Mohammadi Najafabadi

1307.1896 (Xiu-Lei Ren et al.)

Decuplet baryon masses in covariant baryon chiral perturbation theory    [PDF]

Xiu-Lei Ren, Li-Sheng Geng, Jie Meng

1307.1904 (Rodrigo Alonso)

Dynamical Yukawa Couplings    [PDF]

Rodrigo Alonso

1307.1910 (P. Fré et al.)

Integrable Scalar Cosmologies I. Foundations and links with String

P. Fré, A. Sagnotti, A. S. Sorin

1307.1912 (F. V. Flores-Baéz et al.)

Model Independent Electromagnetic corrections in hadronic $τ$ decays    [PDF]

F. V. Flores-Baéz, J. R. Morones-Ibarra, Gregorio Castillo Quiroz, Dorian Rojas Balbuena

1307.1958 (Antonio Pich et al.)

Strongly Coupled Models with a Higgs-like Boson    [PDF]

Antonio Pich, Ignasi Rosell, Juan Jose Sanz-Cillero

1307.1979 (A. van Hameren)

Scattering amplitudes for high-energy factorization    [PDF]

A. van Hameren

1307.2031 (Hideko Nagahiro et al.)

Composite and elementary nature of a resonance in the sigma model    [PDF]

Hideko Nagahiro, Atsushi Hosaka

1307.2046 (Nathan P. Hartland et al.)

Towards closure testing of parton determinations    [PDF]

Nathan P. Hartland, Christopher S. Deans

1307.2059 (Stanisław D. Głazek et al.)

Model of the AdS/QFT duality    [PDF]

Stanisław D. Głazek, Arkadiusz P. Trawiński

1307.2061 (R. Escribano et al.)

ηand η' transition form factors from rational approximants    [PDF]

R. Escribano, P. Masjuan, P. Sanchez-Puertas

1307.2067 (Tetsuya Katayama et al.)

Properties of dense, asymmetric nuclear matter in
Dirac-Brueckner-Hartree-Fock approach

Tetsuya Katayama, Koichi Saito

1307.2082 (Mate Csanad et al.)

Initial energy density of p+p collisions at the LHC    [PDF]

Mate Csanad, Tamas Csorgo

1307.2110 (T. Krüger et al.)

The chiral condensate in neutron matter    [PDF]

T. Krüger, I. Tews, B. Friman, K. Hebeler, A. Schwenk

1307.2112 (Rafael Cavagnoli et al.)

Phase structure of hadronic and Polyakov-loop extended NJL model at
finite isospin density

Rafael Cavagnoli, Debora P. Menezes, Constança Providência

1307.2119 (Bing An Li)

Possible candidate of 0^+ s\bar{s}s\bar{s} state    [PDF]

Bing An Li

1307.2149 (George W. S. Hou)

Heavy Quarks, Origin of Mass, and CP Violation for Universe    [PDF]

George W. S. Hou

1307.2158 (A. Neronov et al.)

The Galactic Pevatron    [PDF]

A. Neronov, D. V. Semikoz, C. Tchernin

1307.2162 (Weihong Liang et al.)

Searching for a hidden charm $h_1$ state in the $X(4660) \to ηh_1$
and $X(4660) \to ηD^* \bar D^*$ decays

Weihong Liang, M. Albaladejo, E. Oset

1307.2184 (Mara Grahl et al.)

Functional renormalization group study of the two-flavor linear sigma
model in the presence of the axial anomaly

Mara Grahl, Dirk H. Rischke

1307.2201 (J. Lemmon)

Theory of the mass and charge of the electron    [PDF]

J. Lemmon

1307.2206 (Zhentao Zhang)

Multi-Sommerfeld enhancement and its implication    [PDF]

Zhentao Zhang

1307.2214 (Francois Gelis et al.)

The onset of hydrodynamical flow in high energy heavy ion collisions    [PDF]

Francois Gelis, Thomas Epelbaum

1307.2215 (Martin Schumacher)

Dispersion theory of nucleon polarizabilities and outlook on chiral
effective field theory

Martin Schumacher