Tuesday, October 23, 2012

1106.2798 (Moumita Aich et al.)

Oscillations in the inflaton potential: Complete numerical treatment and
comparison with the recent and forthcoming CMB datasets

Moumita Aich, Dhiraj Kumar Hazra, L. Sriramkumar, Tarun Souradeep

1111.3031 (Adrian Dumitru et al.)

Gluon saturation in $pA$ collisions at the LHC: KLN model predictions
for hadron multiplicities

Adrian Dumitru, Dmitri E. Kharzeev, Eugene M. Levin, Yasushi Nara

1111.6605 (Massimiliano Procura et al.)

Fragmentation in Jets: Cone and Threshold Effects    [PDF]

Massimiliano Procura, Wouter J. Waalewijn

1210.5510 (Marco Panero)

Recent results in large-N lattice gauge theories    [PDF]

Marco Panero

1210.5523 (David Curtin et al.)

Boosted Multijet Resonances and New Color-Flow Variables    [PDF]

David Curtin, Rouven Essig, Brian Shuve

1210.5558 (Alex Drlica-Wagner et al.)

Constraints on Dark Matter and Supersymmetry from LAT Observations of
Dwarf Galaxies

Alex Drlica-Wagner, for the Fermi LAT Collaboration

1210.5567 (Yasuki Tachibana et al.)

Emission of Low Momentum Particles at Large Angles from Jet    [PDF]

Yasuki Tachibana, Tetsufumi Hirano

1210.5568 (Gustavo Burdman et al.)

Full-hierarchy Quiver Theories of Electroweak Symmetry Breaking and
Fermion Masses

Gustavo Burdman, Nayara Fonseca, Leonardo de Lima

1210.5622 (Masaya Kohda et al.)

Lepton number violation at the LHC with leptoquark and diquark    [PDF]

Masaya Kohda, Hiroaki Sugiyama, Koji Tsumura

1210.5639 (Ramaswamy S. Raghavan et al.)

Using Neutrinos to test the Time-Energy Uncertainty Relation in an
Extreme Regime

Ramaswamy S. Raghavan, Djordje Minic, Tatsu Takeuchi, Chia Hsiung Tze

1210.5674 (Yohei Kikuta et al.)

Perturbative unitarity of Higgs derivative interactions    [PDF]

Yohei Kikuta, Yasuhiro Yamamoto

1210.5686 (CDF Collaboration)

Search for a heavy vector boson decaying to two gluons in
{$\boldmath{p\bar{p}}$} collisions at {$\boldmath{\sqrt{s}=1.96}$ TeV

CDF Collaboration

1210.5708 (Yi Liao)

Multi-photon Decays of the Higgs Boson in Standard Model: Leading Terms
from Heisenberg-Euler Effective Lagrangian

Yi Liao

1210.5715 (C. Giunti et al.)

Update of Short-Baseline Electron Neutrino and Antineutrino

C. Giunti, M. Laveder, Y. F. Li, Q. Y. Liu, H. W. Long

1210.5754 (A. V. Berezhnoy et al.)

$Υ$-meson pair production at LHC    [PDF]

A. V. Berezhnoy, A. K. Likhoded, A. A. Novoselov

1210.5778 (Huichao Song)

QGP viscosity at RHIC and the LHC - a 2012 status report    [PDF]

Huichao Song

1210.5792 (A. H. Mueller et al.)

Sudakov Resummation in Small-x Saturation Formalism    [PDF]

A. H. Mueller, Bo-Wen Xiao, Feng Yuan

1210.5833 (V. T. N. Huyen et al.)

Neutral currents in reduced minimal 3-3-1 model    [PDF]

V. T. N. Huyen, T. T. Lam, H. N. Long, V. Q. Phong

1210.5852 (Alberto Salvio)

Bulk Renormalization and Particle Spectrum in Codimension-Two Brane

Alberto Salvio

1210.5887 (Feng-Kun Guo et al.)

Baryon electric dipole moments from strong CP violation    [PDF]

Feng-Kun Guo, Ulf-G. Meißner

1210.5900 (Minoru Biyajima et al.)

Analysis of residual spectra and the monopole spectrum for 3 K blackbody
radiation by means of non-extensive thermostatistics

Minoru Biyajima, Takuya Mizoguchi

1210.5907 (Apoorva Patel)

Baryon Number Correlations in Heavy Ion Collisions    [PDF]

Apoorva Patel

1210.5923 (Douglas M. Gingrich)

Experimental limits on the fundamental Planck scale in large extra

Douglas M. Gingrich

1210.5963 (Ernst-Michael Ilgenfritz et al.)

Topological aspects of G2 Yang-Mills theory    [PDF]

Ernst-Michael Ilgenfritz, Axel Maas

1210.5976 (Gunnar Ingelman et al.)

Diffractive W production at hadron colliders as a test of colour singlet
exchange mechanisms

Gunnar Ingelman, Roman Pasechnik, Johan Rathsman, Dominik Werder

1210.5985 (Junji Hisano et al.)

Direct Search of Dark Matter in High-Scale Supersymmetry    [PDF]

Junji Hisano, Koji Ishiwata, Natsumi Nagata

1210.6010 (Matthew Luzum et al.)

Extracting the shear viscosity of the quark-gluon plasma from flow in
ultra-central heavy-ion collisions

Matthew Luzum, Jean-Yves Ollitrault