Friday, March 29, 2013

1303.6953 (Vincenzo Cirigliano et al.)

Beta Decays and Non-Standard Interactions in the LHC Era    [PDF]

Vincenzo Cirigliano, Susan Gardner, Barry Holstein

1303.6952 (Daekyoung Kang et al.)

Using 1-Jettiness to Measure 2 Jets in DIS 3 Ways    [PDF]

Daekyoung Kang, Christopher Lee, Iain W. Stewart

1303.6962 (L. J. Hall et al.)

Stitching the Yukawa Quilt in the light of θ_{13}    [PDF]

L. J. Hall, G. G. Ross

1303.6964 (M. Adeel Ajaib et al.)

A Predictive Yukawa Unified SO(10) Model: Higgs and Sparticle Masses    [PDF]

M. Adeel Ajaib, Ilia Gogoladze, Qaisar Shafi, Cem Salih Un

1303.6975 (K. Urbanowski et al.)

Possible Emission of Cosmic $X$-- and $γ$--rays by Unstable
Particles at Late Times

K. Urbanowski, K. Raczynska

1303.6978 (V. R. C. Mourão Roque et al.)

Unveiling the cosmological QCD phase transition through the eLISA/NGO

V. R. C. Mourão Roque, G. Lugones

1303.6995 (Masahiro Ibe et al.)

Muon g-2 and 125 GeV Higgs in Split-Family Supersymmetry    [PDF]

Masahiro Ibe, Tsutomu T. Yanagida, Norimi Yokozaki

1303.7008 (Hidenori S. Fukano et al.)

Top-seesaw assisted technicolor model with 126 GeV Higgs boson    [PDF]

Hidenori S. Fukano, Kimmo Tuominen

1303.7009 (Benjamin Nachman et al.)

Significance Variables    [PDF]

Benjamin Nachman, Christopher G. Lester

1303.7023 (Seishi Enomoto et al.)

Curvaton mechanism after multi-field inflation    [PDF]

Seishi Enomoto, Tomohiro Matsuda

1303.7035 (We-Fu Chang et al.)

An effective gauge-Higgs operators analysis of new physics associated
with the Higgs

We-Fu Chang, Wei-Ping Pan, Fanrong Xu

1303.7053 (V. N. Rodionov)

Non-Hermitian $\cal PT$-symmetric quantum mechanics of relativistic
particles with the restriction of mass

V. N. Rodionov

1303.7055 (Xue Chang et al.)

Phenomenological Aspects of R-parity Violating Supersymmetry with A
Vector-like Extra Generation

Xue Chang, Chun Liu, Yi-Lei Tang

1303.7056 (Yasuhiro Daikoku et al.)

Phenomenology of S_4 Flavor Symmetric extra U(1) model    [PDF]

Yasuhiro Daikoku, Hiroshi Okada

1303.7102 (Maria Krawczyk et al.)

2HDM with Z_2 symmetry in light of new LHC data    [PDF]

Maria Krawczyk, Dorota Sokolowska, Bogumila Swiezewska

1303.7107 (Yury Bunkov)

Direct Majorana quasiparticles heat capacity observation by $^3$He Dark
Matter detector

Yury Bunkov

1303.7134 (D. Dudal et al.)

From QCD to a dynamical quark model: construction and some meson

D. Dudal, M. S. Guimaraes, L. F. Palhares, S. P. Sorella

1303.7178 (Ferruccio Feruglio et al.)

S4 and CP in a SUSY Model    [PDF]

Ferruccio Feruglio, Claudia Hagedorn, Robert Ziegler

1303.7192 (Xu-Guang Huang et al.)

Axial Current Generation from Electric Field: Chiral Electric Separation

Xu-Guang Huang, Jinfeng Liao

1303.7199 (M. Martini et al.)

Quasielastic and multinucleon excitations in antineutrino-nucleus

M. Martini, M. Ericson

1303.7210 (Zhi-Qiang Guo et al.)

Gauge Invariant Descriptions of Gauge Polarizations Revisited    [PDF]

Zhi-Qiang Guo, Ivan Schmidt

1303.7212 (Rishi Khatri et al.)

Forecasts for CMB μ- and i-type spectral distortion constraints on the
primordial power spectrum on scales 8 < k < 10^4 Mpc^-1 with the future
Pixie-like experiments

Rishi Khatri, Rashid A. Sunyaev

1303.7213 (Oleg Antipin et al.)

Standard Model-like corrections to Dilatonic Dynamics    [PDF]

Oleg Antipin, Jens Krog, Esben Mølgaard, Francesco Sannino

1303.7214 (Xu-Guang Huang et al.)

Glasma Evolution and Bose Condensation with Elastic and Inelastic

Xu-Guang Huang, Jinfeng Liao

1303.7215 (Michal Czakon et al.)

Constraints on the gluon PDF from top quark pair production at hadron

Michal Czakon, Michelangelo L. Mangano, Alexander Mitov, Juan Rojo

Thursday, March 28, 2013

1303.6632 (Alejandro Ibarra et al.)

Gamma-ray boxes from axion-mediated dark matter    [PDF]

Alejandro Ibarra, Hyun Min Lee, Sergio López Gehler, Wan-Il Park, Miguel Pato

1303.6636 (Maxime Gouzevitch et al.)

Scale-invariant resonance tagging in multijet events and new physics in
Higgs pair production

Maxime Gouzevitch, Alexandra Oliveira, Juan Rojo, Rogerio Rosenfeld, Gavin Salam, Veronica Sanz

1303.6637 (Hsi-Ming Chang et al.)

Calculating Track-Based Observables for the LHC    [PDF]

Hsi-Ming Chang, Massimiliano Procura, Jesse Thaler, Wouter J. Waalewijn

1303.6638 (Tongyan Lin et al.)

Probing dark matter couplings to top and bottom at the LHC    [PDF]

Tongyan Lin, Edward W. Kolb, Lian-Tao Wang

1303.6653 (Hye-Sung Lee et al.)

Dark Two Higgs Doublet Model    [PDF]

Hye-Sung Lee, Marc Sher

1303.6677 (O. Lalakulich et al.)

GiBUU and Shallow Inelastic Scattering    [PDF]

O. Lalakulich, U. Mosel

1303.6685 (A. Sagnotti)

Brane SUSY Breaking and Inflation: Implications for Scalar Fields and
CMB Distorsion

A. Sagnotti

1303.6698 (Daisuke Satow)

Diagrammatic and Kinetic Equation Analysis of Ultrasoft Fermionic Sector
in Quark-Gluon Plasma

Daisuke Satow

1303.6703 (Bumseok Kyae et al.)

Vector-like leptons and extra gauge symmetry for the natural Higgs boson    [PDF]

Bumseok Kyae, Chang Sub Shin

1303.6733 (Yu-Feng Li et al.)

Unambiguous Determination of the Neutrino Mass Hierarchy Using Reactor

Yu-Feng Li, Jun Cao, Yifang Wang, Liang Zhan

1303.6735 (T. Mart)

Coupling strength of the $N^*(1535)S_{11}$ to the $K^+Λ$ channel    [PDF]

T. Mart

1303.6798 (T. M. Aliev et al.)

Electromagnetic form factors of octet baryons in QCD    [PDF]

T. M. Aliev, K. Azizi, M. Savci

1303.6818 (C. Alexandrou et al.)

Nucleon Structure using lattice QCD    [PDF]

C. Alexandrou, M. Constantinou, V. Drach, K. Hatziyiannakou, K. Jansen, C. Kallidonis, G. Koutsou, T. Leontiou, A. Vaquero

1303.6842 (Dian-Yong Chen et al.)

Predictions of charged charmonium-like structures with hidden-charm and
open-strange channel

Dian-Yong Chen, Xiang Liu, Takayuki Matsuki

1303.6845 (Gabriele Honecker et al.)

D6-Brane Model Building and Discrete Symmetries on T6/Z(2)xZ(6')xOR with
Discrete Torsion

Gabriele Honecker, Wieland Staessens

1303.6857 (R. Faccini et al.)

A J^PG=1++ Charged Resonance in the Y(4260) to pi+pi- J/psi Decay?    [PDF]

R. Faccini, L. Maiani, F. Piccinini, A. Pilloni, A. D. Polosa, V. Riquer

1303.6868 (Bradley J. Kavanagh et al.)

Model independent determination of the dark matter mass from direct
detection experiments

Bradley J. Kavanagh, Anne M. Green

1303.6897 (T. M. Aliev et al.)

Analysis of $γ^\ast Λ\to Σ^0$ transition in QCD    [PDF]

T. M. Aliev, K. Azizi, M. Savci

1303.6909 (James Drummond et al.)

Leading singularities and off-shell conformal integrals    [PDF]

James Drummond, Claude Duhr, Burkhard Eden, Paul Heslop, Jeffrey Pennington, Vladimir A. Smirnov

1303.6912 (Marco Drewes)

News on Right Handed Neutrinos    [PDF]

Marco Drewes

1303.6918 (K. S. Babu et al.)

Post-Sphaleron Baryogenesis and an Upper Limit on the
Neutron-Antineutron Oscillation Time

K. S. Babu, P. S. Bhupal Dev, Elaine C. F. S. Fortes, R. N. Mohapatra

1303.6928 (Ernest Ma et al.)

Updated S3 Model of Quarks    [PDF]

Ernest Ma, Blazenka Melic

1303.6929 (Danning Li et al.)

Dynamical holographic QCD model for glueball and light meson spectra    [PDF]

Danning Li, Mei Huang

1303.6931 (Berthold Stech)

Degenerate states in the scalar boson spectrum. Is the Higgs Boson a
Twin ?

Berthold Stech

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

1112.1508 (Yasuhiro Kohno et al.)

Shear viscosity to relaxation time ratio in SU(3) lattice gauge theory    [PDF]

Yasuhiro Kohno, Masayuki Asakawa, Masakiyo Kitazawa

1302.3544 (Rudnei O. Ramos et al.)

Power spectrum for inflation models with quantum and thermal noises    [PDF]

Rudnei O. Ramos, L. A. da Silva

1303.6600 (Michel Guidal et al.)

Generalized Parton Distributions in the valence region from Deeply
Virtual Compton Scattering

Michel Guidal, Herve Moutarde, Marc Vanderhaeghen

1303.6479 (A. Nicolaidis)

The Neutrinos of the Neighboring Brane    [PDF]

A. Nicolaidis

1303.6291 (Adam Kardos et al.)

Hadroproduction of t anti-t pair with a b anti-b pair with PowHel    [PDF]

Adam Kardos, Zoltán Trócsányi

1303.6292 (Arata Yamamoto et al.)

Lattice QCD in rotating frames    [PDF]

Arata Yamamoto, Yuji Hirono

1303.6294 (Alexei Bazavov)

An overview of (selected) recent results in finite-temperature lattice

Alexei Bazavov

1303.6300 (Alex Buchel et al.)

Cavitation effects on the confinement/deconfinement transition    [PDF]

Alex Buchel, Xian O. Camanho, Jose D. Edelstein

1303.6305 (Alex Bondar et al.)

Effect of direct CP violation in charm on gamma extraction from B->DK,
D->K0Spi+pi- Dalitz plot analysis

Alex Bondar, Alexander Dolgov, Anton Poluektov, Vitaly Vorobiev

1303.6324 (James Barry et al.)

Lepton number and lepton flavour violation in left-right symmetric

James Barry, Werner Rodejohann

1303.6326 (Antonio Ortiz et al.)

Color reconnection and flow-like patterns in pp collisions    [PDF]

Antonio Ortiz, Peter Christiansen, Eleazar Cuautle, Ivonne Maldonado, Guy Paic

1303.6328 (R. Torres Andres 'and' A. Gomez Nicola)

Pion masses at finite temperature    [PDF]

R. Torres Andres 'and' A. Gomez Nicola

1303.6335 (Jung Chang et al.)

WW Scattering in the Era of Post Higgs Discovery    [PDF]

Jung Chang, Kingman Cheung, Chih-Ting Lu, Tzu-Chiang Yuan

1303.6338 (Nobuhito Maru)

Metastable D-term Dynamical SUSY Breaking    [PDF]

Nobuhito Maru

1303.6355 (Qian Wang et al.)

Decoding the riddle of Y(4260) and $Z_c(3900)$    [PDF]

Qian Wang, Christoph Hanhart, Qiang Zhao

1303.6384 (Sandy S. C. Law et al.)

The Simplest Models of Radiative Neutrino Mass: Excluding Simplified Zee
Models and Beyond

Sandy S. C. Law, Kristian L. McDonald

1303.6392 (Swee-Ping Chia)

Decays of Higgs Boson into Pseudoscalar Meson Pair of Different Flavours    [PDF]

Swee-Ping Chia

1303.6394 (Yi-Qing Guo et al.)

Hybrid model of GeV-TeV gamma ray emission from Galactic Center    [PDF]

Yi-Qing Guo, Qiang Yuan, Cheng Liu, Ai-Feng, Li

1303.6400 (Michio Hashimoto)

Enhanced Higgs diphoton rate and isospin symmetric Higgs boson    [PDF]

Michio Hashimoto

1303.6408 (Sukanya Mitra et al.)

Medium effects on the viscosities of a pion gas    [PDF]

Sukanya Mitra, Sourav Sarkar

1303.6415 (Simone Alioli et al.)

A new observable to measure the top-quark mass at hadron colliders    [PDF]

Simone Alioli, Patricia Fernandez, Juan Fuster, Adrian Irles, Sven-Olaf Moch, Peter Uwer, Marcel Vos

1303.6423 (Mariola Klusek-Gawenda et al.)

Strong and Electromagnetic Forces in Heavy Ion Collisions    [PDF]

Mariola Klusek-Gawenda, Ewa Kozik, Andrzej Rybicki, Iwona Sputowska, Antoni Szczurek

1303.6433 (P. Kroll)

A set of generalized parton distributions    [PDF]

P. Kroll

1303.6438 (Jacopo Ghiglieri)

Review of the EFT treatment of quarkonium at finite temperature    [PDF]

Jacopo Ghiglieri

1303.6465 (Wenyu Wang et al.)

Higgs boson mass in NMSSM with right-handed neutrino    [PDF]

Wenyu Wang, Jin Min Yang, Lin Lin You

1303.6487 (A. I. Titov et al.)

Breit-Wheeler process in very short electromagnetic pulses    [PDF]

A. I. Titov, B. Kampfer, H. Takabe, A. Hosaka

1303.6508 (M. B. Barbaro et al.)

Superscaling in electron-nucleus scattering and its link to CC and NC QE
neutrino-nucleus scattering

M. B. Barbaro, J. E. Amaro, J. A. Caballero, T. W. Donnelly, R. Gonzalez-Jimenez, M. Ivanov, J. M. Udias

1303.6515 (Guillaume Chalons et al.)

Dimension 7 operators in the b to s transition    [PDF]

Guillaume Chalons, Florian Domingo

1303.6524 (Mathias Butenschoen et al.)

NLO NRQCD disfavors the interpretation of X(3872) as $χ_{c1}(2P)$    [PDF]

Mathias Butenschoen, Zhi-Guo He, Bernd A. Kniehl

1303.6545 (Pei-Hong Gu)

Mirror symmetry: from active and sterile neutrino masses to baryonic and
dark matter asymmetries

Pei-Hong Gu

1303.6574 (Alexander J. Silenko)

Quantum mechanical description of spin-1 particles with electric dipole

Alexander J. Silenko

1303.6575 (Bryan L. Kaufman et al.)

Mirage Models Confront the LHC: I. Kahler-Stabilized Heterotic String

Bryan L. Kaufman, Brent D. Nelson, Mary K. Gaillard

1303.6591 (Abdelhak Djouadi et al.)

The couplings of the Higgs boson and its CP properties from fits of the
signal strengths and their ratios at the 7+8 TeV LHC

Abdelhak Djouadi, Grégory Moreau

1303.6608 (Feng-Kun Guo et al.)

Implications of Heavy Quark Symmetries on Hadronic Molecules:Heavy
Flavour Partners of the X(3872) and the $Z_b(10610)$/$Z_b(10650)$

Feng-Kun Guo, Carlos Hidalgo-Duque, Juan Nieves, Manuel Pavon Valderrama

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

1303.0096 (Roman Mizuk)

Recent Belle results in quarkonium physics    [PDF]

Roman Mizuk

1303.0101 (Alexander Bondar et al.)

Status and new results on the Zb resonances    [PDF]

Alexander Bondar, Roman Mizuk

1303.5775 (Ilias Cholis et al.)

The 111 and 129 GeV gamma-ray lines from annihilations in the Milky Way
dark matter halo, dark disk and subhalos

Ilias Cholis, Hani Nurbiantoro Santosa, Maryam Tavakoli, Piero Ullio

1303.5776 (Amit Chakraborty et al.)

Stop and sbottom search using dileptonic $M_{T2}$ variable and boosted
top technique at the LHC

Amit Chakraborty, Dilip Kumar Ghosh, Diptimoy Ghosh, Dipan Sengupta

1303.5794 (Sebastien Descotes-Genon et al.)

Optimizing the basis of B->K*ll observables in the full kinematic range    [PDF]

Sebastien Descotes-Genon, Tobias Hurth, Joaquim Matias, Javier Virto

1303.5804 (N. Suzuki et al.)

Analysis of Bose-Einstein correlations at fixed multiplicities in TeV
energy $pp$ collisions in the quantum optical approach

N. Suzuki, M. Biyajima

1303.5810 (Nobuhito Maru et al.)

Diphoton Decay Excess and 125 GeV Higgs Boson in Gauge-Higgs Unification    [PDF]

Nobuhito Maru, Nobuchika Okada

1303.5819 (S. T. Petcov)

The Nature of Massive Neutrinos    [PDF]

S. T. Petcov

1303.5825 (Swee Ping Chia)

Semileptonic Decays of Pseudoscalar Mesons: A New Approach    [PDF]

Swee Ping Chia

1303.5827 (Swee Ping Chia)

Decay Constants of Pseudoscalar Mesons    [PDF]

Swee Ping Chia

1303.5830 (Subhendra Mohanty et al.)

Reconciling the Muon g-2 and Dark Matter Relic Density with the LHC
Results in Nonuniversal Gaugino Mass Models

Subhendra Mohanty, Soumya Rao, D. P. Roy

1303.5843 (Enrico Borriello et al.)

A stringent constraint on neutrino Lorentz invariance violation from the
two IceCube PeV neutrinos

Enrico Borriello, Sovan Chakraborty, Alessandro Mirizzi, Pasquale Dario Serpico

1303.5849 (T. P. Djun et al.)

Gluonic plasma dominated early universe within fluid QCD    [PDF]

T. P. Djun, M. K. N. Patmawijaya, R. Utama, L. T. Handoko

1303.5856 (Emiliano Molinaro)

Type I Seesaw Mechanism, Lepton Flavour Violation and Higgs Decays    [PDF]

Emiliano Molinaro

1303.5877 (Andreas Crivellin et al.)

Flavor-phenomenology of two-Higgs-doublet models with generic Yukawa

Andreas Crivellin, Ahmet Kokulu, Christoph Greub

1303.5897 (Archil Kobakhidze)

Scale invariance and the electroweak symmetry breaking    [PDF]

Archil Kobakhidze

1303.5914 (D. Gorbunov et al.)

Antibaryonic dark matter    [PDF]

D. Gorbunov, P. Pakhlov

1303.5924 (M. Rafi Alam et al.)

Weak production of strange particles off the nucleon    [PDF]

M. Rafi Alam, I. Ruiz Simo, M. Sajjad Athar, L. Alvarez-Ruso, M. J. Vicente Vacas

1303.5951 (M. Rafi Alam et al.)

Weak $η$ production off the nucleon    [PDF]

M. Rafi Alam, L. Alvarez-Ruso, M. Sajjad Athar, M. J. Vicente Vacas

1303.5954 (Ulrich Haisch)

Review on new physics in heavy flavors: B-meson sector    [PDF]

Ulrich Haisch

1303.5979 (C. Alexandrou et al.)

Nucleon form factors and moments of generalized parton distributions
using $N_f=2+1+1$ twisted mass fermions

C. Alexandrou, M. Constantinou, S. Dinter, V. Drach, K. Jansen, C. Kallidonis, G. Koutsou

1303.6032 (S. X. Nakamura et al.)

Toward Construction of the Unified Lepton-Nucleus Interaction Model from
a Few Hundred MeV to GeV Region

S. X. Nakamura, Y. Hayato, M. Hirai, H. Kamano, S. Kumano, M. Sakuda, K. Saito, T. Sato

1303.6036 (S. Freddy et al.)

Charmless $B_{u,d,s}\to VT$ decays in perturbative QCD approach    [PDF]

S. Freddy, C. S. Kim, R. H. Li, Z. T. Zou

1303.6038 (Sanmay Ganguly)

Jet Measurements In CMS    [PDF]

Sanmay Ganguly

1303.6065 (Guido Altarelli)

The QCD Running Coupling and its Measurement    [PDF]

Guido Altarelli

1303.6084 (Qing-Guo Huang)

$g_{\rm NL}$ in the curvaton model constrained by PLANCK    [PDF]

Qing-Guo Huang

1303.6087 (O. Yu. Shevchenko)

Direct connection between the different QCD orders for parton
distribution and fragmentation functions

O. Yu. Shevchenko

1303.6097 (Nora Brambilla et al.)

Thermal width and quarkonium dissociation by inelastic parton scattering    [PDF]

Nora Brambilla, Miguel Angel Escobedo, Jacopo Ghiglieri, Antonio Vairo

1303.6126 (Souvik Priyam Adhya et al.)

Modifications to the pulsar kick velocity due to magnetic interactions
in dense plasma

Souvik Priyam Adhya, Pradip K. Roy, Abhee K. Dutt-Mazumder

1303.6130 (Tommy Ohlsson et al.)

Effects of non-standard neutrino interactions at PINGU    [PDF]

Tommy Ohlsson, He Zhang, Shun Zhou

1303.6154 (Luciano Maiani)

The GIM Mechanism: origin, predictions and recent uses    [PDF]

Luciano Maiani

1303.6173 (S. K. Kang et al.)

Sterile neutrino analysis of reactor-neutrino oscillation    [PDF]

S. K. Kang, Y. D. Kim, Y. Ko, K. Siyeon

1303.6178 (Hisakazu Minakata et al.)

Correlated, Precision Measurements of θ_{23} and $δ$ using
only the Electron Neutrino Appearance Experiments

Hisakazu Minakata, Stephen J. Parke

1303.6180 (Gui-Jun Ding et al.)

Spontaneous CP violation from vacuum alignment in $S_4$ models of

Gui-Jun Ding, Stephen F. King, Christoph Luhn, Alexander J. Stuart

1303.6191 (Mayumi Aoki et al.)

Reconstruction of Inert Doublet Scalars at the International Linear

Mayumi Aoki, Shinya Kanemura, Hiroshi Yokoya

1303.6243 (A. Gezerlis et al.)

Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations with Chiral Effective Field Theory

A. Gezerlis, I. Tews, E. Epelbaum, S. Gandolfi, K. Hebeler, A. Nogga, A. Schwenk

1303.6253 (Djuna Croon et al.)

Wess-Zumino Inflation in Light of Planck    [PDF]

Djuna Croon, John Ellis, Nick E. Mavromatos

1303.6254 (Michal Czakon et al.)

The total top quark pair production cross-section at hadron colliders
through O(alpha_S^4)

Michal Czakon, Paul Fiedler, Alexander Mitov

1303.6255 (Takeshi Kobayashi et al.)

Spectator field models in light of spectral index after Planck    [PDF]

Takeshi Kobayashi, Fuminobu Takahashi, Tomo Takahashi, Masahide Yamaguchi

1303.6266 (V. Braguta et al.)

Numerical evidence of the axial magnetic effect    [PDF]

V. Braguta, M. N. Chernodub, K. Landsteiner, M. I. Polikarpov, M. V. Ulybyshev

1303.6267 (Pasquale Di Bari et al.)

Dark Radiation or Warm Dark Matter from long lived particle decays in
the light of Planck

Pasquale Di Bari, Stephen F. King, Alexander Merle

1303.6270 (Celine Boehm et al.)

A Lower Bound on the Mass of Cold Thermal Dark Matter from Planck    [PDF]

Celine Boehm, Matthew J. Dolan, Christopher McCabe

Monday, March 25, 2013

1303.4519 (Laila Alabidi et al.)

Observable induced gravitational waves from an early matter phase    [PDF]

Laila Alabidi, Kazunori Kohri, Misao Sasaki, Yuuiti Sendouda

1303.5191 (Yuki Watanabe et al.)

Gravitational modulated reheating and non-Gaussianity in Supergravity
$R^2$ inflation

Yuki Watanabe, Jun'ichi Yokoyama

1303.5331 (P. W. M. Evans et al.)

Ab Initio Calculation of Finite Temperature Charmonium Potentials    [PDF]

P. W. M. Evans, C. R. Allton, J. -I. Skullerud

1303.5447 (John M. Campbell et al.)

W and Z bosons in association with two jets using the POWHEG method    [PDF]

John M. Campbell, R. Keith Ellis, Paolo Nason, Giulia Zanderighi

1303.5463 (Rudnei O. Ramos et al.)

Chiral phase transition in a planar four-Fermi model in a tilted
magnetic field

Rudnei O. Ramos, Pedro H. A. Manso

1303.5485 (Rita Coimbra et al.)

MEtop - a top FCNC event generator    [PDF]

Rita Coimbra, António Onofre, Rui Santos, Miguel Won

1303.5498 (Bjorn Garbrecht et al.)

Scattering Rates For Leptogenesis: Damping of Lepton Flavour Coherence
and Production of Singlet Neutrinos

Bjorn Garbrecht, Frank Glowna, Pedro Schwaller

1303.5500 (A. Bazavov et al.)

Static meson correlators in 2+1 flavor QCD at non-zero temperature    [PDF]

A. Bazavov, P. Petreczky

1303.5522 (Jens Erler et al.)

The Weak Neutral Current    [PDF]

Jens Erler, Shufang Su

1303.5553 (O. V. Selyugin)

Generalized hadron structure and elastic scattering    [PDF]

O. V. Selyugin

1303.5575 (Guennadi Borissov et al.)

Rare Decays and CP Violation in the $B_s$ System    [PDF]

Guennadi Borissov, Robert Fleischer, Marie-Hélène Schune

1303.5646 (Cheng Li et al.)

Study the Forward-Backward Asymmetry of the Top Quark Production in the
Randall-Sundrum Model with an Extension of Strong Interaction

Cheng Li, Cai-Dian Lu, Xiang-Dong Gao

1303.5650 (J. Berges et al.)

Turbulent thermalization of the Quark Gluon Plasma    [PDF]

J. Berges, K. Boguslavski, S. Schlichting, R. Venugopalan

1303.5696 (Krzysztof Rolbiecki et al.)

Light stops emerging in WW cross section measurements?    [PDF]

Krzysztof Rolbiecki, Kazuki Sakurai

1303.5699 (D. Emmanuel-Costa et al.)

The minimal adjoint-SU(5)xZ_4 GUT model    [PDF]

D. Emmanuel-Costa, C. Simoes, M. Tortola

1303.5700 (Shu-Yu Ho et al.)

Probing Scotogenic Effects in Higgs Boson Decays    [PDF]

Shu-Yu Ho, Jusak Tandean

1303.5701 (Cédric Delaunay et al.)

Modified Higgs Physics from Composite Light Flavors    [PDF]

Cédric Delaunay, Christophe Grojean, Gilad Perez

1303.5702 (Raoul Malm et al.)

5D Perspective on Higgs Production at the Boundary of a Warped Extra

Raoul Malm, Matthias Neubert, Kristiane Novotny, Christoph Schmell

Friday, March 22, 2013

1012.5949 (Qing Xu et al.)

Two-pseudoscalar Exchanges between Heavy Hadrons    [PDF]

Qing Xu, Hongying Jin, T. G. Steele

1303.4469 (Kenichi Kasamatsu et al.)

D-brane solitons and boojums in field theory and Bose-Einstein

Kenichi Kasamatsu, Hiromitsu Takeuchi, Muneto Nitta

1303.4703 (Sebastian Cespedes et al.)

Cosmic inflation in a landscape of heavy-fields    [PDF]

Sebastian Cespedes, Gonzalo A. Palma

1303.5056 (Amarjit Soni)

"Light" Higgs and warped models: Case for a Gigantic International
Hadron Collider

Amarjit Soni

1303.5094 (Laura Lopez-Honorez et al.)

Constraints on dark matter annihilation from CMB observations before

Laura Lopez-Honorez, Olga Mena, Sergio Palomares-Ruiz, Aaron C. Vincent

1303.5098 (A. Barroso et al.)

Metastability bounds on the two Higgs doublet model    [PDF]

A. Barroso, P. M. Ferreira, I. P. Ivanov, Rui Santos

1303.5119 (Carlos A. Vaquera-Araujo)

Renormalization of the second-order QCD with arbitrary chromomagnetic
factor and quark self-interactions

Carlos A. Vaquera-Araujo

1303.5125 (Archana Anandakrishnan et al.)

Yukawa Unification Predictions with effective "Mirage" Mediation    [PDF]

Archana Anandakrishnan, Stuart Raby

1303.5146 (Zhigang Li et al.)

Can Large Extra Dimensions Solve the Proton Radius Puzzle?    [PDF]

Zhigang Li, Xuelei Chen

1303.5169 (Takahiro Sasaki et al.)

Practical approach to the sign problem at finite theta-vacuum angle    [PDF]

Takahiro Sasaki, Hiroaki Kouno, Masanobu Yahiro

1303.5255 (Miguel C. N. Fiolhais)

Study of Top Effective Operators at the ILC    [PDF]

Miguel C. N. Fiolhais

1303.5284 (Michele Frigerio et al.)

Minimal lepton flavour structures lead to non-maximal 2-3 mixing    [PDF]

Michele Frigerio, Albert Villanova del Moral

1303.5299 (P. Falgari et al.)

Finite-width effects in unstable-particle production at hadron colliders    [PDF]

P. Falgari, A. S. Papanastasiou, A. Signer

1303.5314 (MINOS Collaboration et al.)

A search for flavor-changing non-standard neutrino interactions by MINOS    [PDF]

MINOS Collaboration, P. Adamson, G. Barr, M. Bishai, A. Blake, G. J. Bock, D. Bogert, S. V. Cao, D. Cherdack, S. Childress, J. A. B. Coelho, L. Corwin, D. Cronin-Hennessy, J. K. de Jong, A. V. Devan, N. E. Devenish, M. V. Diwan, C. O. Escobar, J. J. Evans, E. Falk, G. J. Feldman, M. V. Frohne, H. R. Gallagher, R. A. Gomes, M. C. Goodman, P. Gouffon, N. Graf, R. Gran, K. Grzelak, A. Habig, J. Hartnell, R. Hatcher, A. Himmel, A. Holin, J. Hylen, G. M. Irwin, Z. Isvan, C. James, D. Jensen, T. Kafka, S. M. S. Kasahara, G. Koizumi, M. Kordosky, A. Kreymer, K. Lang, J. Ling, P. J. Litchfield, P. Lucas, W. A. Mann, M. L. Marshak, M. Mathis, N. Mayer, M. M. Medeiros, R. Mehdiyev, J. R. Meier, M. D. Messier, W. H. Miller, S. R. Mishra, S. Moed Sher, C. D. Moore, L. Mualem, S. Mufson, J. Musser, D. Naples, J. K. Nelson, H. B. Newman, R. J. Nichol, J. A. Nowak, W. P. Oliver, M. Orchanian, R. B. Pahlka, J. Paley, R. B. Patterson, G. Pawloski, S. Phan-Budd, R. K. Plunkett, X. Qiu, A. Radovic, B. Rebel, C. Rosenfeld, H. A. Rubin, M. C. Sanchez, J. Schneps, A. Schreckenberger, P. Schreiner, R. Sharma, A. Sousa, N. Tagg, R. L. Talaga, J. Thomas, M. A. Thomson, R. Toner, D. Torretta, G. Tzanakos, J. Urheim, P. Vahle, B. Viren, A. Weber, R. C. Webb, C. White, L. Whitehead, S. G. Wojcicki, R. Zwaska

1303.5327 (J. P. Lansberg et al.)

Reassessing the importance of the colour-singlet contributions to direct
J/psi+W production at the LHC and the Tevatron

J. P. Lansberg, C. Lorce

1303.5332 (J. M. Cabarcas et al.)

Electric charge quantization in SU(3)XSU(4)XU(1) models    [PDF]

J. M. Cabarcas, J. -Alexis Rodriguez

1303.5351 (Lingfei Wang et al.)

Visible sector inflation and the right thermal history in light of
Planck data

Lingfei Wang, Ernestas Pukartas, Anupam Mazumdar

1303.5353 (A. Di Piazza)

On refractive processes in strong laser field quantum electrodynamics    [PDF]

A. Di Piazza

1303.5368 (Alessandro Mirizzi et al.)

The strongest bounds on active-sterile neutrino mixing after Planck data    [PDF]

Alessandro Mirizzi, Gianpiero Mangano, Ninetta Saviano, Enrico Borriello, Carlo Giunti, Gennaro Miele, Ofelia Pisanti

1303.5374 (Teruaki Suyama et al.)

Implications of Planck results for models with local type

Teruaki Suyama, Tomo Takahashi, Masahide Yamaguchi, Shuichiro Yokoyama

1303.5379 (Christopher Brust et al.)

New Light Species and the CMB    [PDF]

Christopher Brust, David E. Kaplan, Matthew T. Walters

1303.5386 (Celine Boehm et al.)

Naturalness of Light Neutralino Dark Matter in pMSSM after LHC, XENON100
and Planck Data

Celine Boehm, P. S. Bhupal Dev, Anupam Mazumdar, Ernestas Pukartas

Thursday, March 21, 2013

1109.0494 (F. Alessandria et al.)

Sensitivity and Discovery Potential of CUORE to Neutrinoless Double-Beta

F. Alessandria, R. Ardito, D. R. Artusa, F. T. Avignone III, O. Azzolini, M. Balata, T. I. Banks, G. Bari, J. Beeman, F. Bellini, A. Bersani, M. Biassoni, T. Bloxham, C. Brofferio, C. Bucci, X. Z. Cai, L. Canonica, X. Cao, S. Capelli, L. Carbone, L. Cardani, M. Carrettoni, N. Casali, D. Chiesa, N. Chott, M. Clemenza, C. Cosmelli, O. Cremonesi, R. J. Creswick, I. Dafinei, A. Dally, V. Datskov, A. De Biasi, M. M. Deninno, S. Di Domizio, M. L. di Vacri, L. Ejzak, R. Faccini, D. Q. Fang, H. A. Farach, M. Faverzani, G. Fernandes, E. Ferri, F. Ferroni, E. Fiorini, M. A. Franceschi, S. J. Freedman, B. K. Fujikawa, A. Giachero, L. Gironi, A. Giuliani, J. Goett, P. Gorla, C. Gotti, E. Guardincerri, T. D. Gutierrez, E. E. Haller, K. Han, K. M. Heeger, H. Z. Huang, R. Kadel, K. Kazkaz, G. Keppel, L. Kogler, Yu. G. Kolomensky, D. Lenz, Y. L. Li, C. Ligi, X. Liu, Y. G. Ma, C. Maiano, M. Maino, M. Martinez, R. H. Maruyama, Y. Mei, N. Moggi, S. Morganti, T. Napolitano, S. Newman, S. Nisi, C. Nones, E. B. Norman, A. Nucciotti, T. O'Donnell, F. Orio, D. Orlandi, J. L. Ouellet, M. Pallavicini, V. Palmieri, L. Pattavina, M. Pavan, M. Pedretti, G. Pessina, G. Piperno, S. Pirro, E. Previtali, V. Rampazzo, F. Rimondi, C. Rosenfeld, C. Rusconi, E. Sala, S. Sangiorgio, N. D. Scielzo, M. Sisti, A. R. Smith, F. Stivanello, L. Taffarello, M. Tenconi, W. D. Tian, C. Tomei, S. Trentalange, G. Ventura, M. Vignati, B. S. Wang, H. W. Wang, T. Wise, A. Woodcraft, L. Zanotti, C. Zarra, B. X. Zhu, S. Zucchelli

1303.0049 (Gary Steigman)

Equivalent Neutrinos, Light WIMPs, and the Chimera of Dark Radiation    [PDF]

Gary Steigman

1303.3971 (Elvira Gámiz)

Flavour physics from lattice QCD    [PDF]

Elvira Gámiz

1303.3972 (F. Bruckmann et al.)

Inverse magnetic catalysis and the Polyakov loop    [PDF]

F. Bruckmann, G. Endrodi, T. G. Kovacs

1303.3974 (A. Doff et al.)

A 125 GeV Scalar Boson and SU(N_{TC})\otimes SU(3)_{{}_{L}}\otimes
U(1)_{{}_{X}} models

A. Doff, A. A. Natale

1303.4758 (Susan Gardner et al.)

Dark Matter Studies Entrain Nuclear Physics    [PDF]

Susan Gardner, George Fuller

1303.4774 (Thomas A. Trainor)

A critical review of RHIC experimental results    [PDF]

Thomas A. Trainor

1303.4790 (D. J. Ernst et al.)

Neutrino Oscillations: Hierarchy Question    [PDF]

D. J. Ernst, B. K. Cogswell, H. R. Burroughs, J. Escamilla-Roa, D. C. Latimer

1303.4791 (Keith Copsey)

The instability of orientifolds and the end of the (string) landscape as
we know it

Keith Copsey

1303.4806 (P. E. Shanahan et al.)

Charge symmetry breaking from a chiral extrapolation of moments of quark
distribution functions

P. E. Shanahan, A. W. Thomas, R. D. Young

1303.4848 (Xiao-Gang He et al.)

Unitarity and vacuum stability constraints on the couplings of color
octet scalars

Xiao-Gang He, Han Phoon, Yong Tang, German Valencia

1303.4856 (Evgeny Epelbaum et al.)

Dependence of the triple-alpha process on the fundamental constants of

Evgeny Epelbaum, Hermann Krebs, Timo A. Lähde, Dean Lee, Ulf-G. Meißner

1303.4858 (Jong-Phil Lee)

Constraints on Unparticles from $B_s\toμ^+μ^-$    [PDF]

Jong-Phil Lee

1303.4863 (Y. H. Ahn)

Leptons and Quarks from a Discrete Flavor Symmetry    [PDF]

Y. H. Ahn

1303.4885 (Li-Bang Wang et al.)

Proton radius puzzle and large extra dimensions    [PDF]

Li-Bang Wang, Wei-Tou Ni

1303.4887 (Sandy S. C. Law et al.)

Generalized Inverse Seesaws    [PDF]

Sandy S. C. Law, Kristian L. McDonald

1303.4891 (L. Dorame et al.)

Invisible decays of ultra-high energy neutrinos    [PDF]

L. Dorame, O. G. Miranda, J. W. F. Valle

1303.4896 (G. M. de Divitiis et al.)

Leading isospin breaking effects on the lattice    [PDF]

G. M. de Divitiis, R. Frezzotti, V. Lubicz, G. Martinelli, R. Petronzio, G. C. Rossi, F. Sanfilippo, S. Simula, N. Tantalo

1303.4952 (Yu. A. Simonov)

Relativistic path integral and relativistic Hamiltonians in QCD and QED    [PDF]

Yu. A. Simonov

1303.4962 (Karol Kolodziej)

Secondary lepton distributions as a probe of the top--higgs coupling at
the LHC

Karol Kolodziej

1303.4974 (L. Hartgring et al.)

Antenna Showers with One-Loop Matrix Elements    [PDF]

L. Hartgring, E. Laenen, P. Skands

1303.4983 (G. Vereshkov et al.)

Gauge- and point-invariant vertices of nucleon-to-resonance interactions    [PDF]

G. Vereshkov, N. Volchanskiy

1303.5000 (Luciano Maiani)

Universality of the Weak Interactions, Cabibbo theory and where they led

Luciano Maiani

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1303.3982 (Hajime Aoki)

Probability distribution over some phenomenological models in the matrix
model compactified on a torus

Hajime Aoki

1303.3985 (Mehrdad Goshtasbpour et al.)

Commuting Matrix Solutions of PQCD Evolution Equations    [PDF]

Mehrdad Goshtasbpour, Seyed Ali Shafiei

1303.4097 (Andre de Gouvea et al.)

Lepton Flavor and Number Conservation, and Physics Beyond the Standard

Andre de Gouvea, Petr Vogel

1303.4132 (W. C. Haxton et al.)

Hadronic Parity Violation    [PDF]

W. C. Haxton, B. R. Holstein

1303.4140 (Ming-Tao Li et al.)

A Study of P-wave Heavy Meson Interactions in A Chiral Quark Model    [PDF]

Ming-Tao Li, Wen-Ling Wang, Yu-Bing Dong, Zong-Ye Zhang

1303.4146 (Zhi-Gang Wang)

Next-to-leading order perturbative contributions in the QCD sum rules
for unequal quark masses

Zhi-Gang Wang

1303.4152 (S. X. Nakamura et al.)

Neutrino-induced meson productions off nucleon at forward limit in
nucleon resonance region

S. X. Nakamura, H. Kamano, T. -S. H. Lee, T. Sato

1303.4159 (Akhilesh Nautiyal)

Anisotropic Non-gaussianity with noncommutative spacetime    [PDF]

Akhilesh Nautiyal

1303.4198 (Georg P. Engel et al.)

QCD with Two Light Dynamical Chirally Improved Quarks    [PDF]

Georg P. Engel, C. B. Lang, Daniel Mohler, Andreas Schafer

1303.4233 (Ariel Megevand)

Friction forces on phase transition fronts    [PDF]

Ariel Megevand

1303.4253 (Holger Gies et al.)

Renormalization flow towards gravitational catalysis in the 3d
Gross-Neveu model

Holger Gies, Stefan Lippoldt

1303.4256 (Motoi Endo et al.)

Muon g-2 vs LHC in Supersymmetric Models    [PDF]

Motoi Endo, Koichi Hamaguchi, Sho Iwamoto, Takahiro Yoshinaga

1303.4280 (Seungwon Baek et al.)

Singlet Portal Extensions of the Standard Seesaw Models to a Dark Sector
with Local Dark Symmetry

Seungwon Baek, P. Ko, Wan-Il Park

1303.4317 (Micol Benetti et al.)

Cosmological data and indications for new physics    [PDF]

Micol Benetti, Martina Gerbino, William H. Kinney, Edward W. Kolb, Massimiliano Lattanzi, Alessandro Melchiorri, Luca Pagano, Antonio Riotto

1303.4332 (Ahmed Rashed et al.)

Tau neutrino as a probe of nonstandard interaction    [PDF]

Ahmed Rashed, Preet Sharma, Alakabha Datta

1303.4344 (Abhishek K. Singh et al.)

Discrete torsion, de Sitter tunneling vacua and AdS brane: U(1) gauge
theory on D4-brane and an effective curvature

Abhishek K. Singh, K. Priyabrat Pandey, Sunita Singh, Supriya Kar

1303.4364 (A. V. Bednyakov et al.)

Higgs self-coupling beta-function in the Standard Model at three loops    [PDF]

A. V. Bednyakov, A. F. Pikelner, V. N. Velizhanin

1303.4394 (S. Morisi et al.)

Quark-Lepton Mass Relation and CKM mixing in an A4 Extension of the
Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model

S. Morisi, M. Nebot, Ketan M. Patel, E. Peinado, J. W. F. Valle

1303.4395 (F. Bezrukov et al.)

Light inflaton after LHC8 and WMAP9 results    [PDF]

F. Bezrukov, D. Gorbunov

1303.4403 (Hai-Yang Cheng et al.)

Revisiting charmless hadronic B decays to scalar mesons    [PDF]

Hai-Yang Cheng, Chun-Khiang Chua, Kwei-Chou Yang, Zhi-Qing Zhang

1303.4404 (Jia Liu et al.)

Looking for new charged states at the LHC: Signatures of Magnetic and
Rayleigh Dark Matter

Jia Liu, Brian Shuve, Neal Weiner, Itay Yavin

1303.4405 (Xiaohui Liu et al.)

Reducing theoretical uncertainties for exclusive Higgs plus one-jet
production at the LHC

Xiaohui Liu, Frank Petriello

1303.4414 (Marcela Carena et al.)

Light Stops, Light Staus and the 125 GeV Higgs    [PDF]

Marcela Carena, Stefania Gori, Nausheen R. Shah, Carlos E. M. Wagner, Lian-Tao Wang

1303.4423 (Michael Gustafsson et al.)

Effective Theory of Dark Matter Decay into Monochromatic Photons and its
Implications: Constraints from Associated Cosmic-Ray Emission

Michael Gustafsson, Thomas Hambye, Tiziana Scarna

1303.4435 (Andrei Linde)

Chaotic inflation in supergravity and cosmic string production    [PDF]

Andrei Linde

1303.4490 (Lei Wang et al.)

LHC diphoton Higgs signal in the Higgs triplet model with Y=0    [PDF]

Lei Wang, Xiao-Fang Han

1303.4497 (Cheng Cheng et al.)

Constraints on single-field inflation with WMAP, SPT and ACT data -- A
last-minute stand before Planck

Cheng Cheng, Qing-Guo Huang, Yin-Zhe Ma

1303.4506 (J. Rafelski et al.)

Compact Ultradense Objects in the Solar System    [PDF]

J. Rafelski, Ch. Dietl, L. Labun

1303.4526 (Qing-Guo Huang et al.)

Large Local Non-Gaussianity from General Single-field Inflation    [PDF]

Qing-Guo Huang, Yi Wang

1303.4530 (Mattias Blennow et al.)

Probing the Dark Matter mass and nature with neutrinos    [PDF]

Mattias Blennow, Marcus Carrigan, Enrique Fernandez Martinez

1303.4534 (Moritz McGarrie)

5D Maximally Supersymmetric Yang-Mills in 4D Superspace: Applications    [PDF]

Moritz McGarrie

1303.4557 (Umberto D'Alesio et al.)

Azimuthal distributions of pions inside jets at RHIC    [PDF]

Umberto D'Alesio, Francesco Murgia, Cristian Pisano

1303.4563 (Peter Richardson et al.)

Monte Carlo Simulation of Hard Radiation in Decays in Beyond the
Standard Model Physics in Herwig++

Peter Richardson, Alexandra Wilcock

1303.4568 (Kenzo Ishikawa et al.)

Finite-size corrections to Fermi's golden rule: I Decay rates    [PDF]

Kenzo Ishikawa, Yutaka Tobita

1303.4573 (Kristian L. McDonald)

Minimal Tree-Level Seesaws with a Heavy Intermediate Fermion    [PDF]

Kristian L. McDonald

1303.4583 (R. S. Hundi)

Implications of Higgs to diphoton decay rate in the bilinear R-parity
violating supersymmetric model

R. S. Hundi

1303.4587 (Alexander Radionov)

Constraints on electromagnetic properties of sterile neutrinos from
MiniBooNE results

Alexander Radionov

1303.4603 (Nicusor Arsene et al.)

Back-to-Back Black Holes decay Signature at Neutrino Observatories    [PDF]

Nicusor Arsene, Xavier Calmet, Lauretiu Ioan Caramete, Octavian Micu

1303.4626 (Toyokazu Sekiguchi et al.)

Optimal constraint on g_NL from CMB    [PDF]

Toyokazu Sekiguchi, Naoshi Sugiyama

1303.4633 (F. Gelis et al.)

Classical statistical computation of the Schwinger mechanism    [PDF]

F. Gelis, N. Tanji

1303.4639 (Aleksi Kurkela)

Thermalization in collisions of large nuclei at high energies    [PDF]

Aleksi Kurkela

1303.4654 (Jostein R. Kristiansen et al.)

Cosmology with sterile neutrino masses from oscillation experiments    [PDF]

Jostein R. Kristiansen, Øystein Elgarøy, Carlo Giunti, Marco Laveder

1303.4657 (Thomas Wolkanowski)

Resonances and poles in the second Riemann sheet    [PDF]

Thomas Wolkanowski

1303.4660 (Matteo Rinaldi et al.)

Studying the neutron orbital structure by coherent hard exclusive
processes off 3He

Matteo Rinaldi, Sergio Scopetta

1303.4662 (K. Hebeler et al.)

Equation of state and neutron star properties constrained by nuclear
physics and observation

K. Hebeler, J. M. Lattimer, C. J. Pethick, A. Schwenk

1303.4682 (Eric Braaten et al.)

Universal Two-body Physics in Dark Matter near an S-wave Resonance    [PDF]

Eric Braaten, H. -W. Hammer

1303.4685 (Massimiliano Lattanzi et al.)

Updated CMB, X- and gamma-ray constraints on majoron dark matter    [PDF]

Massimiliano Lattanzi, Signe Riemer-Sorensen, Mariam Tortola, Jose W. F. Valle

1303.4687 (D. Delepine et al.)

A Fourth Neutrino and its Consequences on CP Asymmetries    [PDF]

D. Delepine, C. Lujan-Peschard, M. Napsuciale

1303.4717 (C. B. Jackson et al.)

Gamma Rays from Top-Mediated Dark Matter Annihilations    [PDF]

C. B. Jackson, Geraldine Servant, Gabe Shaughnessy, Tim M. P. Tait, Marco Taoso

1303.4723 (M. V. Garzelli et al.)

Cosmic ray induced micro black hole showers    [PDF]

M. V. Garzelli, M. O'Loughlin, S. Nafooshe

Monday, March 18, 2013

1010.6051 (Federico Colecchia)

A population-based approach to background discrimination in particle

Federico Colecchia

1104.3552 (C. D. Fosco et al.)

A non Abelian effective model for ensembles of magnetic defects in

C. D. Fosco, L. E. Oxman

1303.3284 (Francesca Calore et al.)

Updated constraints on WIMP dark matter annihilation into gamma-rays    [PDF]

Francesca Calore, Mattia Di Mauro, Fiorenza Donato

1303.3589 (Christoph Mayrhofer et al.)

Hypercharge Flux in IIB and F-theory: Anomalies and Gauge Coupling

Christoph Mayrhofer, Eran Palti, Timo Weigand

1303.3590 (Richard D. Ball et al.)

Higgs production in gluon fusion beyond NNLO    [PDF]

Richard D. Ball, Marco Bonvini, Stefano Forte, Simone Marzani, Giovanni Ridolfi

1303.3602 (Matthew Civiletti et al.)

$R$-Symmetry Breaking in Supersymmetric Hybrid Inflation    [PDF]

Matthew Civiletti, Mansoor Ur Rehman, Eric Sabo, Qaisar Shafi, Joshua Wickman

1303.3609 (A. C. Aguilar et al.)

Ghost propagator and ghost-gluon vertex from Schwinger-Dyson equations    [PDF]

A. C. Aguilar, D. Ibáñez, J. Papavassiliou

1303.3615 (Tommi Alanne et al.)

LHC Data and Aspects of New Physics    [PDF]

Tommi Alanne, Stefano Di Chiara, Kimmo Tuominen

1303.3676 (Zhen-Hua Zhang et al.)

CP violation in $B^{\pm} \rightarrow π^{\pm}π^{+}π^{-}$ in the
region with low invariant mass of one $π^{+}π^{-}$ pair

Zhen-Hua Zhang, Xin-Heng Guo, Ya-Dong Yang

1303.3689 (Renata Jora et al.)

Note about tribimaximal mixing    [PDF]

Renata Jora, M. Naeem Shahid

1303.3710 (Samoil Bilenky et al.)

Polarization of the final nucleon in quasi-elastic neutrino scattering
and the axial form factor of the nucleon

Samoil Bilenky, Ekaterina Christova

1303.3722 (M. Aghasyan et al.)

Fully Differential Monte-Carlo Generator Dedicated to TMDs and
Bessel-Weighted Asymmetries

M. Aghasyan, H. Avakian

1303.3723 (Andrzej J. Buras et al.)

The Anatomy of Neutral Scalars with FCNCs in the Flavour Precision Era    [PDF]

Andrzej J. Buras, Fulvia De Fazio, Jennifer Girrbach, Robert Knegjens, Minoru Nagai

1303.3742 (Rainer Stiele et al.)

QCD thermodynamics of effective models with an improved Polyakov-loop

Rainer Stiele, Lisa M. Haas, Jens Braun, Jan M. Pawlowski, Juergen Schaffner-Bielich

1303.3752 (M. Batra et al.)

Sea Quark and Gluon contributions to Strange Baryons and their

M. Batra, A. Upadhyay

1303.3758 (Katja Seidel et al.)

Top quark mass measurements at and above threshold at CLIC    [PDF]

Katja Seidel, Frank Simon, Michal Tesar, Stephane Poss

1303.3787 (Jerome Martin et al.)

Encyclopaedia Inflationaris    [PDF]

Jerome Martin, Christophe Ringeval, Vincent Vennin

1303.3816 (Howard Baer et al.)

Direct and indirect detection of higgsino-like WIMPs: concluding the
story of electroweak naturalness

Howard Baer, Vernon Barger, Dan Mickelson

1303.3820 (Andrzej J. Buras et al.)

Probing New Physics with the B_s to μ+ μ- Time-Dependent Rate    [PDF]

Andrzej J. Buras, Robert Fleischer, Jennifer Girrbach, Robert Knegjens

1303.3822 (M. Anselmino et al.)

Simultaneous extraction of transversity and Collins functions from new
SIDIS and e+e- data

M. Anselmino, M. Boglione, U. D'Alesio, S. Melis, F. Murgia, A. Prokudin

1303.3833 (Haiying Cai)

Higgs decay into diphoton in Composite Higgs Model    [PDF]

Haiying Cai