Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1209.0262 (Sebastien Descotes-Genon et al.)

New Physics constraints from optimized observables in B -> K*ll at large

Sebastien Descotes-Genon, Joaquim Matias, Javier Virto

1209.0269 (M. G. A. Buffing et al.)

Generalized Universality for TMD Distribution Functions    [PDF]

M. G. A. Buffing, P. J. Mulders

1209.0280 (Mrinal Kumar Das et al.)

Quasi-Degenerate Neutrinos in Type II Seesaw Models    [PDF]

Mrinal Kumar Das, Debasish Borah, Rinku Mishra

1209.0291 (Dominik Steineder et al.)

Thermalization at intermediate coupling    [PDF]

Dominik Steineder, Stefan A. Stricker, Aleksi Vuorinen

1209.0297 (Stefan Ask et al.)

From Lagrangians to Events: Computer Tutorial at the MC4BSM-2012

Stefan Ask, Neil D. Christensen, Claude Duhr, Christophe Grojean, Stefan Hoeche, Konstantin Matchev, Olivier Mattelaer, Stephen Mrenna, Andreas Papaefstathiou, Myeonghun Park, Maxim Perelstein, Peter Skands

1209.0311 (Kei-Ichi Kondo et al.)

Quark confinement due to non-Abelian magnetic monopoles in SU(3)
Yang-Mills theory

Kei-Ichi Kondo, Akihiro Shibata, Toru Shinohara, Seikou Kato

1209.0316 (Altug Arda et al.)

Exact Spin and Pseudo-Spin Symmetric Solutions of the Dirac-Kratzer
Problem with a tensor potential via Laplace Transform Approach

Altug Arda, Ramazan Sever

1209.0331 (J. P. Lansberg)

Upsilon production in pp and pA collisions: from RHIC to the LHC    [PDF]

J. P. Lansberg

1209.0336 (Javier L. Albacete)

Testing the CGC in proton-lead collisions at the LHC    [PDF]

Javier L. Albacete

1209.0339 (Roman N. Lee et al.)

The Dimensional Recurrence and Analyticity Method for Multicomponent
Master Integrals: Using Unitarity Cuts to Construct Homogeneous Solutions

Roman N. Lee, Vladimir A. Smirnov

1209.0374 (Massimo D'Elia)

Lattice QCD Simulations in External Background Fields    [PDF]

Massimo D'Elia

1209.0376 (Lei Wang et al.)

130 GeV gamma-ray line and enhancement of $h\toγγ$ in the
Higgs triplet model plus a scalar dark matter

Lei Wang, Xiao-Fang Han

1209.0379 (B. Ananthanarayan et al.)

Model independent bounds on the modulus of the pion form factor on the
unitarity cut below the $ωπ$ threshold

B. Ananthanarayan, I. Caprini, Diganta Das, I. Sentitemsu Imsong

1209.0391 (Zoltán Fodor et al.)

Can the nearly conformal sextet gauge model hide the Higgs impostor?    [PDF]

Zoltán Fodor, Kieran Holland, Julius Kuti, Dániel Nógrádi, Chris Schroeder, Chik Him Wong

1209.0393 (Isabella Masina)

The Higgs boson and Top quark masses as tests of Electroweak Vacuum

Isabella Masina

1209.0408 (Dmitri Antonov et al.)

Quark condensate for various heavy flavors    [PDF]

Dmitri Antonov, Jose Emilio F. T. Ribeiro

1209.0427 (Babiker Hassanain et al.)

Plasma photoemission from string theory    [PDF]

Babiker Hassanain, Martin Schvellinger

1209.0433 (Graciela B. Gelmini)

Fits to Light WIMPs    [PDF]

Graciela B. Gelmini

1209.0436 (S. Alekhin et al.)

Determination of the charm-quark mass in the MS-bar scheme using charm
production data from deep inelastic scattering at HERA

S. Alekhin, K. Daum, K. Lipka, S. Moch

1209.0450 (Andre Hoang et al.)

Renormalization Group Improved Bottom Mass from Upsilon Sum Rules at
NNLL Order

Andre Hoang, Pedro Ruiz-Femenia, Maximilian Stahlhofen

1209.0451 (Girma Hailu)

Cosmology on Compact and Stable Supergravity Background    [PDF]

Girma Hailu

1209.0474 (E. Torrente-Lujan)

The Higgs and top masses: why the higgs mass is $m_H^2=m_Z m_t$?    [PDF]

E. Torrente-Lujan

1209.0478 (Amir H. Rezaeian)

Semi-inclusive photon-hadron production in pp and pA collisions at RHIC
and LHC

Amir H. Rezaeian

1209.0494 (Christoph Englert et al.)

Partially (in)visible Higgs decays at the LHC    [PDF]

Christoph Englert, Michael Spannowsky, Chris Wymant

1209.0499 (Emilian Dudas et al.)

Strong moduli stabilization and phenomenology    [PDF]

Emilian Dudas, Andrei Linde, Yann Mambrini, Azar Mustafayev, Keith A. Olive

1209.0507 (Yin Jiang et al.)

Functional Renormalization for Chiral and U_A(1) Symmetries at Finite

Yin Jiang, Pengfei Zhuang

1209.0538 (L. S. Geng et al.)

Masses and magnetic moments of ground-state baryons in covariant baryon
chiral perturbation theory

L. S. Geng, J. Martin Camalich, L. Alvarez-Ruso, M. J. Vicente-Vacas

1209.0545 (N. Yu. Zysina et al.)

Neutrino mass characteristics in a phenomenological 3+2+1 model    [PDF]

N. Yu. Zysina, S. V. Fomichev, V. V. Khruschov

1209.0547 (S. Groote et al.)

Single top quark polarization at O(alpha_s) in t t-bar production at a
polarized linear e^+ e^- collider

S. Groote, J. G. Körner, B. Melić, S. Prelovsek

1209.0564 (B. I. Ermolaev et al.)

Comment on the frozen QCD coupling    [PDF]

B. I. Ermolaev, M. Greco, S. I. Troyan

1209.0574 (Nectaria A. B Gizani)

The role of AGN jets and intracluster magnetic fields in the formation
and acceleration of cosmic rays

Nectaria A. B Gizani

1209.0575 (Nectaria A. B Gizani)

On the extragalactic jet asymmetry and composition, and the production
of high energy cosmic rays

Nectaria A. B Gizani

1209.0580 (Mariusz Sadzikowski)

Remark on in-medium masses of hadrons with one heavy quark    [PDF]

Mariusz Sadzikowski

1209.0589 (Marco Ruggieri et al.)

Quasiparticles and $Z(N)-$ lines in Hot Yang-Mills theories    [PDF]

Marco Ruggieri, Paolo Alba, Paolo Castorina, Salvatore Plumari, Claudia Ratti, Vincenzo Greco

1209.0601 (Salvatore Plumari et al.)

Shear viscosity and chemical equilibration of the QGP    [PDF]

Salvatore Plumari, Armando Puglisi, Maria Colonna, Francesco Scardina, Vincenzo Greco

1209.0626 (Nick Evans)

Holographic Description of the QCD Phase Diagram and Out of Equilibrium

Nick Evans

1209.0636 (E. Piasetzky et al.)

Disentangling the EMC Effect    [PDF]

E. Piasetzky, O. Hen, L. B. Weinstein

1209.0650 (Rudy Arthur et al.)

Monte Carlo Integration with Subtraction    [PDF]

Rudy Arthur, A. D. Kennedy

1209.0673 (Daniel de Florian et al.)

A next-to-next-to-leading order calculation of soft-virtual cross

Daniel de Florian, Javier Mazzitelli

1209.0682 (Thomas Gehrmann et al.)

Transverse parton distribution functions at next-to-next-to-leading
order: the quark-to-quark case

Thomas Gehrmann, Thomas Lübbert, Li Lin Yang

1209.0683 (I. A. Qattan et al.)

Flavor decomposition of the nucleon electromagnetic form factors    [PDF]

I. A. Qattan, J. Arrington

1209.0689 (Martín González-Alonso)

Beta decays in the LHC era: from ultracold neutrons to colliders    [PDF]

Martín González-Alonso

1209.0701 (V. P. Goncalves et al.)

Meson production in two-photon interactions at CERN - LHC    [PDF]

V. P. Goncalves, D. T. da Silva, W. K. Sauter

1209.0707 (E. I. Lashin et al.)

The U(1) symmetry of the non-tribimaximal pattern in the degenerate mass
spectrum case of the neutrino mass matrix

E. I. Lashin, N. Chamoun, S. Nasri

1209.0712 (Mar Bastero-Gil et al.)

Stability analysis for the background equations for inflation with
dissipation and in a viscous radiation bath

Mar Bastero-Gil, Arjun Berera, Rafael Cerezo, Rudnei O. Ramos, Gustavo S. Vicente

1209.0720 (S. S. Bulanov et al.)

On the design of experiments to study extreme field limits    [PDF]

S. S. Bulanov, M. Chen, C. B. Schroeder, E. Esarey, W. P. Leemans, S. V. Bulanov, T. Zh. Esirkepov, M. Kando, J. K. Koga, A. G. Zhidkov, P. Chen, V. D. Mur, N. B. Narozhny, V. S. Popov, A. G. R. Thomas, G. Korn

1209.0722 (Massimo D'Elia et al.)

Susceptibility of the QCD vacuum to CP-odd electromagnetic background

Massimo D'Elia, Marco Mariti, Francesco Negro

1209.0727 (Yuri V. Kovchegov et al.)

Single spin asymmetry in high energy QCD    [PDF]

Yuri V. Kovchegov, Matthew D. Sievert

1209.0750 (Alan Kostelecky et al.)

Bipartite Riemann-Finsler geometry and Lorentz violation    [PDF]

Alan Kostelecky, Neil Russell, Rhondale Tso

1209.0755 (Gilberto Colangelo et al.)

A Dispersive Treatment of $K_{\ell4}$ Decays    [PDF]

Gilberto Colangelo, Emilie Passemar, Peter Stoffer