Monday, April 23, 2012

1102.2626 (A. Tawfik)

The Hubble parameter in the early universe with viscous QCD matter and
finite cosmological constant

A. Tawfik

1104.4821 (Lei Chang et al.)

Tracing masses of ground-state light-quark mesons    [PDF]

Lei Chang, Craig D. Roberts

1112.4928 (Robert M. Harris et al.)

Cross Sections for Leptophobic Topcolor Z' decaying to top-antitop    [PDF]

Robert M. Harris, Supriya Jain

1201.5926 (Shinji Tsujikawa)

Observational tests of inflation with a field derivative coupling to

Shinji Tsujikawa

1204.4458 (Jonathan M. Arnold et al.)

On Higgs Decays, Baryon Number Violation, and SUSY at the LHC    [PDF]

Jonathan M. Arnold, Pavel Fileviez Perez, Bartosz Fornal, Sogee Spinner

1204.4504 (Kanishka Rao et al.)

Triangulating an exotic T quark    [PDF]

Kanishka Rao, Daniel Whiteson

1204.4523 (Teruyuki Kitabayashi et al.)

Charged lepton contributions to bipair neutrino mixing    [PDF]

Teruyuki Kitabayashi, Masaki Yasue

1204.4530 (Stefan Hilbert et al.)

Measuring primordial non-Gaussianity with weak-lensing surveys    [PDF]

Stefan Hilbert, Laura Marian, Robert E. Smith, Vincent Desjacques

1204.4534 (Dasiuke Jido)

Baryon resonances as dynamically generated states in chiral dynamics    [PDF]

Dasiuke Jido

1204.4537 (M. K. Volkov et al.)

The decay $τ\to πων$ in the extended NJL model    [PDF]

M. K. Volkov, A. B. Arbuzov, D. G. Kostunin

1204.4579 (Christoph Englert)

The Higgs Portal from LHC to ILC    [PDF]

Christoph Englert

1204.4581 (Dmitry V. Zhuridov)

Neutrino Masses and Leptogenesis from Extra Fermions    [PDF]

Dmitry V. Zhuridov

1204.4588 (P. Ko et al.)

A Resolution of the Flavor Problem of Two Higgs Doublet Models with an
Extra U(1)_H Symmetry for Higgs Flavor

P. Ko, Yuji Omura, Chaehyun Yu

1204.4591 (Guillaume Chalons)

Gamma-ray lines constraints in the NMSSM    [PDF]

Guillaume Chalons

1204.4595 (Yaroslav Berdnikov et al.)

Hadron production in lepton-nuclei interactions at high energies: Monte
Carlo generator HARDPING 2.0

Yaroslav Berdnikov, Alexey Ivanov, Victor Kim, Victor Murzin

1204.4609 (François Arleo et al.)

J/psi suppression in p-A collisions from parton energy loss in cold QCD

François Arleo, Stéphane Peigné

1204.4665 (Lance Labun et al.)

Temperature of Electron Fluctuations in an Accelerated Vacuum    [PDF]

Lance Labun, Johann Rafelski

1204.4675 (Randy Lewis et al.)

Higher angular momentum states of bottomonium in lattice NRQCD    [PDF]

Randy Lewis, R. M. Woloshyn

1204.4683 (Frank Wilczek)

A Long View of Particle Physics    [PDF]

Frank Wilczek

1204.4702 (J. W. Moffat)

Has A 125 GeV Pseudoscalar Resonance Been Observed at the LHC?    [PDF]

J. W. Moffat