Monday, July 2, 2012

1102.1786 (Ghil-Seok Yang et al.)

Mass splittings of the baryon decuplet and antidecuplet with the
second-order flavor symmetry breakings within a chiral soliton model

Ghil-Seok Yang, Hyun-Chul Kim

1109.5121 (Jean-Francois Dufaux)

Constraints on Cosmic Super-Strings from Kaluza-Klein Emission    [PDF]

Jean-Francois Dufaux

1111.3556 (Riccardo Catena et al.)

The local dark matter phase-space density and impact on WIMP direct

Riccardo Catena, Piero Ullio

1201.4872 (E. V. Gorbar et al.)

Broken-symmetry $ν=0$ quantum Hall states in bilayer graphene: Landau
level mixing and dynamical screening

E. V. Gorbar, V. P. Gusynin, V. A. Miransky, I. A. Shovkovy

1206.6888 (David Curtin et al.)

Charginos Hiding In Plain Sight    [PDF]

David Curtin, Prerit Jaiswal, Patrick Meade

1206.6886 (Davide Meloni et al.)

Leptonic CP violation and mixing patterns at neutrino telescopes    [PDF]

Davide Meloni, Tommy Ohlsson

1206.6895 (Thomas A. Ryttov et al.)

An Analysis of Scheme Transformations in the Vicinity of an Infrared
Fixed Point

Thomas A. Ryttov, Robert Shrock

1206.6902 (Dylan Tanner)

Non-perturbative Treatments of the Bosonic String and the Axion with
Cosmological Implications

Dylan Tanner

1206.6903 (Arman Esmaili et al.)

Constraining Sterile Neutrinos with AMANDA and IceCube Atmospheric
Neutrino Data

Arman Esmaili, Francis Halzen, O. L. G. Peres

1206.6911 (L. Y. Dai et al.)

On the Nature of X(4260)    [PDF]

L. Y. Dai, Meng Shi, Guang-Yi Tang, H. Q. Zheng

1206.6912 (Efunwande Osoba)

Fourth Generations with an Inert Doublet Higgs    [PDF]

Efunwande Osoba

1206.6915 (Teppei Katori)

Tests of Lorentz and CPT violation with MiniBooNE neutrino oscillation

Teppei Katori

1206.6925 (Masamichi Ishihara)

Description of a domain by a squeezed state in a scalar field theory    [PDF]

Masamichi Ishihara

1206.6949 (Yong Tang)

Implications of LHC Searches for Massive Graviton    [PDF]

Yong Tang

1206.6958 (M. Sahin et al.)

A Search for pair production of the LSP $\tilde{ν_τ}$ at the CLIC
via RPV Decays

M. Sahin, A. B. Sener, S. Sultansoy, M. Yilmaz

1206.6971 (Madalina Boca et al.)

Electron distributions in nonlinear Compton scattering    [PDF]

Madalina Boca, Victor Dinu, Viorica Florescu

1206.6988 (E. O. Iltan)

The annihilation cross section of dark matter which is driven by scalar

E. O. Iltan

1206.7016 (Subhankar Roy et al.)

A new method of parametrisation of neutrino mass matrix through breaking
of $μ-τ$ symmetry: Normal hierarchy

Subhankar Roy, N. Nimai Singh

1206.7028 (Erdogan Akyazi et al.)

Comparison of Cut-Based and Matrix Element Method Results for BSM Quarks    [PDF]

Erdogan Akyazi, Gokhan Unel, Metin Yilmaz

1206.7037 (Riccardo Argurio et al.)

Tame D-tadpoles in gauge mediation    [PDF]

Riccardo Argurio, Diego Redigolo

1206.7039 (Dae Sung Hwang et al.)

Integrated and unintegrated PDFs and GPDs from effective two-body
light-cone wave functions

Dae Sung Hwang, Dieter Mueller

1206.7055 (Thomas G. Rizzo)

Possible Suppression of Resonant Signals for Split-UED by Mixing at the

Thomas G. Rizzo

1206.7056 (Wilfried Buchmuller et al.)

Decaying vs Annihilating Dark Matter in Light of a Tentative Gamma-Ray

Wilfried Buchmuller, Mathias Garny

1206.7065 (The NA48/2 Collaboration)

New measurement of the charged kaon semileptonic (Ke4) decay Branching
Ratio and Hadronic Form Factors

The NA48/2 Collaboration

1206.7072 (P. M. Ferreira et al.)

Maximal CP violation in lepton mixing from a model with Delta(27)
flavour symmetry

P. M. Ferreira, W. Grimus, L. Lavoura, P. O. Ludl

1206.7075 (Christian Hoelbling)

Precision flavor physics from the lattice    [PDF]

Christian Hoelbling

1206.7083 (Diana Lopez Nacir et al.)

The consistency condition for the three-point function in dissipative
single-clock inflation

Diana Lopez Nacir, Rafael A. Porto, Matias Zaldarriaga

1206.7090 (M. Deak et al.)

Parton shower contributions to jets from high rapidities at the LHC    [PDF]

M. Deak, F. Hautmann, H. Jung, K. Kutak

1206.7098 (P. de Aquino et al.)

Light gravitino production in association with gluinos at the LHC    [PDF]

P. de Aquino, F. Maltoni, K. Mawatari, B. Oexl

1206.7099 (M. N. Sergeenko)

Glueball masses and Regge trajectories for the QCD-inspired potential    [PDF]

M. N. Sergeenko

1206.7108 (I. P. Ivanov et al.)

Discrete symmetries in the three-Higgs-doublet model    [PDF]

I. P. Ivanov, E. Vdovin

1206.7110 (Bernd A. Kniehl et al.)

Low-mass Higgs decays to four leptons at one loop and beyond    [PDF]

Bernd A. Kniehl, Oleg L. Veretin

1206.7114 (Frank Wilczek)

Origins of Mass    [PDF]

Frank Wilczek

1206.7120 (M. Gillioz et al.)

Higgs Low-Energy Theorem (and its corrections) in Composite Models    [PDF]

M. Gillioz, R. Grober, C. Grojean, M. Muhlleitner, E. Salvioni