Wednesday, February 20, 2013

1209.0064 (Dian-Yong Chen et al.)

η transitions between charmonia with meson loop contributions    [PDF]

Dian-Yong Chen, Xiang Liu, Takayuki Matsuki

1302.0052 (Liu Wen et al.)

Precise QCD predictions on $W_HZ_H$ production in the littlest Higgs
Model with $T$ parity at the LHC

Liu Wen, Zhang Ren-You, Guo Lei, Ma Wen-Gan, Chen Liang-Wen

1302.4439 (A. Courtoy et al.)

Extraction of $α_s$ from deep inelastic scattering at large $x$    [PDF]

A. Courtoy, S. Liuti

1302.4438 (Yann Mambrini et al.)

Gauge Coupling Unification and Non-Equilibrium Thermal Dark Matter    [PDF]

Yann Mambrini, Keith A. Olive, Jeremie Quevillon, Bryan Zaldivar

1302.4447 (Denis Comelli et al.)

Weak Massive Gravity    [PDF]

Denis Comelli, Fabrizio Nesti, Luigi Pilo

1302.4454 (Ulrich Haisch et al.)

On the importance of loop-induced spin-independent interactions for dark
matter direct detection

Ulrich Haisch, Felix Kahlhoefer

1302.4469 (Brandon Murakami)

SuperLFV: An SLHA tool for lepton flavor violating observables in
supersymmetric models

Brandon Murakami

1302.4486 (Chad R. Galley et al.)

Gravitational self-force in the ultra-relativistic limit: The 'large-N'

Chad R. Galley, Rafael A. Porto

1302.4496 (W. Zhu et al.)

Possibility of a $J^{PC}=3^{-+}$ state    [PDF]

W. Zhu, T. Yao, Yan-Rui Liu

1302.4499 (Kent Yagi et al.)

I-Love-Q    [PDF]

Kent Yagi, Nicolas Yunes

1302.4511 (Chen Zheng-Yu et al.)

Study on the Energy Dependence of the Radii of Jets by the HBT
Correlation Method in e+e- collisions

Chen Zheng-Yu, Wang Mei-Juan, Xie Yi-Long, Liang Zhu, Chen Gang

1302.4524 (E. Gotsman et al.)

Diffraction Production in a Soft Interaction Model: Mass Distributions    [PDF]

E. Gotsman, E. Levin, U. Maor

1302.4553 (Nick Evans et al.)

Holographic Modelling of a Light Techni-Dilaton    [PDF]

Nick Evans, Kimmo Tuomine

1302.4577 (Yasumichi Aoki et al.)

The scalar spectrum of many-flavour QCD    [PDF]

Yasumichi Aoki, Tatsumi Aoyama, Masafumi Kurachi, Toshihide Maskawa, Kei-ichi Nagai, Hiroshi Ohki, Enrico Rinaldi, Akihiro Shibata, Koichi Yamawaki, Takeshi Yamazaki

1302.4600 (Andreas Schäfer et al.)

Transverse single spin asymmetry in hadronic $η_{c,b}$ production    [PDF]

Andreas Schäfer, Jian Zhou

1302.4604 (Markus Diehl et al.)

Nucleon form factors, generalized parton distributions and quark angular

Markus Diehl, Peter Kroll

1302.4606 (Luca Barze' et al.)

Neutral current Drell-Yan with combined QCD and electroweak corrections

Luca Barze', Guido Montagna, Paolo Nason, Oreste Nicrosini, Fulvio Piccinini, Alessandro Vicini

1302.4651 (David M. Straub)

Anatomy of flavour-changing Z couplings in models with partial

David M. Straub

1302.4652 (Sebastian Naumann-Emme et al.)

Latest Constraints from Jet Measurements on Parton Distribution
Functions and on the Strong Coupling Constant

Sebastian Naumann-Emme, for the ATLAS, CDF, CMS, D0, H1, ZEUS Collaborations

1302.4653 (A. Gonoskov et al.)

Probing nonperturbative QED with optimally focused laser pulses    [PDF]

A. Gonoskov, I. Gonoskov, C. Harvey, A. Ilderton, A. Kim, M. Marklund, G. Mourou, A. M. Sergeev