Friday, May 11, 2012

1108.2908 (V. Ari et al.)

Forward-Backward Asymmetries of Fourth Family Fermions Through the Z'
Models at Linear Colliders

V. Ari, O. Cakir, V. Cetinkaya

1112.1660 (Igor P. Ivanov et al.)

Abelian symmetries in multi-Higgs-doublet models    [PDF]

Igor P. Ivanov, Venus Keus, Evgeny Vdovin

1112.2981 (Subhendra Mohanty et al.)

Neutrino processes with power law dispersion in the light of OPERA

Subhendra Mohanty, Soumya Rao

1112.4680 (D. A. Fagundes et al.)

Aspects of a dynamical gluon mass approach to elastic hadron scattering
at LHC

D. A. Fagundes, E. G. S. Luna, M. J. Menon, A. A. Natale

1205.1942 (Rhys Davies)

Dirac gauginos and unification in F-theory    [PDF]

Rhys Davies

1205.2088 (L. A. Ferreira et al.)

The integral equations of Yang-Mills and its gauge invariant conserved

L. A. Ferreira, G. Luchini

1205.2096 (Sebastian Becker et al.)

Efficiency improvements for the numerical computation of NLO corrections    [PDF]

Sebastian Becker, Christian Reuschle, Stefan Weinzierl

1205.2139 (Daisuke Yamauchi et al.)

Weak lensing generated by vector perturbations and detectability of
cosmic strings

Daisuke Yamauchi, Toshiya Namikawa, Atsushi Taruya

1205.2145 (H. Sato et al.)

Revised production cross-section of gamma-rays in p-p collisions with
LHC data for the study of TeV gamma-ray astronomy

H. Sato, T. Shibata, R. Yamazaki

1205.2198 (Keisuke Harigaya et al.)

Seesaw Mechanism with Occam's Razor    [PDF]

Keisuke Harigaya, Masahiro Ibe, Tsutomu T. Yanagida

1205.2212 (Junji Hisano et al.)

QCD Corrections to Neutron Electric Dipole Moment from Dimension-six
Four-Quark Operators

Junji Hisano, Koji Tsumura, Masaki J. S. Yang

1205.2215 (J. Segovia et al.)

Scaling of the 3P0 strength in heavy meson strong decays    [PDF]

J. Segovia, D. R. Entem, F. Fernandez

1205.2220 (Vishnu M. Bannur)

Thermodynamic inconsistency in quasiparticle model - a revisit    [PDF]

Vishnu M. Bannur

1205.2235 (Stefano Anselmi et al.)

Nonlinear Power Spectrum from Resummed Perturbation Theory: a Leap
Beyond the BAO Scale

Stefano Anselmi, Massimo Pietroni

1205.2248 (Patricio Gaete et al.)

Gauge symmetry restoration in the un-particle vacuum    [PDF]

Patricio Gaete, Euro Spallucci

1205.2275 (M. Bayar et al.)

A narrow $DNN$ quasi-bound state    [PDF]

M. Bayar, C. W. Xiao, T. Hyodo, A. Dote, M. Oka, E. Oset

1205.2283 (Diptimoy Ghosh et al.)

How Constrained is the cMSSM?    [PDF]

Diptimoy Ghosh, Monoranjan Guchait, Sreerup Raychaudhuri, Dipan Sengupta

1205.2303 (Ye-Ling Zhou)

Neutrino masses and flavor mixing in a generalized inverse seesaw model
with a universal two-zero texture

Ye-Ling Zhou

1205.2328 (Hiromitsu Takeuchi et al.)

Vortex Formations from Domain Wall Annihilations in Two-component
Bose-Einstein Condensates

Hiromitsu Takeuchi, Kenichi Kasamatsu, Muneto Nitta, Makoto Tsubota

1205.2330 (Hiromitsu Takeuchi et al.)

Tachyon Condensation in Bose--Einstein Condensates    [PDF]

Hiromitsu Takeuchi, Kenichi Kasamatsu, Makoto Tsubota, Muneto Nitta

1205.2341 (S. A. Blundell et al.)

Field-theory calculation of the electric dipole moment of the neutron
and paramagnetic atoms

S. A. Blundell, J. Griffith, J. Sapirstein

1205.2354 (Elena Caceres et al.)

Holographic Thermalization with Chemical Potential    [PDF]

Elena Caceres, Arnab Kundu

1205.2366 (Yachao Qian et al.)

P-Odd Pion Azimuthal Charge Correlations at LHC    [PDF]

Yachao Qian, Ismail Zahed