Wednesday, May 29, 2013

1209.3245 (Alexander Studenikin et al.)

Millicharged neutrino with anomalous magnetic moment in rotating
magnetized matter

Alexander Studenikin, Ilya Tokarev

1303.2497 (M. I. Katsnelson et al.)

Unruh effect in vacua with anisotropic scaling: Applications to
multilayer graphene

M. I. Katsnelson, G. E. Volovik, M. A. Zubkov

1305.2921 (Angelo Monteux)

Natural, R-parity violating supersymmetry and horizontal flavor

Angelo Monteux

1305.6312 (Chee Sheng Fong et al.)

New ways to TeV scale leptogenesis    [PDF]

Chee Sheng Fong, M. C. Gonzalez-Garcia, Enrico Nardi, Eduardo Peinado

1305.6318 (Kyle Lawson et al.)

Quark (Anti) Nugget Dark Matter    [PDF]

Kyle Lawson, Ariel R. Zhitnitsky

1305.6319 (Erik Gerwick)

Recursive prescription for logarithmic jet rate coefficients    [PDF]

Erik Gerwick

1305.6338 (Gokce Basar et al.)

Triangle anomaly in Weyl semi-metals    [PDF]

Gokce Basar, Dmitri E. Kharzeev, Ho-Ung Yee

1305.6345 (D. García Gudiño et al.)

Determination of the magnetic dipole moment of the rho meson    [PDF]

D. García Gudiño, G. Toledo Sánchez

1305.6352 (Koichi Yamawaki)

Discovering Walking Technicolor at LHC and Lattice    [PDF]

Koichi Yamawaki

1305.6354 (Sascha Trippe)

Can Massive Gravity Explain the Mass Discrepancy - Acceleration Relation
of Disk Galaxies?

Sascha Trippe

1305.6373 (Antonio Silva et al.)

Flavor structure of the nucleon electromagnetic form factors and
transverse charge densities in the chiral quark-soliton model

Antonio Silva, Diana Urbano, Hyun-Chul Kim

1305.6391 (Paolo Ciafaloni et al.)

The Role of Electroweak Corrections for the Dark Matter Relic Abundance    [PDF]

Paolo Ciafaloni, Denis Comelli, Andrea De Simone, Enrico Morgante, Antonio Riotto, Alfredo Urbano

1305.6397 (Rick S. Gupta et al.)

How well do we need to measure the Higgs boson mass and self-coupling?    [PDF]

Rick S. Gupta, Heidi Rzehak, James D. Wells

1305.6398 (Sayantan Choudhury et al.)

Low & High scale MSSM inflation, gravitational waves and constraints
from Planck

Sayantan Choudhury, Anupam Mazumdar, Supratik Pal

1305.6401 (Simone Dresti et al.)

Renormalization of Composite Operators in time-dependent Backgrounds    [PDF]

Simone Dresti, Antonio Riotto

1305.6406 (E. G. de Oliveira et al.)

Treatment of the infrared contribution: NLO QED evolution as a pedagogic

E. G. de Oliveira, A. D. Martin, M. G. Ryskin

1305.6422 (Matthew Dowling et al.)

Differential distributions for top-quark hadro-production with a running

Matthew Dowling, Sven-Olaf Moch

1305.6443 (Rupa Chatterjee et al.)

Elliptic flow of thermal photons from event-by-event hydrodynamic model    [PDF]

Rupa Chatterjee, Hannu Holopainen, Ilkka Helenius, Thorsten Renk, Kari J. Eskola

1305.6445 (Surasree Mazumder et al.)

Gluon bremsstrahlung by heavy quarks - its effects on transport
coefficients and equilibrium distribution

Surasree Mazumder, Trambak Bhattacharyya, Jan-e Alam

1305.6456 (Gudrun Hiller)

B -> K(*) l+ l- @ Low Recoil and Physics Implications    [PDF]

Gudrun Hiller

1305.6457 (Yitzhak Frishman et al.)

Tetraquarks, their Masses and Decays in QED_2    [PDF]

Yitzhak Frishman, Marek Karliner

1305.6458 (Barbara Betz et al.)

Azimuthal Jet Tomography of Quark Gluon Plasmas at RHIC and LHC    [PDF]

Barbara Betz, Miklos Gyulassy

1305.6464 (H. M. Asatrian et al.)

Tree-level contribution to \bar{B} -> X_d gamma using fragmentation

H. M. Asatrian, C. Greub

1305.6467 (Sandy S. C. Law et al.)

A Class of Inert N-tuplet Models with Radiative Neutrino Mass and Dark

Sandy S. C. Law, Kristian L. McDonald

1305.6468 (Daniel de Florian et al.)

Soft-gluon Resummation for High-pT Inclusive-Hadron Production at

Daniel de Florian, Melanie Pfeuffer, Andreas Schafer, Werner Vogelsang

1305.6473 (A. Feo)

Two-loops Wess-Zumino model with exact supersymmetry on the lattice    [PDF]

A. Feo

1305.6519 (Silvia Mollerach et al.)

Magnetic diffusion effects on the Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Ray spectrum
and composition

Silvia Mollerach, Esteban Roulet

1305.6521 (Kwang Sik Jeong et al.)

Self-interacting Dark Radiation    [PDF]

Kwang Sik Jeong, Fuminobu Takahashi

1305.6524 (Robert Shrock)

Study of Scheme Transformations to Remove Higher-Loop Terms in the
$β$ Function of a Gauge Theory

Robert Shrock

1305.6531 (Sebastian Sapeta)

WZ and W+jets production at large transverse momenta beyond NLO    [PDF]

Sebastian Sapeta

1305.6535 (v. Bashiry)

Study of $χ_{c0}(1P) --> J/ψγ$ and $χ_{b0}(1P) -->
Υ(1S) γ$ decays via QCD sum rules

v. Bashiry

1305.6544 (Marlene Nahrgang et al.)

Influence of hadronic bound states above $T_c$ on heavy-quark
observables in Pb+Pb collisions at LHC

Marlene Nahrgang, Joerg Aichelin, Pol Bernard Gossiaux, Klaus Werner

1305.6554 (Sheldon Stone et al.)

Use of B->J/ψf0 decays to discern the q anti-q or tetraquark nature
of scalar mesons

Sheldon Stone, Liming Zhang

1305.6558 (Mate Csanad et al.)

On dilepton creation in hydrodynamic models    [PDF]

Mate Csanad, Levente Krizsan

1305.6567 (Sanjin Benić)

Comment on the dressed Polyakov loop in the Nambu--Jona-Lasinio model    [PDF]

Sanjin Benić

1305.6587 (Giorgio Arcadi et al.)

Minimal Decaying Dark Matter and the LHC    [PDF]

Giorgio Arcadi, Laura Covi

1305.6592 (Igor P. Ivanov et al.)

Polarization radiation of vortex electrons with large orbital angular

Igor P. Ivanov, Dmitry V. Karlovets

1305.6599 (Billy D. Jones et al.)

Similarity flow of a neutral scalar coupled to a fixed source    [PDF]

Billy D. Jones, Robert J. Perry