Friday, February 10, 2012

0911.0681 (Thomas Becher et al.)

Direct photon production with effective field theory    [PDF]

Thomas Becher, Matthew D. Schwartz

1103.2618 (Hai-Yan Long et al.)

Strange quark suppression and strange hadron production in pp collisions
at RHIC and LHC

Hai-Yan Long, Sheng-Qin Feng, Dai-Mei Zhou, Yu-Liang Yan, Hai-Liang Ma, Ben-Hao Sa

1103.3521 (Mark G. Alford et al.)

Viscous damping of r-modes: Large amplitude saturation    [PDF]

Mark G. Alford, Simin Mahmoodifar, Kai Schwenzer

1104.1430 (Johan Bonnevier et al.)

Monoenergetic Gamma-Rays from Non-Minimal Kaluza-Klein Dark Matter

Johan Bonnevier, Henrik Melbeus, Alexander Merle, Tommy Ohlsson

1109.0006 (Henrik Melbeus et al.)

Continuum photon spectrum from Z^1 Z^1 annihilations in universal extra

Henrik Melbeus, Alexander Merle, Tommy Ohlsson

1111.2307 (Matteo Bertolini et al.)

Dynamical completions of generalized O'Raifeartaigh models    [PDF]

Matteo Bertolini, Lorenzo Di Pietro, Flavio Porri

1111.4786 (Kalliopi Petraki et al.)

Visible and dark matter from a first-order phase transition in a
baryon-symmetric universe

Kalliopi Petraki, Mark Trodden, Raymond R. Volkas

1111.5759 (Bo Feng et al.)

An Introduction to On-shell Recursion Relations    [PDF]

Bo Feng, Mingxing Luo

1112.4796 (Marcin Badziak et al.)

LHC constraints on Yukawa unification in SO(10)    [PDF]

Marcin Badziak, Kazuki Sakurai

1201.4816 (Kwang Sik Jeong et al.)

Light Higgsino from Axion Dark Radiation    [PDF]

Kwang Sik Jeong, Fuminobu Takahashi

1202.1825 (M. Hirsch et al.)

Enhancing $l_i \to 3 l_j$ with the $Z^0$-penguin    [PDF]

M. Hirsch, F. Staub, A. Vicente

1202.1834 (Florian U. Bernlochner et al.)

A proposal to solve some puzzles in semileptonic B decays    [PDF]

Florian U. Bernlochner, Zoltan Ligeti, Sascha Turczyk

1202.1904 (Pascal Borel et al.)

Probing the Scattering of Equivalent Electroweak Bosons    [PDF]

Pascal Borel, Roberto Franceschini, Riccardo Rattazzi, Andrea Wulzer

1202.1912 (Attilio Cucchieri et al.)

The No-Pole Condition in Landau gauge: Properties of the Gribov Ghost
Form-Factor and a Constraint on the 2d Gluon Propagator

Attilio Cucchieri, David Dudal, Nele Vandersickel

1202.1922 (E Levin et al.)

N=4 SYM model for soft intertactions at high energy    [PDF]

E Levin, I. Potashnikova

1202.1973 (Elvira Cerveró et al.)

Minimal violation of flavour and custodial symmetries in a vectophobic

Elvira Cerveró, Jean-Marc Gérard

1202.1991 (S. Heinemeyer)

Implications of SUSY Searches at the LHC for the ILC    [PDF]

S. Heinemeyer

1202.1993 (Igor I. Smolyaninov et al.)

Light propagation through random hyperbolic media: from a pile of sand
to large scale structure of present day universe

Igor I. Smolyaninov, Alexander V. Kildishev

1202.2011 (Sabyasachi Roy et al.)

An analysis of the Isgur-Wise Function and its derivatives within a
Heavy-Light QCD Quark Model

Sabyasachi Roy, Dilip Kumar Choudhury

1202.2014 (Cheng-Wei Chiang et al.)

Search for doubly charged Higgs bosons using the same-sign diboson mode
at the LHC

Cheng-Wei Chiang, Takaaki Nomura, Koji Tsumura

1202.2016 (I. M. Dremin et al.)

Elastic pp-scattering at \sqrt s=7 TeV with the genuine Orear regime and
the dip

I. M. Dremin, V. A. Nechitailo

1202.2019 (Simon Badger et al.)

Hepta-Cuts of Two-Loop Scattering Amplitudes    [PDF]

Simon Badger, Hjalte Frellesvig, Yang Zhang

1202.2021 (Adrian Pallares Rivera et al.)

Symmetry and degeneracy of the curved Coulomb potential on the S3 ball    [PDF]

Adrian Pallares Rivera, Mariana Kirchbach

1202.2030 (Maxim Mai et al.)

New insights into antikaon-nucleon scattering and the structure of the

Maxim Mai, Ulf-G. Meißner

1202.2051 (Jens O. Andersen)

Thermal pions in a magnetic background    [PDF]

Jens O. Andersen

1202.2073 (David Berenstein et al.)

Open string axions and the flavor problem    [PDF]

David Berenstein, Erik Perkins

1202.2105 (Francesco Nitti et al.)

Scalar-tensor theories, trace anomalies and the QCD-frame    [PDF]

Francesco Nitti, Federico Piazza