Tuesday, June 18, 2013

1305.2172 (L Maiani et al.)

Bounds to the Higgs Sector Masses in Minimal Supersymmetry from LHC Data    [PDF]

L Maiani, AD Polosa, V Riquer

1306.3501 (Stefan Antusch et al.)

Matter inflation with A_4 flavour symmetry breaking    [PDF]

Stefan Antusch, David Nolde

1306.3504 (Andreas von Manteuffel et al.)

Massive planar and non-planar double box integrals for light Nf
contributions to gg->tt

Andreas von Manteuffel, Cedric Studerus

1306.3512 (C. P. Burgess et al.)

String Inflation After Planck 2013    [PDF]

C. P. Burgess, M. Cicoli, F. Quevedo

1306.3515 (Joshua Erlich et al.)

Model Sensitivity in Holographic Superconductors and their Deconstructed

Joshua Erlich, Zhen Wang

1306.3556 (Weijian Wang)

Neutrino mass textures with one vanishing minor and two equal cofactors    [PDF]

Weijian Wang

1306.3583 (M. A. Braun et al.)

Gluon production in the Lipatov effective action formalism    [PDF]

M. A. Braun, S. S. Pozdnyakov, M. Yu. Salykin, M. I. Vyazovsky

1306.3586 (Li Tianjun et al.)

Distinguishing the Color Octet Axial-Vector-like Particle for Top Quark
Asymmetry via Color Flow Method at the LHC

Li Tianjun, Wan Xia, Wang You-kai, Zhu Shou-hua

1306.3592 (Nikolaos Kidonakis)

Top-quark transverse-momentum distributions in t-channel single-top

Nikolaos Kidonakis

1306.3646 (Gaurav Tomar et al.)

130 GeV Gamma Ray Signal in NMSSM by Internal Bremsstrahlung    [PDF]

Gaurav Tomar, Subhendra Mohanty, Soumya Rao

1306.3653 (Jonathan H. Davis et al.)

Searching for GeV-scale new Gauge Bosons in QGP thermal dilepton

Jonathan H. Davis, Celine Boehm

1306.3759 (Tomoya Hayata)

Dynamical Mass Generation of Light-vector Mesons from QCD Trace Anomaly    [PDF]

Tomoya Hayata

1306.3763 (B. Blok et al.)

Perturbative QCD correlations in multi-parton collisions    [PDF]

B. Blok, Yu. Dokshitzer, L. Frankfurt, M. Strikman

1306.3775 (Andrzej J. Buras et al.)

Towards the Identification of New Physics through Quark Flavour
Violating Processes

Andrzej J. Buras, Jennifer Girrbach

1306.3793 (A. Jourjine)

The Quantum Theory of Bi-Spinor Fields    [PDF]

A. Jourjine

1306.3842 (Shi-Song Xiao et al.)

Bulk viscosity of hot dense Quark matter in PNJL model    [PDF]

Shi-Song Xiao, Le Zhang, Pan-Pan Guo, Defu Hou

1306.3846 (Julien Serreau)

Renormalization group flow and symmetry restoration in de Sitter space    [PDF]

Julien Serreau

1306.3861 (Amol Dighe et al.)

Non-universality of indirect CP asymmetries in $D \to ππ, KK$ decays    [PDF]

Amol Dighe, Diptimoy Ghosh, Bhavik P. Kodrani

1306.3864 (Igor T. Obukhovsky et al.)

Electromagnetic structure of the nucleon and the Roper resonance in a
light-front quark approach

Igor T. Obukhovsky, Amand Faessler, Thomas Gutsche, Valery E. Lyubovitskij

1306.3898 (Aaron Hanken et al.)

Extraordinary Gauge Mediation at Finite Temperature    [PDF]

Aaron Hanken, Ben Kain, Collin Manning

1306.3907 (Robert S Thorne)

Theoretical Procedures and the effect on PDFs and $α_S(M_Z^2)$    [PDF]

Robert S Thorne

1306.3912 (Leonard S. Kisslinger)

Review of Recent Neutrino Physics Research    [PDF]

Leonard S. Kisslinger

1306.3918 (R. Percacci et al.)

Functional renormalization of $N$ scalars with O(N) invariance    [PDF]

R. Percacci, M. Safari

1306.3922 (Haiying Cai)

Higgs-Z-photon Coupling from Effect of Composite Resonances    [PDF]

Haiying Cai

1306.3926 (Dao Thi Nhung et al.)

Higher Order Corrections to the Trilinear Higgs Self-Couplings in the

Dao Thi Nhung, Margarete Muhlleitner, Juraj Streicher, Kathrin Walz

1306.3929 (A. V. Efremov et al.)

Causality constraints on TMD PDF    [PDF]

A. V. Efremov, A. A. Vladimirov

1306.3948 (S. S. Afonin et al.)

The quark masses and meson spectrum: A holographic approach    [PDF]

S. S. Afonin, I. V. Pusenkov

1306.3971 (Wen-Chen Chang et al.)

The pionic Drell-Yan process: a brief survey    [PDF]

Wen-Chen Chang, Dipangkar Dutta