Thursday, November 8, 2012

1005.4668 (J. P. Roberts)

PAMELA through a Magnetic Lens    [PDF]

J. P. Roberts

1104.1857 (Paolo Cea)

The High Temperature Superconductivity in Cuprates    [PDF]

Paolo Cea

1207.5037 (A. Kovner et al.)

Classicalization and Unitarity    [PDF]

A. Kovner, M. Lublinsky

1211.1455 (Yusuke Yamada)

Instant uplifted inflation: A solution for a tension between inflation
and SUSY breaking scale

Yusuke Yamada

1211.1485 (Martin Hoferichter et al.)

Improved dispersive analysis of the scalar form factor of the nucleon    [PDF]

Martin Hoferichter, Christoph Ditsche, Bastian Kubis, Ulf-G. MeiƟ ner

1211.1487 (Victor L. Chernyak)

Mass spectra in N=1 SQCD with additional fields. II    [PDF]

Victor L. Chernyak

1211.1500 (R. Foot)

Mirror dark matter explanation of the DAMA, CoGeNT and CRESST-II data    [PDF]

R. Foot

1211.1503 (I. V. Danilkin et al.)

Photon-fusion reactions from the chiral Lagrangian with dynamical light
vector mesons

I. V. Danilkin, M. F. M. Lutz, S. Leupold, C. Terschlusen

1211.1523 (M. Martini et al.)

Energy reconstruction effects in neutrino oscillation experiments and
implications for the analysis

M. Martini, M. Ericson, G. Chanfray

1211.1542 (Colin H. Lally et al.)

Properties of MT2 in the massless limit    [PDF]

Colin H. Lally, Christopher G. Lester

1211.1549 (Manimala Chakraborti et al.)

Implication of Higgs at 125 GeV within Stochastic Superspace Framework    [PDF]

Manimala Chakraborti, Utpal Chattopadhyay, Rohini M. Godbole

1211.1570 (Longgang Pang et al.)

Effect of longitudinal fluctuation in event-by-event (3+1)D

Longgang Pang, Qun Wang, Xin-Nian Wang

1211.1573 (Alexander Schmidt et al.)

Monte Carlo simulation of abelian gauge-Higgs lattice models using dual

Alexander Schmidt, Ydalia Delgado Mercado, Christof Gattringer

1211.1578 (Dmitri Diakonov et al.)

Gluon distribution at very small x from C-even charmonia production at
the LHC

Dmitri Diakonov, M. G. Ryskin, A. G. Shuvaev

1211.1624 (Toshifumi Noumi et al.)

Effective field theory approach to quasi-single field inflation    [PDF]

Toshifumi Noumi, Masahide Yamaguchi, Daisuke Yokoyama

1211.1641 (Daneng Yang et al.)

Probing W+W-gamma Production and Anomalous Quartic Gauge Boson Couplings
at the CERN LHC

Daneng Yang, Yajun Mao, Qiang Li, Shuai Liu, Zijun Xu, Ke Ye