Thursday, June 6, 2013

1305.2092 (Nikolas Kauer)

Inadequacy of zero-width approximation for a light Higgs boson signal    [PDF]

Nikolas Kauer

1306.0899 (Vikram Rentala et al.)

Discriminating Higgs production mechanisms using jet energy profiles    [PDF]

Vikram Rentala, Natascia Vignaroli, Hsiang-nan Li, Zhao Li, C. -P. Yuan

1306.0903 (Marco O. P. Sampaio)

Radiation from a D-dimensional collision of shock waves: numerical

Marco O. P. Sampaio

1306.0909 (Jinrui Huang et al.)

Inclusive b-jet production in heavy ion collisions at the LHC    [PDF]

Jinrui Huang, Zhong-Bo Kang, Ivan Vitev

1306.0910 (Markus Ahlers et al.)

Sensitivity of JEM-EUSO to Ensemble Fluctuations in the Ultra-High
Energy Cosmic Ray Flux

Markus Ahlers, Luis A. Anchordoqui, Angela V. Olinto, Thomas C. Paul, Andrew M. Taylor

1306.0919 (Lee Tomlinson)

The resummation of the low-phistar domain of Z production    [PDF]

Lee Tomlinson

1306.0985 (I. Caprini)

Strong coupling from the tau hadronic width by non-power QCD
perturbation theory

I. Caprini

1306.0994 (Yu. B. Ivanov)

Phase Evolution and Freeze-out within Alternative Scenarios of
Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions

Yu. B. Ivanov

1306.1004 (Wenjuan Mao et al.)

Beam Spin Asymmetries of Charged and Neutral Pion Productions in
Semi-inclusive DIS

Wenjuan Mao, Zhun Lu

1306.1025 (A. Tawfik)

Chemical Freeze-Out and Higher Order Multiplicity Moments    [PDF]

A. Tawfik

1306.1039 (Giulia Ricciardi)

Magnitudes of V(xb) CKM matrix elements    [PDF]

Giulia Ricciardi

1306.1095 (Gauhar Abbas et al.)

Determination of the strong coupling from hadronic tau decays using
renormalization group summed perturbation theory

Gauhar Abbas, B. Ananthanarayan, I. Caprini

1306.1099 (Andreas Spies et al.)

Confronting Recent Results from Selected Direct and Indirect Dark Matter
Searches and the Higgs Boson with Supersymmetric Models with Non-universal
Gaugino Masses

Andreas Spies, Gisela Anton

1306.1156 (M. Frank et al.)

The Charged Higgs Boson Mass of the MSSM in the Feynman-Diagrammatic

M. Frank, L. Galeta, T. Hahn, S. Heinemeyer, W. Hollik, H. Rzehak, G. Weiglein

1306.1168 (Sarah Andreas et al.)

Hidden Photons in connection to Dark Matter    [PDF]

Sarah Andreas, Mark D. Goodsell, Andreas Ringwald

1306.1193 (Florian Divotgey et al.)

Phenomenology of axial-vector and pseudovector mesons and their mixing
in the kaonic sector

Florian Divotgey, Lisa Olbrich, Francesco Giacosa