Monday, July 1, 2013

1305.1997 (Qian Wang et al.)

Systematic study of the singularity mechanism in heavy quarkonium decays    [PDF]

Qian Wang, Christoph Hanhart, Qiang Zhao

1306.6630 (Hsi-Ming Chang et al.)

Calculating Track Thrust with Track Functions    [PDF]

Hsi-Ming Chang, Massimiliano Procura, Jesse Thaler, Wouter J. Waalewijn

1306.6631 (Iftah Galon et al.)

Non-Degenerate Squarks from Flavored Gauge Mediation    [PDF]

Iftah Galon, Gilad Perez, Yael Shadmi

1306.6633 (Marco Bonvini)

An approximate NNNLO cross section for Higgs production in gluon fusion    [PDF]

Marco Bonvini

1306.6644 (R. S. Goncalves et al.)

Forecasting constraints on the cosmic duality relation with galaxy

R. S. Goncalves, J. S. Alcaniz, J. C. Carvalho, R. F. L. Holanda

1306.6648 (Andrej Ficnar et al.)

Finite momentum at string endpoints    [PDF]

Andrej Ficnar, Steven S. Gubser

1306.6661 (L. A. Harland-Lang)

A simple form for the low-x generalized parton distributions in the
skewed regime

L. A. Harland-Lang

1306.6693 (J. P. Ma et al.)

Azimuthal Dependence of DIS with Spin-1 Target    [PDF]

J. P. Ma, C. Wang, G. P. Zhang

1306.6713 (Sin Kyu Kang et al.)

Unitarity Constraints in the standard model with a singlet scalar field    [PDF]

Sin Kyu Kang, Jubin Park

1306.6725 (Chengrong Deng et al.)

Baryonia and near-threshold enhancements    [PDF]

Chengrong Deng, Jialun Ping, Youchang Yang, Fan Wang

1306.6766 (Licia Verde et al.)

Planck and the local Universe: quantifying the tension    [PDF]

Licia Verde, Pavlos Protopapas, Raul Jimenez

1306.6785 (Alice Maria Donati et al.)

The $γγ$ decay of the Higgs boson in FDR    [PDF]

Alice Maria Donati, Roberto Pittau

1306.6808 (Rafal Maciula et al.)

Charmed mesons and leptons from semileptonic decays at the LHC    [PDF]

Rafal Maciula, Antoni Szczurek

1306.6819 (Piotr Lebiedowicz et al.)

Exclusive diffractive photon bremsstrahlung at high energies    [PDF]

Piotr Lebiedowicz, Antoni Szczurek

1306.6823 (Piotr Lebiedowicz et al.)

Diffractive mechanisms in $pp \to pp π^{0}$ reaction at high energies    [PDF]

Piotr Lebiedowicz, Antoni Szczurek

1306.6825 (Stefan Antusch et al.)

SUGRA New Inflation with Heisenberg Symmetry    [PDF]

Stefan Antusch, Francesco Cefala

1306.6827 (Antoni Szczurek et al.)

Diffractive production of quark-antiquark pairs    [PDF]

Antoni Szczurek, Marta Luszczak, Wolfgang Schafer

1306.6837 (Antoni Szczurek et al.)

Production of two $c \bar c$ pairs in double-parton scattering within

Antoni Szczurek, Rafal Maciula

1306.6855 (Glenn Wouda)

Higgs properties in the Stealth Doublet Model    [PDF]

Glenn Wouda

1306.6876 (D. Barducci et al.)

The Higgs sector of the 4DCHM after the XLVIII Rencontres de Moriond    [PDF]

D. Barducci, A. Belyaev, M. S. Brown, S. De Curtis, S. Moretti, G. M. Pruna

1306.6879 (Stefan Antusch et al.)

Running quark and lepton parameters at various scales    [PDF]

Stefan Antusch, Vinzenz Maurer

1306.6931 (Kyle Allison)

Higgs xi-inflation for the 125-126 GeV Higgs: a two-loop analysis    [PDF]

Kyle Allison

1306.6939 (S. R. Beane et al.)

Nuclear σ-terms and Scalar-Isoscalar WIMP-Nucleus Interactions from
Lattice QCD

S. R. Beane, S. D. Cohen, W. Detmold, H. -W. Lin, M. J. Savage