Wednesday, October 17, 2012

1103.3304 (Michael Creutz)

Confinement, chiral symmetry, and the lattice    [PDF]

Michael Creutz

1103.5273 (Jian Fuh Ong et al.)

Charged Higgs boson contribution to $\barν_e-e$ scattering from low
to ultrahigh energy in Higgs triplet model

Jian Fuh Ong, Ithnin Abdul Jalil, Wan Ahmad Tajuddin Wan Abdullah

1112.3087 (A. Doff et al.)

How confinement may affect technicolor?    [PDF]

A. Doff, F. A. Machado, A. A. Natale

1208.6224 (Christian Rakotonirina et al.)

Swap Operators and Electric Charges of Fermions    [PDF]

Christian Rakotonirina, Adolphe A. Ratiarison

1210.4192 (Francesco Giacosa et al.)

Spectral function of a scalar boson coupled to fermions    [PDF]

Francesco Giacosa, Giuseppe Pagliara

1210.4196 (James M. Cline et al.)

Electroweak baryogenesis and dark matter from a singlet Higgs    [PDF]

James M. Cline, Kimmo Kainulainen

1210.4225 (Giulia Pagliaroli et al.)

Neutrinos from Pion Decay at Rest to Probe the Proton Strangeness    [PDF]

Giulia Pagliaroli, Carolina Lujan-Peschard, Manimala Mitra, Francesco Vissani

1210.4239 (Shinji Tsujikawa et al.)

Testing for dynamical dark energy models with redshift-space distortions    [PDF]

Shinji Tsujikawa, Antonio De Felice, Jailson Alcaniz

1210.4273 (H. -W. Hammer et al.)

Three-body forces: From cold atoms to nuclei    [PDF]

H. -W. Hammer, A. Nogga, A. Schwenk

1210.4284 (Maarten Golterman et al.)

Phase with no mass gap in non-perturbatively gauge-fixed Yang--Mills

Maarten Golterman, Yigal Shamir

1210.4294 (Zhi-Gang Wang)

Two-pion transitions from the $P$-wave to $S$-wave charmonium states    [PDF]

Zhi-Gang Wang

1210.4317 (Thorsten Renk)

Jet-mass Dependence of the in-Medium Shower Modification    [PDF]

Thorsten Renk

1210.4335 (Heidi Kuismanen et al.)

Baryon asymmetry and dark matter from soft leptogenesis    [PDF]

Heidi Kuismanen, Iiro Vilja

1210.4392 (Jan Conrad)

Searches for Particle Dark Matter with gamma-rays    [PDF]

Jan Conrad

1210.4398 (F. M. Steffens et al.)

Parton distributions in the presence of target mass corrections    [PDF]

F. M. Steffens, M. D. Brown, W. Melnitchouk, S. Sanches

1210.4423 (Christian Fitzner et al.)

Breathers and their interaction in the massless Gross-Neveu model    [PDF]

Christian Fitzner, Michael Thies

1210.4427 (Takeshi Kobayashi et al.)

Primordial Spikes from Wrapped Brane Inflation    [PDF]

Takeshi Kobayashi, Jun'ichi Yokoyama

1210.4450 (J. M. Alarcón et al.)

Improved description of the $πN$-scattering phenomenology in
covariant baryon chiral perturbation theory

J. M. Alarcón, J. Martin Camalich, J. A. Oller

1210.4453 (V. M. Braun et al.)

Soft contribution to $B\to γ\ell ν_\ell$ and the $B$-meson
distribution amplitude

V. M. Braun, A. Khodjamirian

1210.4464 (B. C. Tiburzi et al.)

Charged Hadron Properties from Lattice QCD in Magnetic Fields    [PDF]

B. C. Tiburzi, S. O. Vayl

1210.4478 (Sayantan Choudhury et al.)

Large non-Gaussianities from DBI Galileon and resolution of sensitivity

Sayantan Choudhury, Supratik Pal

1210.4496 (Seamus Cotter et al.)

Towards the phase diagram of dense two-color matter    [PDF]

Seamus Cotter, Pietro Giudice, Simon Hands, Jon-Ivar Skullerud

1210.4516 (T. Alho et al.)

On finite-temperature holographic QCD in the Veneziano limit    [PDF]

T. Alho, M. Jarvinen, K. Kajantie, E. Kiritsis, K. Tuominen

1210.4529 (V. Dexheimer et al.)

Modeling Hybrid Stars    [PDF]

V. Dexheimer, S. Schramm, J. Stone