Friday, September 21, 2012

1108.0288 (Mandar Patil et al.)

Acceleration of particles and shells by Reissner-Nordström naked

Mandar Patil, Pankaj S. Joshi, Masashi Kimura, Ken-ichi Nakao

1201.1667 (Nikolas Kauer)

Signal-background interference in gg --> H --> VV    [PDF]

Nikolas Kauer

1209.4350 (R. Rajkhowa et al.)

Particular and unique solutions of DGLAP evolution equations and light
sea and valence quark structure functions at low-x

R. Rajkhowa, J. K. Sarma

1209.4352 (Mario Pitschmann et al.)

Electric dipole moment of the rho-meson    [PDF]

Mario Pitschmann, Chien-Yeah Seng, Michael J. Ramsey-Musolf, Craig D. Roberts, Sebastian M. Schmidt, David J. Wilson

1209.4354 (Ezequiel Alvarez et al.)

A charged Z' to conciliate the apparent disagreement between top-antitop
Tevatron forward-backward asymmetry and LHC charge asymmetry

Ezequiel Alvarez, Estefania Coluccio Leskow

1209.4367 (V. Bernard et al.)

Determining the chiral condensate from the distribution of the winding
number beyond topological susceptibility

V. Bernard, S. Descotes-Genon, G. Toucas

1209.4376 (Gianluca Calcagni)

Multi-fractional spacetimes, asymptotic safety and Hořava-Lifshitz

Gianluca Calcagni

1209.4384 (Jeffrey A. Appel)

FPCP 2012 Summary Talk on Experiments    [PDF]

Jeffrey A. Appel

1209.4421 (Eran Palti)

A Note on Hypercharge Flux, Anomalies, and U(1)s in F-theory GUTs    [PDF]

Eran Palti

1209.4455 (V. Uzhinsky)

Calculation of light nucleus reaction cross sections in Geant4    [PDF]

V. Uzhinsky

1209.4460 (V. N. Pervushin et al.)

Condensate Mechanism of Conformal Symmetry Breaking and the Higgs Boson    [PDF]

V. N. Pervushin, A. B. Arbuzov, R. G. Nazmitdinov, A. E. Pavlov, A. F. Zakharov

1209.4468 (Florian Preis et al.)

Chiral transition in dense, magnetized matter    [PDF]

Florian Preis, Anton Rebhan, Andreas Schmitt

1209.4477 (Yuehong Xie)

CP Violation in Bs->J/psi phi    [PDF]

Yuehong Xie

1209.4486 (Antonio Vairo)

Transverse momentum broadening and gauge invariance    [PDF]

Antonio Vairo

1209.4501 (Maxim Eingorn et al.)

Viable Kaluza-Klein models with spherical compactification:
multicomponent background

Maxim Eingorn, Seyed Hossein Fakhr, Alexander Zhuk

1209.4512 (Rong-Gen Cai et al.)

Some aspects of QGP phase in a hQCD model    [PDF]

Rong-Gen Cai, Shankhadeep Chakrabortty, Song He, Li Li

1209.4514 (Hajime Aoki)

Probability of the Standard Model Appearance from a Matrix Model    [PDF]

Hajime Aoki

1209.4542 (P. Monaghan et al.)

Moments of the longitudinal proton structure function F_L from global
data in the Q^2 range 0.75-45.0 (GeV/c)^2

P. Monaghan, A. Accardi, M. E. Christy, C. E. Keppel, W. Melnitchouk, L. Zhu

1209.4544 (Tomohiro Abe et al.)

Minimal Dilaton Model    [PDF]

Tomohiro Abe, Ryuichiro Kitano, Yasufumi Konishi, Kin-ya Oda, Joe Sato, Shohei Sugiyama

1209.4548 (Andi Hektor et al.)

Fermi-LAT gamma-ray signal from Earth Limb, systematic detector effects
and their implications for the 130 GeV gamma-ray excess

Andi Hektor, Martti Raidal, Elmo Tempel

1209.4561 (T. Beranek et al.)

Constraints on the Dark Photon Parameter Space from Leptonic Rare Kaon

T. Beranek, M. Vanderhaeghen

1209.4564 (Fabian Bach et al.)

Anomalous Top Couplings at Hadron Colliders Revisited    [PDF]

Fabian Bach, Thorsten Ohl

1209.4579 (Pei-Hong Gu)

From Dirac neutrino masses to baryonic and dark matter asymmetries    [PDF]

Pei-Hong Gu

1209.4585 (Jean-Paul Blaizot et al.)

Medium-induced gluon branching    [PDF]

Jean-Paul Blaizot, Fabio Dominguez, Edmond Iancu, Yacine Mehtar-Tani

1209.4595 (Francisco Campanario et al.)

WZ production beyond NLO for high-pT observables    [PDF]

Francisco Campanario, Sebastian Sapeta

1209.4610 (Hua-Sheng Shao et al.)

Spin correlations in polarizations of P-wave charmonia $χ_{cJ}$ and
impact on $J/ψ$ polarization

Hua-Sheng Shao, Kuang-Ta Chao

1209.4618 (Xavier Calmet et al.)

Non-thermal quantum black holes with quantized masses    [PDF]

Xavier Calmet, Nina Gausmann

1209.4630 (Thomas Becher et al.)

Massive Boson Production at Small q_T in Soft-Collinear Effective Theory    [PDF]

Thomas Becher, Matthias Neubert, Daniel Wilhelm