Tuesday, January 8, 2013

0906.2680 (A. T. Tasci et al.)

Searching for Single Production of Charged Heavy Leptons via Anomalous
Interactions at CLIC

A. T. Tasci, A. Senol

1108.1237 (Tao Zhu et al.)

U(1) symmetry and elimination of spin-0 gravitons in Horava-Lifshitz
gravity without the projectability condition

Tao Zhu, Qiang Wu, Anzhong Wang, Fuwen Shu

1112.4528 (Steve Blanchet et al.)

Leptogenesis with heavy neutrino flavours: from density matrix to
Boltzmann equations

Steve Blanchet, David A. Jones, Pasquale Di Bari, Luca Marzola

1301.0829 (Masha Baryakhtar et al.)

Axion Mediation    [PDF]

Masha Baryakhtar, Edward Hardy, John March-Russell

1301.0881 (S. Groote et al.)

Fully analytical O(α_s) results for on-shell and off-shell
polarized W-boson decays into massive quark pairs

S. Groote, J. G. Körner, P. Tuvike

1301.0899 (G. H. Bordbar et al.)

Structure of Spin Polarized Strange Quark Star in the Presence of
Magnetic Field at Finite Temperature

G. H. Bordbar, F. Kayanikhoo, H. Bahri

1301.0914 (V. Berezinsky)

Extragalactic cosmic rays and their signatures    [PDF]

V. Berezinsky

1301.0918 (Sayantan Choudhury et al.)

Features of warped geometry in presence of Gauss-Bonnet coupling    [PDF]

Sayantan Choudhury, Soumitra SenGupta

1301.0919 (Karim Ghorbani)

Kaon semi-leptonic form factor at zero momentum transfer in finite

Karim Ghorbani

1301.0933 (Andrew J. Larkoski et al.)

Helicity-Dependent Showers and Matching with VINCIA    [PDF]

Andrew J. Larkoski, Juan J. Lopez-Villarejo, Peter Skands

1301.0952 (Stefano Profumo)

TASI 2012 Lectures on Astrophysical Probes of Dark Matter    [PDF]

Stefano Profumo

1301.0962 (German Valencia)

CP violation in top-quark pair production and decay    [PDF]

German Valencia

1301.0982 (Sabyasachi Roy et al.)

A Higher Dimensional Potential Model Approach in the Study of Isgur-Wise
Function for Heavy-Light Mesons

Sabyasachi Roy, D. K. Choudhury

1301.1078 (Guan-Nan Li et al.)

The $β$ angle as the CP violating phase in the CKM matrix    [PDF]

Guan-Nan Li, Hsiu-Hsien Lin, Dong Xu, Xiao-Gang He

1301.1079 (Geoffrey T. Bodwin)

Erratum: Order-v^4 corrections to S-wave quarkonium decay [Phys. Rev. D
66, 094011 (2002), arXiv:hep-ph/0205210]

Geoffrey T. Bodwin

1301.1102 (Shu Luo et al.)

Global Neutrino Heating in Hyperaccretion Flows    [PDF]

Shu Luo, Feng Yuan

1301.1103 (Per Hansson Adrian)

The Heavy Photon Search Experiment    [PDF]

Per Hansson Adrian

1301.1114 (Parikshit Junnarkar et al.)

The Scalar Strange Content of the Nucleon from Lattice QCD    [PDF]

Parikshit Junnarkar, Andre Walker-Loud

1301.1123 (Masahiro Kawasaki et al.)

Axions : Theory and Cosmological Role    [PDF]

Masahiro Kawasaki, Kazunori Nakayama

1301.1128 (B. S. Zou)

Hadron spectroscopy from strangeness to charm and beauty    [PDF]

B. S. Zou

1301.1137 (Tsutomu T. Yanagida et al.)

Focus Point in Gaugino Mediation ~ Reconsideration of the Fine-tuning
Problem ~

Tsutomu T. Yanagida, Norimi Yokozaki

1301.1138 (M. M. Boliev et al.)

Search for muon signal from dark matter annihilations in the Sun with
the Baksan Underground Scintillator Telescope for 24.12 years

M. M. Boliev, S. V. Demidov, S. P. Mikheyev, O. V. Suvorova

1301.1167 (Svjetlana Fajfer et al.)

Theory of B to tau nu and B to D^(*) tau nu    [PDF]

Svjetlana Fajfer, Ivan Nisandzic

1301.1190 (M. Greif et al.)

Investigation of Heat Conductivity in Relativistic Systems using a
Partonic Cascade

M. Greif, F. Reining, I. Bouras, G. S. Denicol, Z. Xu, C. Greiner

1301.1194 (Gernot Eichmann et al.)

Nucleon Compton scattering from the Dyson-Schwinger perspective    [PDF]

Gernot Eichmann, Christian S. Fischer

1301.1211 (Denis Perret-Gallix)

Computational Particle Physics for Event Generators and Data Analysis    [PDF]

Denis Perret-Gallix

1301.1227 (M. Hentschinski et al.)

Forward Drell-Yan plus backward jet as a test of BFKL evolution    [PDF]

M. Hentschinski, C. Salas

1301.1230 (Kresimir Kumericki et al.)

HERMES impact for the access of Compton form factors    [PDF]

Kresimir Kumericki, Dieter Mueller, Morgan Murray

1301.1241 (Avraham Gal)

Comment on recent Strangeness -2 predictions    [PDF]

Avraham Gal

1301.1245 (Ding Yu Shao et al.)

Threshold resummation effects in Higgs boson pair production at the LHC    [PDF]

Ding Yu Shao, Chong Sheng Li, Hai Tao Li, Jian Wang

1301.1307 (Gergely Endrodi)

QCD equation of state at nonzero magnetic fields in the Hadron Resonance
Gas model

Gergely Endrodi

1301.1308 (Piotr Pietrulewicz)

Electric dipole transitions in pNRQCD    [PDF]

Piotr Pietrulewicz

1301.1322 (Markus Klute et al.)

Measuring Higgs Couplings at a Linear Collider    [PDF]

Markus Klute, Remi Lafaye, Tilman Plehn, Michael Rauch, Dirk Zerwas

1301.1323 (R. G. H. Robertson)

Empirical Survey of Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Matrix Elements    [PDF]

R. G. H. Robertson

1301.1325 (David G. Cerdeno et al.)

Probing the two light Higgs scenario in the NMSSM with a low-mass

David G. Cerdeno, Pradipta Ghosh, Chan Beom Park