Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1305.2914 (Timothy Cohen et al.)

Here be Dragons: The Unexplored Continents of the CMSSM    [PDF]

Timothy Cohen, Jay G. Wacker

1307.2116 (Ya. I. Azimov)

Angular Functions with Complex Angular Momenta    [PDF]

Ya. I. Azimov

1307.2238 (Xavier Garcia i Tormo)

Review on the determination of alpha_s from the QCD static energy    [PDF]

Xavier Garcia i Tormo

1307.2241 (Julian Heeck)

Leptogenesis with Lepton-Number-Violating Dirac Neutrinos    [PDF]

Julian Heeck

1307.2252 (Daniel Maître et al.)

Simulated NNLO for high-pT observables in vector boson + jets production
at the LHC

Daniel Maître, Sebastian Sapeta

1307.2253 (Giorgio Busoni et al.)

On the Validity of the Effective Field Theory for Dark Matter Searches
at the LHC

Giorgio Busoni, Andrea De Simone, Enrico Morgante, Antonio Riotto

1307.2261 (Francisco Campanario et al.)

Di-boson and Tri-boson production at the LHC    [PDF]

Francisco Campanario, Christoph Englert, Michael Rauch, Sebastian Sapeta, Dieter Zeppenfeld

1307.2280 (M. A. Deliyergiyev et al.)

The state of non-relativistic quantum system in a relativistic reference

M. A. Deliyergiyev, A. G. Kotanzhyan, K. K. Merkotan, N. O. Podoliian, O. S. Potiyenko, D. A. Ptashynskyy, V. D. Rusov, I. V. Sharph, G. O. Sokhrannyi, A. V. Tykhonov, Yu. V. Volkotrub

1307.2285 (Mingmei Xu et al.)

Inflection point as a characteristic of the QCD critical point    [PDF]

Mingmei Xu, Yuanfang Wu

1307.2290 (L. Paulucci et al.)

Superconducting phases of strange quark matter in the NJL model    [PDF]

L. Paulucci, J. E. Horvath, E. J. Ferrer, V. de la Incera

1307.2308 (Li Xiao-Peng et al.)

Single (anti-)top production in association with a lightest neutralino
at LHeC

Li Xiao-Peng, Guo Lei, Ma Wen-Gan, Zhang Ren-You, Han Liang, Song Mao

1307.2322 (Glennys R. Farrar et al.)

A new physical phenomenon in ultra-high energy collisions    [PDF]

Glennys R. Farrar, Jeffrey D. Allen

1307.2340 (Vladimir Pascalutsa)

Proton polarizabilities: status, relevance, prospects    [PDF]

Vladimir Pascalutsa

1307.2364 (Matthias Steinhauser)

Higgs boson production in the SM and MSSM to NNLO and beyond    [PDF]

Matthias Steinhauser

1307.2365 (Norma Susana Mankoc Borstnik)

Properties of twice four families of quarks and leptons, of scalars and
gauge fields as predicted by the spin-charge-family theory

Norma Susana Mankoc Borstnik

1307.2370 (Norma Susana Mankoc Borstnik)

How can the Standard model Higgs and also the extensions of the Higgs to
Yukawa's scalars be interpreted in the spin-charge-family theory and to what
predictions about the Higgs does this theory lead?

Norma Susana Mankoc Borstnik

1307.2393 (Alexey Gulov et al.)

Model-Independent Estimates for the Couplings of the Abelian Z' Boson in
the Drell-Yan Process at the LHC

Alexey Gulov, Andrey Kozhushko

1307.2395 (E. Yazici et al.)

Investigation of the $D^{\ast}_{s}D_{s} η^{(\prime)}$ and
$B^{\ast}_{s}B_{s} η^{(\prime)}$ vertices via QCD sum rules

E. Yazici, E. Veli Veliev, K. Azizi, H. Sundu

1307.2400 (Domenec Espriu et al.)

Radiative corrections to WL WL scattering in composite Higgs models    [PDF]

Domenec Espriu, Federico Mescia, Brian Yencho

1307.2414 (Hong-Wei Ke et al.)

Is $Z_c(3900)$ a molecular state    [PDF]

Hong-Wei Ke, Zheng-Tao Wei, Xue-Qian Li

1307.2420 (D. Bettinelli et al.)

The Stueckelberg Mechanism in the presence of Physical Scalar Resonances    [PDF]

D. Bettinelli, A. Quadri

1307.2422 (Zhi-Gang Wang)

Analysis of hadronic coupling constants $G_{B_c^*B_cΥ}$ and $
G_{B_c^*B_c J/ψ}$ with QCD sum rules

Zhi-Gang Wang

1307.2426 (Debasish Borah)

Deviations from Tri-Bimaximal Neutrino Mixing Using Type II Seesaw    [PDF]

Debasish Borah

1307.2448 (George W. S. Hou)

Enhanced Bd --> mu+ mu- Decay: What if?    [PDF]

George W. S. Hou

1307.2451 (Andre Felipe Garcia et al.)

Chiral Transition Within Effective Quark Models under Strong Magnetic

Andre Felipe Garcia, Marcus Benghi Pinto

1307.2452 (Raul Jimenez)

Beyond the Standard Model of Physics with Astronomical Observations    [PDF]

Raul Jimenez

1307.2453 (Richard Easther et al.)

Supersymmetry, Nonthermal Dark Matter and Precision Cosmology    [PDF]

Richard Easther, Richard Galvez, Ogan Ozsoy, Scott Watson

1307.2454 (Massimo Giovannini)

Anomalous Magnetohydrodynamics    [PDF]

Massimo Giovannini

1307.2464 (Hai Tao Li et al.)

Top quark pair production at small transverse momentum in hadronic

Hai Tao Li, Chong Sheng Li, Ding Yu Shao, Li Lin Yang, Hua Xing Zhu

1307.2477 (Tomoi Koide et al.)

Bivelocity picture in the nonrelativistic limit of relativistic

Tomoi Koide, Rudnei O. Ramos, Gustavo S. Vicente

1307.2513 (Alexander K Knochel)

What can the Higgs tell us about UV physics?    [PDF]

Alexander K Knochel

1307.2519 (Vernon Barger et al.)

Configuring the Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiment    [PDF]

Vernon Barger, Atri Bhattacharya, Animesh Chatterjee, Raj Gandhi, Danny Marfatia, Mehedi Masud

1307.2539 (Wilke van der Schee et al.)

A fully dynamical simulation of central nuclear collisions    [PDF]

Wilke van der Schee, Paul Romatschke, Scott Pratt

1307.2550 (Jonathan L. Rosner)

Hadronic and radiative $D^*$ decays    [PDF]

Jonathan L. Rosner

1307.2561 (A. Hektor et al.)

The cosmic-ray positron excess from a local Dark Matter over-density    [PDF]

A. Hektor, M. Raidal, A. Strumia, E. Tempel