Monday, October 29, 2012

1108.5407 (Heron Caldas et al.)

Superfluidity in Two-Dimensional Imbalanced Fermi Gases    [PDF]

Heron Caldas, A. L. Mota, R. L. S. Farias, L. A. Souza

1210.6982 (Mu-Chun Chen et al.)

Compatibility of theta13 and the Type I Seesaw Model with A4 Symmetry    [PDF]

Mu-Chun Chen, Jinrui Huang, Jon-Michael O'Bryan, Alexander M. Wijangco, Felix Yu

1210.6987 (Oleg Lebedev et al.)

Metastable Electroweak Vacuum: Implications for Inflation    [PDF]

Oleg Lebedev, Alexander Westphal

1210.7001 (P. M. Stevenson)

Optimization of QCD Perturbation Theory: Results for R(e+e-) at fourth

P. M. Stevenson

1210.7007 (Juan C. Bueno Sánchez et al.)

On the fate of coupled flat directions during inflation    [PDF]

Juan C. Bueno Sánchez, Kari Enqvist

1210.7020 (Thomas Burgess et al.)

Finding viable Models in SUSY Parameter Spaces with Signal Specific
Discovery Potential

Thomas Burgess, Jan Øye Lindroos, Anna Lipniacka, Heidi Sandaker

1210.7046 (Jisuke Kubo)

Super Flavorsymmetry with Multiple Higgs Doublets    [PDF]

Jisuke Kubo

1210.7061 (S. H. Chiu et al.)

Properties of the Neutrino Mixing Matrix    [PDF]

S. H. Chiu, T. K. Kuo

1210.7072 (C. A. Garcia Canal et al.)

Production and propagation of heavy hadrons in air-shower simulators    [PDF]

C. A. Garcia Canal, J. I. Illana, M. Masip, S. J. Sciutto

1210.7074 (Daren Zhou et al.)

Energy-dependent partial-wave analysis of all antiproton-proton
scattering data below 925 MeV/c

Daren Zhou, Rob G. E. Timmermans

1210.7080 (Ken'ichi Saikawa et al.)

Evolution and thermalization of dark matter axions in the condensed

Ken'ichi Saikawa, Masahide Yamaguchi

1210.7114 (Giuliano Panico et al.)

On the Tuning and the Mass of the Composite Higgs    [PDF]

Giuliano Panico, Michele Redi, Andrea Tesi, Andrea Wulzer

1210.7118 (Seishi Enomoto et al.)

Non-Gaussianity in the unified curvaton mechanism : The generalized
curvaton mechanism that comprehends modulation at the transition

Seishi Enomoto, Kazunori Kohri, Tomohiro Matsuda

1210.7133 (E. Di Salvo et al.)

Baryon Polarization, Phases of Amplitudes and Time Reversal Odd

E. Di Salvo, Z. J. Ajaltouni

1210.7153 (Enrique Ruiz Arriola et al.)

Hadron resonances, large Nc, and the half-width rule    [PDF]

Enrique Ruiz Arriola, Wojciech Broniowski, Pere Masjuan

1210.7155 (Michael Buballa et al.)

Self-bound quark matter in the NJL model revisited: from schematic
droplets to solitonic lasagne

Michael Buballa, Stefano Carignano

1210.7169 (C. A. Linhares et al.)

Spontaneous symmetry restoration in a field theory at finite chemical
potential in a toroidal topology

C. A. Linhares, A. P. C. Malbouisson, J. M. C. Malbouisson, I. Roditi

1210.7176 (C. W. Xiao et al.)

The small $K π$ component in the $K^*$ wave functions    [PDF]

C. W. Xiao, F. Aceti, M. Bayar

1210.7184 (M. Benayoun et al.)

An Update of the HLS Estimate of the Muon g-2    [PDF]

M. Benayoun, P. David, L. DelBuono, F. Jegerlehner

1210.7202 (Francois-Xavier Josse-Michaux et al.)

Triplet Scalar Dark Matter and Leptogenesis in an Inverse See-Saw Model
of Neutrino Mass Generation

Francois-Xavier Josse-Michaux, Emiliano Molinaro

1210.7203 (Daniel de Florian et al.)

Polarized semi-inclusive electroweak structure functions at

Daniel de Florian, Yamila Rotstein Habarnau

1210.7206 (Nihar R. Sahoo et al.)

Baseline study for higher moments of net-charge multiplicity
distribution at RHIC energies

Nihar R. Sahoo, Sudipan De, Tapan K. Nayak

1210.7210 (Nathan P. M. Holt et al.)

Quantitative Sum Rule Analysis of Low-Temperature Spectral Functions    [PDF]

Nathan P. M. Holt, Paul M. Hohler, Ralf Rapp