Monday, February 18, 2013

1210.8355 (Youngsub Yoon)

Quantum corrections to Hawking radiation spectrum    [PDF]

Youngsub Yoon

1302.3619 (Ning Zhou et al.)

Mono-everything: combined limits on dark matter production at colliders
from multiple final states

Ning Zhou, David Berge, Daniel Whiteson

1302.3656 (I. P. Ivanov et al.)

Geometrical CP violation in the N-Higgs-doublet model    [PDF]

I. P. Ivanov, L. Lavoura

1302.3667 (Wen-Tao Hou et al.)

Gauge Independence of Magnetic Moment and Vanishing Charge of Dirac
Neutrinos: an Exact One-loop Demonstration

Wen-Tao Hou, Yi Liao, Hong-Jun Liu

1302.3690 (Vladimir Dzhunushaliev)

Nonperturbative quantization and turbulence: the comparison    [PDF]

Vladimir Dzhunushaliev

1302.3699 (Pietro Falgari)

SM single-top production at hadron colliders    [PDF]

Pietro Falgari

1302.3710 (Thorsten Renk)

The Physics probed by the P_T Dependence of the Nuclear Suppression

Thorsten Renk

1302.3713 (P. Osland et al.)

Phenomenology of charged scalars in the CP-Violating Inert-Doublet Model    [PDF]

P. Osland, A. Pukhov, G. M. Pruna, M. Purmohammadi

1302.3739 (A. J. Lee et al.)

The mass of the b-quark from lattice NRQCD and lattice perturbation

A. J. Lee, C. J. Monahan, R. R. Horgan, C. T. H. Davies, R. J. Dowdall, J. Koponen

1302.3742 (Jernej F. Kamenik)

Direct CP violation in non-leptonic charm decays: Implications for new

Jernej F. Kamenik

1302.3765 (A. V. Giannini et al.)

Nonlinear effects and the behavior of total hadronic and photonic cross

A. V. Giannini, F. O. Durães

1302.3794 (Kingman Cheung et al.)

Higgs Precision (Higgcision) Era begins    [PDF]

Kingman Cheung, Jae Sik Lee, Po-Yan Tseng

1302.3796 (A. Mirza et al.)

Thermal field theory at next-to-leading order in the hard thermal loop

A. Mirza, M. E. Carrington

1302.3801 (C. E. Cordeiro et al.)

Optical Dichroism by Nonlinear Excitations in Graphene Nanoribbons    [PDF]

C. E. Cordeiro, A. Delfino, T. Frederico, O. Oliveira, W. de Paula

1302.3825 (James P. Kneller et al.)

The consequences of large θ_13 for the turbulence signatures in
supernova neutrinos

James P. Kneller, Alex W. Mauney

1302.3836 (P. Rau et al.)

Chiral Hadronic Mean Field Model including Quark Degrees of Freedom    [PDF]

P. Rau, J. Steinheimer, S. Schramm, H. Stöcker

1302.3848 (Marek Schonherr)

Vector boson plus multijet production    [PDF]

Marek Schonherr

1302.3856 (John Campbell et al.)

Single top production in association with a Z boson at the LHC    [PDF]

John Campbell, R. Keith Ellis, Raoul Röntsch