Friday, April 19, 2013

1304.4906 (Andres Felipe Osorio Oliveros et al.)

Oscillation of high energy neutrinos in Choked GRBs    [PDF]

Andres Felipe Osorio Oliveros, Sarira Sahu, Juan Carlos Sanabria

1304.4936 (James S. Gainer et al.)

Geolocating the Higgs Boson Candidate at the LHC    [PDF]

James S. Gainer, Joseph Lykken, Konstantin T. Matchev, Stephen Mrenna, Myeonghun Park

1304.4935 (Hooman Davoudiasl et al.)

Higgs Decays as a Window into the Dark Sector    [PDF]

Hooman Davoudiasl, Hye-Sung Lee, Ian Lewis, William J. Marciano

1304.4946 (John Joseph M. Carrasco et al.)

The 2-loop matter power spectrum and the IR-safe integrand    [PDF]

John Joseph M. Carrasco, Simon Foreman, Daniel Green, Leonardo Senatore

1304.4949 (M. Bochicchio et al.)

Gauge theories in anti-selfdual variables    [PDF]

M. Bochicchio, A. Pilloni

1304.4970 (J. Segovia et al.)

B decays into radially excited charmed mesons    [PDF]

J. Segovia, E. Hernández, F. Fernández, D. R. Entem

1304.5006 (T. Mühlbeier et al.)

Revisiting the Triangulation Method for Pointing to Supernova and Failed
Supernova with Neutrinos

T. Mühlbeier, H. Nunokawa, R. Zukanovich Funchal

1304.5029 (Toshifumi Yamada)

SUSY Extended Higgs Sector and SUSY Strong Dynamics    [PDF]

Toshifumi Yamada

1304.5037 (Peng Sun et al.)

Energy Evolution for the Sivers Asymmetries in Hard Processes    [PDF]

Peng Sun, Feng Yuan

1304.5047 (Guido Altarelli)

Neutrino Mixing: Theoretical Overview    [PDF]

Guido Altarelli

1304.5059 (Eung Jin Chun et al.)

Same-sign tetra-leptons in type II seesaw at the LHC    [PDF]

Eung Jin Chun, Pankaj Sharma

1304.5080 (Michio Hashimoto)

Scenarios with Composite Higgs Bosons    [PDF]

Michio Hashimoto

1304.5085 (Tomohiro Abe et al.)

Probing LHC Higgs Signals from Extended Electroweak Gauge Group    [PDF]

Tomohiro Abe, Ning Chen, Hong-Jian He

1304.5094 (Suratna Das et al.)

Quantum to Classical Transition of Inflationary Perturbations -
Continuous Spontaneous Localization as a Possible Mechanism -

Suratna Das, Kinjalk Lochan, Satyabrata Sahu, T. P. Singh

1304.5104 (Hisaki Hatanaka)

Thermal Phase Transition in the SO(5) x U(1) Gauge-Higgs Unification
with 126GeV Higgs

Hisaki Hatanaka

1304.5119 (Chiara Arina et al.)

Complementarity of direct and indirect Dark Matter detection experiments    [PDF]

Chiara Arina, Gianfranco Bertone, Hamish Silverwood

1304.5120 (Miloslav Svec)

Study of piN->pipiN processes on polarized targets I.: Quantum
environment and its dephasing interaction with particle scattering

Miloslav Svec

1304.5121 (J. R. Pelaez et al.)

Properties and composition of the $f_0(500)$ resonance    [PDF]

J. R. Pelaez, J. Nebreda, G. Ríos, J. Ruiz de Elvira

1304.5127 (Fabrizio Nesti et al.)

The Dark Matter Halo of the Milky Way, AD 2013    [PDF]

Fabrizio Nesti, Paolo Salucci

1304.5171 (Sho Iwamoto)

LHC SUSY searches after the Higgs discovery: respecting the muon g-2    [PDF]

Sho Iwamoto

1304.5202 (Constantinos Pallis et al.)

Update on Minimal Supersymmetric Hybrid Inflation in Light of PLANCK    [PDF]

Constantinos Pallis, Qaisar Shafi

1304.5215 (Naoki Yamatsu)

A Supersymmetric Grand Unified Model with Noncompact Horizontal Symmetry    [PDF]

Naoki Yamatsu

1304.5225 (A. Barroso et al.)

2HDM at the LHC - the story so far    [PDF]

A. Barroso, P. M. Ferreira, Rui Santos, Marc Sher, João P. Silva

1304.5226 (Valentin Assassi et al.)

Planck-Suppressed Operators    [PDF]

Valentin Assassi, Daniel Baumann, Daniel Green, Liam McAllister

1304.5229 (Chris Gordon et al.)

Adiabatic and Isocurvature Perturbation Projections in Multi-Field

Chris Gordon, Paul M. Saffin

1304.5237 (Stanley J. Brodsky et al.)

Single-Spin Asymmetries in Semi-inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering and
Drell-Yan Processes

Stanley J. Brodsky, Dae Sung Hwang, Yuri V. Kovchegov, Ivan Schmidt, Matthew D. Sievert