Monday, December 24, 2012

1107.5943 (D. B. Espindola et al.)

Photino and Gluino Production in SQED and SQCD    [PDF]

D. B. Espindola, M. C. Rodriguez, C. Brenner Mariotto

1209.0080 (Kie Sang Jeong et al.)

Nuclear Symmetry Energy from QCD sum rules    [PDF]

Kie Sang Jeong, Su Houng Lee

1211.1625 (D. V. Bugg)

Galaxies as condensates    [PDF]

D. V. Bugg

1212.5293 (Hua-Sheng Shao)

HELAC-Onia: an automatic matrix element generator for heavy quarkonium

Hua-Sheng Shao

1212.5308 (Jiunn-Wei Chen et al.)

Shear and Bulk Viscosities of a Weakly Coupled Quark Gluon Plasma with
Finite Chemical Potential and Temperature---Leading-Log Results

Jiunn-Wei Chen, Yen-Fu Liu, Yu-Kun Song, Qun Wang

1212.5319 (Ardian Nata Atmaja)

Holographic Brownian Motion in Two Dimensional Rotating Fluid    [PDF]

Ardian Nata Atmaja

1212.5325 (Jian-Rong Zhang)

$S$-wave $D^{(*)}N$ molecular states: $Σ_{c}(2800)$ and

Jian-Rong Zhang

1212.5344 (Vadim Guzey et al.)

Massive neutral gauge boson production as a probe of nuclear
modifications of parton distributions at the LHC

Vadim Guzey, Marco Guzzi, Pavel M. Nadolsky, Mark Strikman, Bowen Wang

1212.5346 (S. Groote et al.)

Understanding perturbative results for decays of τleptons into

S. Groote, J. G. Körner, A. A. Pivovarov

1212.5357 (Jose Daniel Madrigal)

Lipatov's Effective Action Beyond Tree Level    [PDF]

Jose Daniel Madrigal

1212.5369 (Jon A. Bailey et al.)

Taste non-Goldstone, flavor-charged pseudo-Goldstone boson decay
constants in staggered chiral perturbation theory

Jon A. Bailey, Weonjong Lee, Boram Yoon

1212.5370 (D. Jurciukonis et al.)

Parametrizing the Neutrino sector of the seesaw extension in tau decays    [PDF]

D. Jurciukonis, T. Gajdosik, A. Juodagalvis, T. Sabonis

1212.5372 (Manami Hashi et al.)

Detectability of the second resonance of low-scale string models at the

Manami Hashi, Noriaki Kitazawa

1212.5388 (Andrew Adare et al.)

Initial state fluctuations and final state correlations: Status and open

Andrew Adare, Matthew Luzum, Hannah Petersen

1212.5393 (V. Ozvenchuk et al.)

Shear and bulk viscosities of strongly-interacting 'infinite'
parton-hadron matter within the Parton-Hadron-String (PHSD) transport

V. Ozvenchuk, O. Linnyk, M. I. Gorenstein, E. L. Bratkovskaya, W. Cassing

1212.5413 (Ying-Ying Fan et al.)

Anatomy of $B \to K η^{(\prime)}$ decays in different mixing schemes
and effects of NLO contributions in the pQCD approach

Ying-Ying Fan, Wen-Fei Wang, Shan Cheng, Zhen-Jun Xiao

1212.5416 (S. Bladwell et al.)

Colour-octet bound states, induced by Higgs mechanism    [PDF]

S. Bladwell, V. F. Dmitriev, V. V. Flambaum, A. Kozlov

1212.5427 (Antoni Szczurek et al.)

Production of one and two $c \bar c$ pairs at LHC    [PDF]

Antoni Szczurek, Rafal Maciula

1212.5475 (Marta Luszczak et al.)

Diffractive production of charm quark/antiquark pairs at RHIC and LHC    [PDF]

Marta Luszczak, Antoni Szczurek

1212.5511 (L. Carminati et al.)

Sensitivity of the LHC isolated-gamma+jet data to the parton
distribution functions of the proton

L. Carminati, C. Costa, D. d'Enterria, I. Koletsou, G. Marchiori, J. Rojo, M. Stockton, F. Tartarelli

1212.5521 (J. Jankowski et al.)

Chiral condensate in hadronic matter    [PDF]

J. Jankowski, D. Blaschke, M. Spalinski

1212.5528 (Guan-nan Li et al.)

Lepton number violation and $h\to γγ$ in a radiative inverse
seesaw dark matter model

Guan-nan Li, Gang Guo, Bo Ren, Ya-Juan Zheng, Xiao-Gang He

1212.5544 (Stephan Narison)

Revisiting f_B and m_b(m_b) from HQET spectral sum rules    [PDF]

Stephan Narison

1212.5549 (E. A. F. Basso et al.)

Inclusive hadron production at LHC in dipole momentum space    [PDF]

E. A. F. Basso, M. B. Gay Ducati, E. G. de Oliveira

1212.5556 (Z. Was)

Status of TAUOLA and related projects    [PDF]

Z. Was

1212.5557 (Benjamin Maier et al.)

Application of Ewald's Method for Efficient Summation of Dyon Long-Range

Benjamin Maier, Falk Bruckmann, Simon Dinter, Ernst-Michael Ilgenfritz, Michael Muller-Preussker, Marc Wagner

1212.5559 (J. Reuter et al.)

A Fat Gluino in Disguise    [PDF]

J. Reuter, D. Wiesler

1212.5560 (L. Basso et al.)

A singlet-triplet extension for the Higgs search at LEP and LHC    [PDF]

L. Basso, O. Fischer, J. J. van der Bij

1212.5581 (J. Baglio et al.)

The measurement of the Higgs self-coupling at the LHC: theoretical

J. Baglio, A. Djouadi, R. Grober, M. M. Muhlleitner, J. Quevillon, M. Spira

1212.5587 (Leszek Roszkowski et al.)

Gravitino dark matter with constraints from Higgs boson mass and
sneutrino decays

Leszek Roszkowski, Sebastian Trojanowski, Krzysztof Turzynski, Karsten Jedamzik