Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1008.4515 (Tatsu Takeuchi et al.)

Ratchet Model of Baryogenesis    [PDF]

Tatsu Takeuchi, Azusa Minamizaki, Akio Sugamoto

1301.0905 (Randolf Pohl et al.)

Muonic hydrogen and the proton radius puzzle    [PDF]

Randolf Pohl, Ronald Gilman, Gerald A. Miller, Krzysztof Pachucki

1301.1587 (Amand Faessler et al.)

Addendum to: QRPA uncertainties and their correlations in the analysis
of neutrinoless double beta decay

Amand Faessler, G. L. Fogli, E. Lisi, V. Rodin, A. M. Rotunno, F. Simkovic

1301.1340 (Stephen F. King et al.)

Neutrino Mass and Mixing with Discrete Symmetry    [PDF]

Stephen F. King, Christoph Luhn

1301.1350 (Manuel Drees et al.)

Enhanced One-Loop Corrections to WIMP Annihilation and their Thermal
Relic Density in the Coannihilation Region

Manuel Drees, Jie Gu

1301.1355 (Anqi Cheng et al.)

Scale-dependent mass anomalous dimension from Dirac eigenmodes    [PDF]

Anqi Cheng, Anna Hasenfratz, Gregory Petropoulos, David Schaich

1301.1358 (Udit Raha et al.)

Radiative corrections to anti-neutrino proton scattering    [PDF]

Udit Raha, Fred Myhrer, Kuniharu Kubodera

1301.1375 (Md. Nasim et al.)

Elliptic flow of φ-meson a sensitive probe for onset of
de-confinement transition in high energy heavy-ion collisions

Md. Nasim, Bedangadas Mohanty, Nu Xu

1301.1383 (A. Aleksejevs et al.)

Dynamical Structure of Baryons    [PDF]

A. Aleksejevs, S. Barkanova

1301.1384 (A. Aleksejevs et al.)

NLO and NNLO EWC for PV Moller Scattering    [PDF]

A. Aleksejevs, S. Barkanova, E. Kuraev, V. Zykunov

1301.1396 (Amitai Y. Bin-Nun)

Method for detecting a boson star at Sgr A* through gravitational

Amitai Y. Bin-Nun

1301.1399 (Zhi-Gang Wang)

Analysis of the decay constants of the heavy pseudoscalar mesons with
QCD sum rules

Zhi-Gang Wang

1301.1410 (P. Ko)

Review on top forward-backward asymmetry    [PDF]

P. Ko

1301.1437 (Eung Jin Chun et al.)

A light triplet boson and Higgs-to-diphoton in supersymmetric type II

Eung Jin Chun, Pankaj Sharma

1301.1457 (P. C. Divari et al.)

Renormalization of the Spin-dependent WIMP scattering off nuclei    [PDF]

P. C. Divari, J. D. Vergados

1301.1482 (Morgan Murray)

Physics Updates from HERMES    [PDF]

Morgan Murray

1301.1484 (Morgan Murray)


Morgan Murray

1301.1486 (Andrea De Simone et al.)

On the effective operators for Dark Matter annihilations    [PDF]

Andrea De Simone, Alexander Monin, Andrea Thamm, Alfredo Urbano

1301.1554 (Adam Smetana)

Top-quark and neutrino composite Higgs bosons    [PDF]

Adam Smetana

1301.1567 (Martin Schumacher et al.)

Dispersion theory of nucleon Compton scattering and polarizabilities    [PDF]

Martin Schumacher, Michael D. Scadron

1301.1603 (Clare Burrage)

Shining Light on Dark Energy and Modifications of Gravity    [PDF]

Clare Burrage

1301.1640 (D. B. Blaschke et al.)

Properties of the electron-positron plasma created from vacuum in a
strong Laser Field I. Quasiparticle excitations

D. B. Blaschke, B. Kaempfer, S. M. Schmidt, A. D. Panferov, A. V. Prozorkevich, S. A. Smolyansky

1301.1651 (Guy F. de Teramond et al.)

Kinematical and Dynamical Aspects of Higher-Spin Bound-State Equations
in Holographic QCD

Guy F. de Teramond, Hans Gunter Dosch, Stanley J. Brodsky