Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1307.3251 (Francesco D'Eramo et al.)

Anomaly Mediation from Unbroken Supergravity    [PDF]

Francesco D'Eramo, Jesse Thaler, Zachary Thomas

1307.3299 (Amir N. Khan et al.)

More than One Way to Find the Neutrino Mixing Angle Theta13 from Reactor

Amir N. Khan, Douglas W. McKay, John P. Ralston

1307.3311 (Janardan Prasad Singh)

Light quark pseudoscalar densities and anomaly matrix elements for
η and η' mesons

Janardan Prasad Singh

1307.3344 (Xing-Gang Wu)

BCVEGPY and GENXICC for the hadronic production of the doubly heavy
mesons and baryons

Xing-Gang Wu

1307.3383 (Nicki Bornhauser et al.)

Determination of the CMSSM Parameters using Neural Networks    [PDF]

Nicki Bornhauser, Manuel Drees

1307.3407 (Nour Makke)

Fragmentation Functions measurement at COMPASS    [PDF]

Nour Makke

1307.3417 (Cristian Pisano et al.)

Linear polarization of gluons and photons in unpolarized collider

Cristian Pisano, Daniel Boer, Stanley J. Brodsky, Maarten G. A. Buffing, Piet J. Mulders

1307.3418 (Nour Makke)

Study of the hadronisation process from single hadron and hadron-pair
production in SIDIS at COMPASS

Nour Makke

1307.3444 (V. I. Shevchenko)

Non-Stationary Measurements of Chiral Magnetic Effect    [PDF]

V. I. Shevchenko

1307.3553 (Alfredo Aranda et al.)

Dirac neutrinos from flavor symmetry    [PDF]

Alfredo Aranda, Cesar Bonilla, S. Morisi, E. Peinado, J. W. F. Valle

1307.3557 (Zhong-Bo Kang et al.)

Multiple scattering effects on inclusive particle production in the
large-x regime

Zhong-Bo Kang, Ivan Vitev, Hongxi Xing

1307.3559 (M. C. David Marsh et al.)

Charting an Inflationary Landscape with Random Matrix Theory    [PDF]

M. C. David Marsh, Liam McAllister, Enrico Pajer, Timm Wrase

1307.3561 (Matthew R. Buckley et al.)

Phenomenology of Dirac Neutralino Dark Matter    [PDF]

Matthew R. Buckley, Dan Hooper, Jason Kumar

1307.3566 (Mikael Berggren et al.)

Tackling light higgsinos at the ILC    [PDF]

Mikael Berggren, Felix Brümmer, Jenny List, Gudrid Moortgat-Pick, Tania Robens, Krzysztof Rolbiecki, Hale Sert

1307.3607 (Hai-Bin Zhang et al.)

The 125 GeV Higgs decays in the $μν$SSM    [PDF]

Hai-Bin Zhang, Tai-Fu Feng, Fei Sun, Ke-Sheng Sun, Jian-Bin Chen, Shu-Min Zhao

1307.3633 (A. Abbasi et al.)

Strong coupling constant of vector bottomonium to the pseudoscalar and
vector $B_c$ mesons via QCD sum rules

A. Abbasi, V. Bashiry

1307.3644 (A. V. Lipatov et al.)

An extended study of the prompt photon photoproduction at HERA with

A. V. Lipatov, M. A. Malyshev, N. P. Zotov

1307.3652 (N. Buyukcizmeci et al.)

Mechanisms for production of hypernuclei beyond the neutron and proton
drip lines

N. Buyukcizmeci, A. S. Botvina, J. Pochodzalla, M. Bleicher

1307.3674 (B. G. Zakharov)

Medium modification of photon-tagged and inclusive jets in
high-multiplicity proton-proton collisions

B. G. Zakharov

1307.3676 (Vernon Barger et al.)

Discriminators of 2 Higgs Doublets at the LHC14, ILC and
MuonCollider(125): A Snowmasss White Paper

Vernon Barger, Lisa L. Everett, Heather E. Logan, Gabe Shaughnessy

1307.3689 (Tom Banks et al.)

Two Point Pade Approximants and Duality    [PDF]

Tom Banks, T. J. Torres

1307.3707 (Ju-Jun Xie et al.)

Coupling constant for $Λ(1405)\bar{K}N$    [PDF]

Ju-Jun Xie, Bo-Chao Liu, Chun-Sheng An

1307.3764 (Valentin V. Khoze et al.)

Leptogenesis and Neutrino Oscillations in the Classically Conformal
Standard Model with the Higgs Portal

Valentin V. Khoze, Gunnar Ro

1307.3765 (Nishita Desai et al.)

An updated analysis of radion-higgs mixing in the light of LHC data    [PDF]

Nishita Desai, Ushoshi Maitra, Biswarup Mukhopadhyaya

1307.3777 (A. I. Ahmadov et al.)

Single Neutralino Production at the LHC    [PDF]

A. I. Ahmadov, M. Demirci

1307.3779 (A. I. Ahmadov et al.)

Electroweak Corrections to the Neutralino Pair Production at CERN LHC    [PDF]

A. I. Ahmadov, M. Demirci

1307.3790 (Chengcheng Han et al.)

Higgs pair production with SUSY QCD correction: revisited under current
experimental constraints

Chengcheng Han, Xuanting Ji, Lei Wu, Peiwen Wu, Jin Min Yang

1307.3808 (Xiao-Wen Ren et al.)

Strange particles production in relativistic nucleus-nucleus collisions
at RHIC and LHC energy regions

Xiao-Wen Ren, Sheng-Qin Feng, Xian-Bao Yuan

1307.3827 (Yu. B. Ivanov et al.)

Non-Equilibrium 2PI Potential and Its Possible Application to Evaluation
of Bulk Viscosity

Yu. B. Ivanov, D. N. Voskresensky

1307.3852 (Chao-Qiang Geng et al.)

Form factors of $η_c$ in light front quark model    [PDF]

Chao-Qiang Geng, Chong-Chung Lih

1307.3887 (Kai Schmitz)

The B-L Phase Transition: Implications for Cosmology and Neutrinos    [PDF]

Kai Schmitz

1307.3890 (Jan Ebr et al.)

Effects of massive photons from the dark sector on the muon content in
extensive air showers

Jan Ebr, Petr Nečesal

1307.3891 (Daniel M. Kaplan on behalf of the MAP et al.)

Muon Cooling, Muon Colliders, and the MICE Experiment    [PDF]

Daniel M. Kaplan on behalf of the MAP, MICE collaborations

1307.3893 (V. I. Telnov)

Higgs factories    [PDF]

V. I. Telnov

1307.3898 (Michele Maggiore)

Phantom dark energy from non-local massive gravity    [PDF]

Michele Maggiore

1307.3920 (Leandros Perivolaropoulos et al.)

Stabilizing the Semilocal String with a Dilatonic Coupling    [PDF]

Leandros Perivolaropoulos, Nikos Platis

1307.3948 (Suyong Chpoi et al.)

Implications of LHC data on 125GeV Higgs-like boson for the Standard
Model and its various extensions

Suyong Chpoi, Sunghoon Jung, P. Ko

1307.3956 (Ruben Conceição et al.)

The Pierre Auger Observatory: results on the highest energy particles    [PDF]

Ruben Conceição, for the Pierre Auger Collaboration

1307.3962 (A. Freitas et al.)

Exploring Quantum Physics at the ILC    [PDF]

A. Freitas, K. Hagiwara, S. Heinemeyer, P. Langacker, K. Moenig, M. Tanabashi, G. W. Wilson

1307.3978 (Frithjof Karsch)

The last word(s) on CPOD 2013    [PDF]

Frithjof Karsch

1307.3985 (J. Bartels et al.)

Generalized Bootstrap Equations and possible implications for the NLO

J. Bartels, G. P. Vacca

1307.4001 (D. Cabrera et al.)

The $πρ$ Cloud Contribution to the $ω$ Width in Nuclear Matter    [PDF]

D. Cabrera, R. Rapp

1307.4037 (S. Jadach et al.)

KK MC 4.22: CEEX EW Corrections for f\bar{f}\rightarrow f'\bar{f'} at
LHC and Muon Colliders

S. Jadach, B. F. L. Ward, Z. Was

1307.4044 (Shashank Bhatnagar et al.)

Relevance of various Dirac covariants in hadronic Bethe-Salpeter wave
functions in electromagnetic decays of ground state vector mesons

Shashank Bhatnagar, Jorge Mahecha, Yikdem Mengesha

1307.4051 (Gino Isidori et al.)

Higgs form factors in Associated Production    [PDF]

Gino Isidori, Michael Trott

1307.4057 (Anna M. Stasto et al.)

Towards the Test of Saturation Physics Beyond Leading Logarithm    [PDF]

Anna M. Stasto, Bo-Wen Xiao, David Zaslavsky

1307.4066 (Louis Lello et al.)

Pre-slow roll initial conditions: large scale power suppression and
infrared aspects during inflation

Louis Lello, Daniel Boyanovsky, Richard Holman

1307.4068 (Gregory S. Adkins et al.)

Lorentz and CPT violation in the hydrogen spectrum    [PDF]

Gregory S. Adkins, Theodore J. Yoder

1307.4070 (Pablo G. Allen et al.)

Phase diagram of strongly interacting matter under strong magnetic

Pablo G. Allen, Norberto N. Scoccola

1307.4074 (Jenny List et al.)

Bilinear R Parity Violation at the ILC - Neutrino Physics at Colliders    [PDF]

Jenny List, Benedikt Vormwald