Friday, February 22, 2013

1302.5126 (F. Mansouri et al.)

Proton scattering on an electron gas    [PDF]

F. Mansouri, J. Polonyi, K. Zazoua, N. Zekri

1302.5152 (Masashi Wakamatsu)

Are there infinitely many decompositions of the nucleon spin ?    [PDF]

Masashi Wakamatsu

1302.5219 (Jon Bailey et al.)

Recent progress in staggered chiral perturbation theory    [PDF]

Jon Bailey, Hyung-Jin Kim, Weonjong Lee, Boram Yoon

1302.5250 (Oliver Fochler et al.)

Radiative parton processes in perturbative QCD - an improved version of
the Gunion and Bertsch cross section from comparisons to the exact result

Oliver Fochler, Jan Uphoff, Zhe Xu, Carsten Greiner

1302.5252 (Tobias Goecke et al.)

The role of vector meson dominance and running masses in the hadronic
contributions to the muon $g-2$

Tobias Goecke, Christian S. Fischer, Richard Williams

1302.5255 (Guillermo Rios et al.)

Determination of Chiral Perturbarion Theory low energy constants from a
precise description of pi-pi scattering threshold parameters

Guillermo Rios, Jenifer Nebreda, Jose R. Pelaez

1302.5256 (Paul Newman)

Recent Experimental Results on Soft Strong Interactions    [PDF]

Paul Newman

1302.5262 (D. M. Ghilencea)

Fixing the EW scale in supersymmetric models after the Higgs discovery    [PDF]

D. M. Ghilencea

1302.5291 (Peter Athron et al.)

Fine Tuning in the Constrained Exceptional Supersymmetric Standard Model    [PDF]

Peter Athron, Maien Binjonaid, Stephen F. King

1302.5298 (Micha Klasen et al.)

Scalar dark matter and fermion coannihilations in the radiative seesaw

Micha Klasen, Carlos E. Yaguna, Jose D. Ruiz-Alvarez, Diego Restrepo, Oscar Zapata

1302.5316 (I. V. Frolov et al.)

The chiral color symmetry of quarks and $G'$-boson contributions to
charge asymmetry in $t \bar t$-production at the LHC and Tevatron

I. V. Frolov, M. V. Martynov, A. D. Smirnov

1302.5319 (Pisin Chen)

Constraining GRB as Source for UHE Cosmic Rays through Neutrino

Pisin Chen

1302.5346 (Jason L. Evans et al.)

Universality in Pure Gravity Mediation    [PDF]

Jason L. Evans, Masahiro Ibe, Keith A. Olive, Tsutomu T. Yanagida

1302.5353 (Douglas Moore et al.)

Gauge Models in D Dimensions    [PDF]

Douglas Moore, Jared Greenwald, Gerald Cleaver

1302.5381 (M. V. Garzelli et al.)

Top-antitop pair hadroproduction in association with a heavy boson at
the NLO QCD accuracy + Parton Shower

M. V. Garzelli, A. Kardos, C. G. Papadopoulos, Z. Trocsanyi

1302.5399 (Stanley J. Brodsky et al.)

Conformal Symmetry, Confinement, and Light-Front Holographic QCD    [PDF]

Stanley J. Brodsky, Guy F. de Téramond, Hans Günter Dosch