Monday, October 8, 2012

1110.3289 (Amol Dighe et al.)

Optimization of the baseline and the parent muon energy for a low energy
neutrino factory

Amol Dighe, Srubabati Goswami, Shamayita Ray

1210.1725 (L. Marques et al.)

Non-extensivity of hadronic systems    [PDF]

L. Marques, E. Andrade-II, A. Deppman

1210.1607 (M. D. Tonasse)

Decay properties of a class of doubly charged Higgs bosons    [PDF]

M. D. Tonasse

1210.1677 (W. Florkowski et al.)

Anisotropic hydrodynamics    [PDF]

W. Florkowski, M. Martinez, R. Ryblewski, M. Strickland

1210.1685 (J. Ablinger et al.)

Advanced Computer Algebra Algorithms for the Expansion of Feynman

J. Ablinger, S. Blümlein, M. Round, C. Schneider

1210.1702 (Y. Okumura et al.)

A fundamental theory for the range fluctuations of $10^{12}$eV to
$10^{18}$eV muons in water based on Time Sequential Procedure

Y. Okumura, N. Takahashi, A. Misaki

1210.1716 (G. Lacroix et al.)

Glueballs and the Yang-Mills plasma in a $T$-matrix approach    [PDF]

G. Lacroix, C. Semay, D. Cabrera, F. Buisseret

1210.1737 (Koichi Funakubo et al.)

Two-loop effective potential, thermal resummation and first-order phase
transitions: Beyond high-temperature expansion

Koichi Funakubo, Eibun Senaha

1210.1755 (Ruth Britto et al.)

On-shell recursion for massive fermion currents    [PDF]

Ruth Britto, Alexander Ochirov

1210.1759 (Tobias Goecke et al.)

The role of momentum dependent dressing functions and vector meson
dominance in hadronic light-by-light contributions to the muon g-2

Tobias Goecke, Christian S. Fischer, Richard Williams

1210.1760 (Lawrence Horwitz)

Spin, angular momentum and spin-statistics for a relativistic quantum
many body system

Lawrence Horwitz

1210.1767 (I. O. Cherednikov et al.)

Cusped light-like Wilson loops in gauge theories    [PDF]

I. O. Cherednikov, T. Mertens, F. F. Van der Veken

1210.1776 (Yung-Yeh Chang et al.)

A note on on-shell recursion relation of string amplitudes    [PDF]

Yung-Yeh Chang, Bo Feng, Chih-Hao Fu, Jen-Chi Lee, Yihong Wang, Yi Yang

1210.1778 (G. J. Feldman et al.)

A Review of Long-baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiments    [PDF]

G. J. Feldman, J. Hartnell, T. Kobayashi

1210.1779 (Anders Tranberg et al.)

On using Cold Baryogenesis to constrain the Two-Higgs Doublet Model    [PDF]

Anders Tranberg, Bin Wu

1210.1798 (John Bulava et al.)

Higgs-Yukawa model in chirally-invariant lattice field theory    [PDF]

John Bulava, Philipp Gerhold, Karl Jansen, Jim Kallarackal, Bastian Knippschild, C. -J. David Lin, Kei-Ichi Nagai, Attila Nagy, Kenji Ogawa

1210.1806 (S. P. Baranov et al.)

Interparticle correlations in the production of J/ψpairs in
proton-proton collisions

S. P. Baranov, A. M. Snigirev, N. P. Zotov, A. Szczurek, W. Schäfer