Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1101.1524 (Stephen G. Naculich et al.)

Eikonal methods applied to gravitational scattering amplitudes    [PDF]

Stephen G. Naculich, Howard J. Schnitzer

1211.6776 (S. P. Gavrilov et al.)

Creation of neutral fermions with anomalous magnetic moments from a
vacuum by inhomogeneous magnetic field

S. P. Gavrilov, D. M. Gitman

1306.5767 (Andre de Gouvea et al.)

$H\rightarrow γγ$ as a Triangle Anomaly: Possible Implications
for the Hierarchy Problem

Andre de Gouvea, Jennifer Kile, Roberto Vega-Morales

1306.5770 (Geoffrey T. Bodwin et al.)

Higgs boson decays to quarkonia and the Hccbar coupling    [PDF]

Geoffrey T. Bodwin, Frank Petriello, Stoyan Stoynev, Mayda Velasco

1306.5773 (F. de Campos et al.)

Displaced vertices in GMSB models at LHC    [PDF]

F. de Campos, M. B. Magro

1306.5804 (Wei-jie Fu)

Fluctuations and correlations of hot QCD matter in an external magnetic

Wei-jie Fu

1306.5818 (David B. Kaplan)

Extended QCD    [PDF]

David B. Kaplan

1306.5841 (Jinmian Li et al.)

Towards the fate of natural composite Higgs model through single
$t^\prime$ search at the 8 TeV LHC

Jinmian Li, Da Liu, Jing Shu

1306.5865 (Olga Mena et al.)

Hints of an axion-like particle mixing in the GeV gamma-ray blazar data?    [PDF]

Olga Mena, Soebur Razzaque

1306.5878 (Biplob Bhattacherjee et al.)

Phenomenology of Fermionic Asymmetric Dark Matter    [PDF]

Biplob Bhattacherjee, Shigeki Matsumoto, Satyanarayan Mukhopadhyay, Mihoko M. Nojiri

1306.5897 (M. G. A. Buffing et al.)

Generalized Universality of Definite Rank Gluon Transverse Momentum
Dependent Correlators

M. G. A. Buffing, A. Mukherjee, P. J. Mulders

1306.5901 (Kenta Shudo et al.)

Electroweak bremsstrahlung in bino-like dark matter annihilations    [PDF]

Kenta Shudo, Takeshi Nihei

1306.5907 (T. S. Sinegovskaya et al.)

High-energy fluxes of atmospheric neutrinos    [PDF]

T. S. Sinegovskaya, E. V. Ogorodnikova, S. I. Sinegovsky

1306.5922 (R. Alonso et al.)

Leptonic Dynamical Yukawa Couplings    [PDF]

R. Alonso, M. B. Gavela, D. Hernandez, L. Merlo, S. Rigolin

1306.5927 (R. Alonso et al.)

Neutrino Mixing and Masses from a Minimum Principle    [PDF]

R. Alonso, M. B. Gavela, G. Isidori, L. Maiani

1306.5958 (Kari Enqvist et al.)

Mixed Inflaton and Spectator Field Models after Planck    [PDF]

Kari Enqvist, Tomo Takahashi

1306.5987 (Andreas Nyffeler)

Hadronic light-by-light scattering in the muon g-2: impact of proposed
measurements of the (pi^0 -> gamma gamma) decay width and the (gamma^* gamma
-> pi^0) transition form factor with the KLOE-2 experiment

Andreas Nyffeler

1306.5991 (Krzysztof M. Graczyk)

Comparison of Neural Network and Hadronic Model Predictions of TPE

Krzysztof M. Graczyk

1306.6014 (I. I. Bigi)

3- and 4-Body Final States in B, D and tau Decays about Features of New
Dynamics with CPT Invariance or "Achaeans outside Troy"

I. I. Bigi

1306.6019 (S. Melville et al.)

Wilson line approach to gravity in the high energy limit    [PDF]

S. Melville, S. G. Naculich, H. J. Schnitzer, C. D. White

1306.6022 (Christian S. Fischer et al.)

Polyakov loop potential at finite density    [PDF]

Christian S. Fischer, Leonard Fister, Jan Luecker, Jan M. Pawlowski

1306.6059 (Markus Diehl)

Multiparton interactions: Theory and experimental findings    [PDF]

Markus Diehl

1306.6060 (Markus Diehl)

From form factors to generalized parton distributions    [PDF]

Markus Diehl

1306.6073 (Chueng-Ryong Ji et al.)

Anatomy of relativistic pion loop corrections to the electromagnetic
nucleon coupling

Chueng-Ryong Ji, W. Melnitchouk, A. W. Thomas