Thursday, March 15, 2012

1109.5682 (Gian F. Giudice et al.)

Interpreting OPERA results on superluminal neutrino    [PDF]

Gian F. Giudice, Sergey Sibiryakov, Alessandro Strumia

1110.0843 (Wolfgang Altmannshofer et al.)

B Meson Mixing in Effective Theories of Supersymmetric Higgs Bosons    [PDF]

Wolfgang Altmannshofer, Marcela Carena

1110.2908 (R. Foot)

Diurnal modulation due to self-interacting mirror and hidden sector dark

R. Foot

1110.5651 (Adrian Carmona et al.)

The Effective Lagrangian for Bulk Fermions in Models with Extra

Adrian Carmona, Jose Santiago

1111.1257 (Wolfgang Altmannshofer et al.)

Model-independent constraints on new physics in b --> s transitions    [PDF]

Wolfgang Altmannshofer, Paride Paradisi, David M. Straub

1111.2159 (Payal Mohanty et al.)

Elliptic flow of thermal dileptons as a probe of QCD matter    [PDF]

Payal Mohanty, Victor Roy, Sabyasachi Ghosh, Santosh K. Das, Bedangadas Mohanty, Sourav Sarkar, Jane Alam, Asis K. Chaudhuri

1111.4931 (F. R. Klinkhamer)

Superluminality from the dynamics of a heavy sterile neutrino    [PDF]

F. R. Klinkhamer

1111.5475 (J. Wambach et al.)

Transport Properties of Strong-Interaction Matter    [PDF]

J. Wambach, K. Heckmann, M. Buballa

1112.2207 (David McKeen et al.)

The Pion-Photon Transition Form Factor and New Physics in the Tau Sector    [PDF]

David McKeen, Maxim Pospelov, J. Michael Roney

1112.2274 (Zhi-Gang Wang)

Analysis of the triply heavy baryon states with QCD sum rules    [PDF]

Zhi-Gang Wang

1201.3464 (V. A. Saleev et al.)

Prompt J/psi production in the Regge limit of QCD: From Tevatron to LHC    [PDF]

V. A. Saleev, M. A. Nefedov, A. V. Shipilova

1201.4123 (David Kutasov et al.)

Holographic Walking from Tachyon DBI    [PDF]

David Kutasov, Jennifer Lin, Andrei Parnachev

1203.2264 (Peter Adshead et al.)

Gauge-flation trajectories in Chromo-Natural Inflation    [PDF]

Peter Adshead, Mark Wyman

1203.2622 (Abraham Loeb)

The Optimal Cosmic Epoch for Precision Cosmology    [PDF]

Abraham Loeb

1203.2631 (Howard E. Haber)

A framework for precision 2HDM studies at the ILC and CLIC    [PDF]

Howard E. Haber

1203.2632 (Arman Esmaili et al.)

KATRIN Sensitivity to Sterile Neutrino Mass in the Shadow of Lightest
Neutrino Mass

Arman Esmaili, Orlando L. G. Peres

1203.2636 (Borut Bajc et al.)

Spontaneously symmetry breaking of a discrete symmetry and holography    [PDF]

Borut Bajc, Adrian R. Lugo, Mauricio B. Sturla

1203.2646 (G. C. Branco et al.)

Spontaneous leptonic CP violation and nonzero $θ_{13}$    [PDF]

G. C. Branco, R. Gonzalez Felipe, F. R. Joaquim, H. Serodio

1203.2654 (Svjetlana Fajfer et al.)

On the B to D* tau nu Sensitivity to New Physics    [PDF]

Svjetlana Fajfer, Jernej F. Kamenik, Ivan Nisandzic

1203.2671 (Yoni BenTov et al.)

The neutrino mixing matrix could (almost) be diagonal with entries

Yoni BenTov, A. Zee

1203.2695 (Julio C. Fabris et al.)

Quantum corrections to gravity and their implications for cosmology and

Julio C. Fabris, Paulo L. C. de Oliveira, Davi C. Rodrigues, Ilya L. Shapiro, A. M. Velasquez-Toribio

1203.2764 (Dmitry V. Zhuridov)

Testing Localization in Neutrino Oscillations    [PDF]

Dmitry V. Zhuridov

1203.2771 (Alessandro Ballestrero et al.)

Exploring alternative symmetry breaking mechanisms at the LHC with 7, 8
and 10 TeV total energy

Alessandro Ballestrero, Diogo Buarque Franzosi, Ezio Maina

1203.2772 (Ravi Kuchimanchi)

Maximal CP and Bounds on Neutron EDM from P and CP Breaking    [PDF]

Ravi Kuchimanchi

1203.2781 (Sunil Kumar Biswas et al.)

Characteristics of Strange Hadron Production in Some High Energy
Collisions and The Role of Power Laws

Sunil Kumar Biswas, Goutam Sau, Amar Chandra Das Ghosh, Subrata Bhattacharyya

1203.2840 (A. A. Bylinkin et al.)

Comparative Analysis of Pion, Kaon and Proton Spectra Produced at PHENIX    [PDF]

A. A. Bylinkin, A. A. Rostovtsev

1203.2858 (Igor I. Smolyaninov)

"Planck-scale physics" of vacuum in a strong magnetic field    [PDF]

Igor I. Smolyaninov

1203.2906 (Xinyi Zhang et al.)

A prediction of neutrino mixing matrix with CP violating phase    [PDF]

Xinyi Zhang, Bo-Qiang Ma

1203.2908 (Hong-Jian He et al.)

Octahedral Symmetry with Geometrical Breaking: New Prediction for
Neutrino Mixing Angle theta_{13} and CP Violation

Hong-Jian He, Xun-Jie Xu

1203.2917 (Ricky Fok et al.)

It is a Graviton! or maybe not    [PDF]

Ricky Fok, Carol Guimaraes, Randy Lewis, Veronica Sanz

1203.2924 (Timothy Cohen et al.)

Electroweak Baryogenesis and Higgs Signatures    [PDF]

Timothy Cohen, David E. Morrissey, Aaron Pierce

1203.2923 (Randall Kelley et al.)

Disentangling Clustering Effects in Jet Algorithms    [PDF]

Randall Kelley, Jonathan R. Walsh, Saba Zuberi

1203.2932 (David Curtin et al.)

Excluding Electroweak Baryogenesis in the MSSM    [PDF]

David Curtin, Prerit Jaiswal, Patrick Meade

1203.2935 (O. Lalakulich et al.)

Many-Body Interactions of Neutrinos with Nuclei - Observables    [PDF]

O. Lalakulich, K. Gallmeister, U. Mosel

1203.2947 (Hooman Davoudiasl et al.)

"Dark" Z implications for Parity Violation, Rare Meson Decays, and Higgs

Hooman Davoudiasl, Hye-Sung Lee, William J. Marciano

1203.2948 (Aalok Misra)

Local D3/D7 mu-Split SUSY, 125 GeV Higgs and Large Volume Ricci-Flat
Swiss-Cheese Metrics: A Brief Review

Aalok Misra

1203.2954 (Ilias Cholis et al.)

Extracting limits on Dark Matter annihilation from dwarf Spheroidal
galaxies at gamma-rays

Ilias Cholis, Paolo Salucci

1203.2962 (Rafael A. Porto et al.)

Spin induced multipole moments for the gravitational wave amplitude from
binary inspirals to 2.5 Post-Newtonian order

Rafael A. Porto, Andreas Ross, Ira Z. Rothstein

1203.3011 (Takeshi Kobayashi et al.)

Runnings in the Curvaton    [PDF]

Takeshi Kobayashi, Tomo Takahashi

1203.3020 (Nora Brambilla et al.)

Model-independent Study of Electric Dipole Transitions in Quarkonium    [PDF]

Nora Brambilla, Piotr Pietrulewicz, Antonio Vairo

1203.3067 (Jan-e Alam)

In search of quark gluon plasma in nuclear collisions    [PDF]

Jan-e Alam

1203.3116 (Hiroshi Okada et al.)

Can A Higgs Portal Dark Matter be Compatible with the Anti-proton

Hiroshi Okada, Takashi Toma

1203.3117 (Julian Heeck et al.)

Neutrino Hierarchies from a Gauge Symmetry    [PDF]

Julian Heeck, Werner Rodejohann

1203.3118 (Shu Luo et al.)

Impacts of the observed theta_13 on the running behaviors of Dirac and
Majorana neutrino mixing angles and CP-violating phases

Shu Luo, Zhi-zhong Xing

1203.3120 (Hsiang-nan Li et al.)

Branching ratios and direct CP asymmetries in $D\to PP$ decays    [PDF]

Hsiang-nan Li, Cai-Dian Lu, Fu-Sheng Yu

1203.3126 (Davide Meloni)

S3 as a flavour symmetry for quarks and leptons after the Daya Bay
result on θ13

Davide Meloni

1203.3131 (Enrico Franco et al.)

The Standard Model confronts CP violation in $D^0 \to π^+π^-$ and
$D^0 \to K^+K^-$

Enrico Franco, Satoshi Mishima, Luca Silvestrini

1203.3141 (Fawzi Boudjema et al.)

BMSSM Higgses at 125 GeV    [PDF]

Fawzi Boudjema, Guillaume Drieu La Rochelle

1203.3146 (Diogo Boito et al.)

An updated determination of α_s from tau decays    [PDF]

Diogo Boito, Maarten Golterman, Matthias Jamin, Andisheh Mahdavi, Kim Maltman, James Osborne, Santiago Peris

1203.3179 (Chris Austin)

Improvement of a provisional solution of the quantum-corrected field
equations of d = 11 supergravity on flat R^4 times a compact hyperbolic
7-manifold, and modes that decay along the beam line outside the interaction
region at the LHC

Chris Austin