Tuesday, April 30, 2013

1109.6097 (Zhou Lingli et al.)

Neutrino speed anomaly as signal of Lorentz violation    [PDF]

Zhou Lingli, Bo-Qiang Ma

1201.2239 (Sergei V. Ketov)

Modified Supergravity and Early Universe: the Meeting Point of Cosmology
and High-Energy Physics

Sergei V. Ketov

1206.0818 (Peter W. Graham et al.)

A New Method for Gravitational Wave Detection with Atomic Sensors    [PDF]

Peter W. Graham, Jason M. Hogan, Mark A. Kasevich, Surjeet Rajendran

1304.7119 (Valentina Salvatelli et al.)

New constraints on Coupled Dark Energy from Planck    [PDF]

Valentina Salvatelli, Andrea Marchini

1304.7270 (Sarah Folkerts et al.)

Axion Dark Matter and Planck favor non-minimal couplings to gravity    [PDF]

Sarah Folkerts, Cristiano Germani, Javier Redondo

1304.7277 (Maresuke Shiraishi et al.)

First observational constraints on tensor non-Gaussianity sourced by
primordial magnetic fields from cosmic microwave background

Maresuke Shiraishi, Toyokazu Sekiguchi

1304.7363 (Anatoly S. Konkov et al.)

Transition radiation from electrons with orbital angular momentum    [PDF]

Anatoly S. Konkov, Alexander P. Potylitsyn, Marina S. Polonskaya

1304.7382 (Bingwei Long)

Improved convergence of chiral effective field theory for 1S0 of NN

Bingwei Long

1304.7395 (Joseph Grange et al.)

New Anti-Neutrino Cross-Section Results from MiniBooNE    [PDF]

Joseph Grange, Ranjan Dharmapalan for the MiniBooNE Collaboration

1304.7404 (Nadiia Krupina et al.)

Separation of proton polarizabilities with the beam asymmetry of Compton

Nadiia Krupina, Vladimir Pascalutsa

1304.7410 (A. Gutierrez-Rodriguez et al.)

Limits on the quartic couplings $Zγγγ$ and
$ZZγγ$ from $e^+e^-$ colliders

A. Gutierrez-Rodriguez, C. G. Honorato, J. Montano, M. A. Pérez

1304.7424 (Y. Aoki et al.)

Proton decay matrix elements on the lattice    [PDF]

Y. Aoki, E. Shintani, A. Soni

1304.7438 (Kai Wang et al.)

Flavor dependence of annihilation parameters in QCD factorization    [PDF]

Kai Wang, Guohuai Zhu

1304.7467 (Yan-Rui Liu)

Heavy quark spin selection rules in meson-antimeson states    [PDF]

Yan-Rui Liu

1304.7476 (Chris Kouvaris)

Composite Millicharged Dark Matter    [PDF]

Chris Kouvaris

1304.7483 (D. V. Bugg)

A new perspective on MOND    [PDF]

D. V. Bugg

1304.7492 (Lei Feng et al.)

Decaying Asymmetric Dark Matter Relaxes the AMS-Fermi Tension    [PDF]

Lei Feng, Zhaofeng Kang

1304.7521 (Maxim Brilenkov et al.)

Dark matter and dark energy from quark bag model    [PDF]

Maxim Brilenkov, Maxim Eingorn, Laszlo Jenkovszky, Alexander Zhuk

1304.7559 (M. Drees et al.)

Light stop phenomenology    [PDF]

M. Drees, M. Hanussek, J. S. Kim

1304.7580 (Bin Zhu et al.)

Supersymmetry Breaking in Anti-de Sitter spacetime    [PDF]

Bin Zhu, Kun Meng, Ran Ding

1304.7598 (Thorsten Renk)

Photon Emission from a Medium-Modified Shower Evolution    [PDF]

Thorsten Renk

1304.7606 (Zhi-zhong Xing)

Leptonic commutators and clean T violation in neutrino oscillations    [PDF]

Zhi-zhong Xing

1304.7627 (Errol Gotsman)

Amplitudes and Cross Sections at the LHC    [PDF]

Errol Gotsman

1304.7634 (Wolfgang Ochs)

Spectroscopy with glueballs and the role of f_0(1370)    [PDF]

Wolfgang Ochs

1304.7645 (C. Mezrag et al.)

Test of two new parameterizations of the Generalized Parton Distribution

C. Mezrag, H. Moutarde, F. Sabatié

1304.7647 (Pei-Hong Gu)

Parity: from strong CP problem to dark matter, neutrino masses and
baryon asymmetry

Pei-Hong Gu

1304.7672 (S. Meuren et al.)

Polarization operator for plane-wave background fields    [PDF]

S. Meuren, C. H. Keitel, A. Di Piazza

1304.7673 (Iannis Dalianis)

Gravitino dark matter production at finite temperature    [PDF]

Iannis Dalianis

1304.7677 (Tseh Liou et al.)

Radiative pT-broadening of high energy quarks and gluons in QCD matter    [PDF]

Tseh Liou, A. H. Mueller, Bin Wu

1304.7684 (P. Klos et al.)

Large-scale nuclear structure calculations for spin-dependent WIMP
scattering with chiral effective field theory currents

P. Klos, J. Menéndez, D. Gazit, A. Schwenk

1304.7691 (M. Anselmino et al.)

The Sivers effect and the Single Spin Asymmetry A_N in p(transv. pol.) p
--> h X processes

M. Anselmino, M. Boglione, U. D'Alesio, S. Melis, F. Murgia, A. Prokudin

1304.7698 (Miguel Albaladejo et al.)

Constraints on a possible dibaryon from combined analysis of the $pn \to
d π^+ π^-$ and $pn \to pn π^+ π^-$ cross sections

Miguel Albaladejo, Eulogio Oset

1304.7706 (Jean Alexandre et al.)

Lorentz-Violating Regulator Gauge Fields as the Origin of Dynamical
Flavour Oscillations

Jean Alexandre, Julio Leite, Nick E. Mavromatos

1304.7711 (Eef van Beveren et al.)

Substructures from weak interactions in light of possible threshold
signals at LEP and LHC

Eef van Beveren, Susana Coito, George Rupp

1304.7738 (D. Hernandez et al.)

Relating neutrino masses and mixings by discrete symmetries    [PDF]

D. Hernandez, A. Yu. Smirnov

1304.7752 (Shuzhe Shi et al.)

Conserved Charge Fluctuations and Susceptibilities in Strongly
Interacting Matter

Shuzhe Shi, Jinfeng Liao

1304.7757 (Maria Krawczyk et al.)

Inert Doublet Model with a 125 GeV Higgs    [PDF]

Maria Krawczyk, Dorota Sokolowska, Bogumila Swiezewska