Thursday, June 21, 2012

1106.4652 (S. Catani et al.)

Higgs boson production at hadron colliders: hard-collinear coefficients
at the NNLO

S. Catani, M. Grazzini

1206.4309 (Yi Wang et al.)

Scale-Invariant Fluctuations from Galilean Genesis    [PDF]

Yi Wang, Robert Brandenberger

1206.4308 (Tim Linden et al.)

Exploring the Nature of the Galactic Center Gamma-Ray Source with the
Cherenkov Telescope Array

Tim Linden, Stefano Profumo

1206.4312 (Frank J. Tackmann et al.)

Resummation Properties of Jet Vetoes at the LHC    [PDF]

Frank J. Tackmann, Jonathan R. Walsh, Saba Zuberi

1206.4315 (Aaron C. Vincent et al.)

Light bosons and photospheric solutions to the solar abundance problem    [PDF]

Aaron C. Vincent, Pat Scott, Regner Trampedach

1206.4321 (Matthew W. Cahill-Rowley et al.)

The New Look pMSSM with Neutralino and Gravitino LSPs    [PDF]

Matthew W. Cahill-Rowley, JoAnne L. Hewett, Stefan Hoeche, Ahmed Ismail, Thomas G. Rizzo

1206.4324 (Christopher D. Carone)

Technicolor with a 125 GeV Higgs Boson    [PDF]

Christopher D. Carone

1206.4325 (Boris Kayser)

Neutrino Oscillation Physics    [PDF]

Boris Kayser

1206.4339 (Keh-Fei Liu et al.)

Connected-Sea Partons    [PDF]

Keh-Fei Liu, Wen-Chen Chang, Hai-Yang Cheng, Jen-Chieh Peng

1206.4365 (Guy F. de Teramond et al.)

Light-front holography - A new approach to relativistic hadron dynamics
and nonperturbative QCD

Guy F. de Teramond, Stanley J. Brodsky

1206.4369 (Hai-Yang Cheng)

Direct CP Violation in D -> hh Decays    [PDF]

Hai-Yang Cheng

1206.4373 (Rui-qin Wang et al.)

Hadron Yield Correlation in Combination Models in High Energy AA

Rui-qin Wang, Feng-lan Shao, Jun Song, Qu-bing Xie, Zuo-tang Liang

1206.4383 (Abhishek M Iyer et al.)

Lepton Masses and Flavor Violation in Randall Sundrum Model    [PDF]

Abhishek M Iyer, Sudhir K Vempati

1206.4384 (H. Novales-Sánchez)

Gauge invariance, quantization and integration of heavy modes in a gauge
Kaluza-Klein theory

H. Novales-Sánchez

1206.4418 (Miroslav Myska)

Searches for Double Parton Scattering at the LHC    [PDF]

Miroslav Myska

1206.4421 (Kyung Kiu Kim et al.)

Equations of state and compact stars in gauge/gravity duality    [PDF]

Kyung Kiu Kim, Youngman Kim, Ik Jae Shin

1206.4425 (Kinjalk Lochan et al.)

Constraining CSL strength parameter $λ$ from standard cosmology
and spectral distortions of CMBR

Kinjalk Lochan, Suratna Das, Angelo Bassi

1206.4427 (Miroslav Myska)

Double Parton Scattering Contribution to pp -> W+W+    [PDF]

Miroslav Myska

1206.4441 (A. I. Ahmadov et al.)

Production of one or two vector mesons in peripheral high-energy
collisions of heavy ions

A. I. Ahmadov, B. A. Kniehl, E. A. Kuraev, E. S. Scherbakova

1206.4445 (V. G. Baryshevsky et al.)

Tensor polarization of deuterons passing through matter    [PDF]

V. G. Baryshevsky, A. R. Bartkevich

1206.4463 (Andrea Zanzi)

Chameleonic dilaton and conformal transformations    [PDF]

Andrea Zanzi

1206.4479 (Enrico Pajer et al.)

A Hydrodynamical Approach to CMB mu-distortions    [PDF]

Enrico Pajer, Matias Zaldarriaga

1206.4484 (Frank-Peter Schilling)

Top Quark Physics at the LHC: A Review of the First Two Years    [PDF]

Frank-Peter Schilling

1206.4511 (Qian Wang et al.)

The nature of X(3900) and recognition of open charm effects    [PDF]

Qian Wang, Gang Li, Xiao-Hai Liu, Qiang Zhao

1206.4512 (Xiao-Gang Wu et al.)

The study of Ds1(2460) and Ds1(2536) mixing    [PDF]

Xiao-Gang Wu, Qiang Zhao

1206.4515 (A. Gorsky et al.)

Baryon as dyonic instanton    [PDF]

A. Gorsky, A. Krikun

1206.4518 (M. Quiros)

Higgs Searches and Extra Dimensions    [PDF]

M. Quiros

1206.4527 (J. R. Green et al.)

Nucleon Scalar and Tensor Charges from Lattice QCD with Light Wilson

J. R. Green, J. W. Negele, A. V. Pochinsky, S. N. Syritsyn, M. Engelhardt, S. Krieg

1206.4533 (Hesham Mansour et al.)

Search for new gauge boson Z'B-L at LHC using Monte Carlo simulation    [PDF]

Hesham Mansour, Nady Bakhet

1206.4534 (Hesham Mansour et al.)

Search for Heavy Majorana Neutrinos at LHC using Monte Carlo simulation    [PDF]

Hesham Mansour, Nady Bakhet

1206.4546 (Kenichi Konishi et al.)

Supersymmetry Breaking on Gauged Non-Abelian Vortices    [PDF]

Kenichi Konishi, Muneto Nitta, Walter Vinci

1206.4554 (I. I. Bigi)

Probing CP Asymmetries in Charm Baryons Decays    [PDF]

I. I. Bigi

1206.4563 (L. Basso et al.)

Supersymmetry Les Houches Accord: Seesaw models and generalised PDG
numbering scheme

L. Basso, A. Belyaev, D. Chowdhury, M. Hirsch, S. Khalil, S. Moretti, B. O'Leary, W. Porod, F. Staub