Wednesday, September 26, 2012

1105.1603 (Ronggen Cai et al.)

Detecting the cosmic acceleration with current data    [PDF]

Ronggen Cai, Zhongliang Tuo

1109.0941 (Ronggen Cai et al.)

Direction Dependence of the Deceleration Parameter    [PDF]

Ronggen Cai, Zhongliang Tuo

1110.2297 (Marco Frasca)

Beyond one-gluon exchange in the infrared limit of Yang-Mills theory    [PDF]

Marco Frasca

1112.5327 (Bo-Chao Liu et al.)

The $K^- p \rightarrow ηΛ$ reaction in an effective Lagrangian

Bo-Chao Liu, Ju-Jun Xie

1201.0149 (Ju-Jun Xie et al.)

The $DN$, $πΣ_c$ interaction in finite volume and the
$Λ_c(2595)$ resonance

Ju-Jun Xie, E. Oset

1201.2494 (Rong-Gen Cai et al.)

More on QCD Ghost Dark Energy    [PDF]

Rong-Gen Cai, Zhong-Liang Tuo, Ya-Bo Wu, Yue-Yue Zhao

1201.4850 (Jean-Francois Dufaux)

Cosmic Super-Strings and Kaluza-Klein Modes    [PDF]

Jean-Francois Dufaux

1209.5410 (Shanshan Cao et al.)

Collisional vs. Radiative Energy Loss of Heavy Quark in a Hot and Dense
Nuclear Matter

Shanshan Cao, Guang-You Qin, Steffen A. Bass, Berndt Müller

1209.5416 (T. G. Steele et al.)

Is Radiative Electroweak Symmetry Breaking Consistent with a 125 GeV
Higgs Mass?

T. G. Steele, Zhi-Wei Wang

1209.5432 (Jason Kumar et al.)

Spin Determination for Fermiophobic Bosons    [PDF]

Jason Kumar, Arvind Rajaraman, David Yaylali

1209.5488 (W-Y. Pauchy Hwang)

An Anatomy of Neutrino Oscillations    [PDF]

W-Y. Pauchy Hwang

1209.5489 (Yongseok Oh et al.)

Production and parity determination of $Ξ$ baryons    [PDF]

Yongseok Oh, Kanzo Nakayama, Helmut Haberzettl

1209.5497 (Luminita Mihaila et al.)

Gauge coupling beta functions in the Standard Model    [PDF]

Luminita Mihaila, Jens Salomon, Matthias Steinhauser

1209.5524 (N. N. Achasov et al.)

Pion form factor in the range -10 GeV^2 < s < 1 GeV^2    [PDF]

N. N. Achasov, A. A. Kozhevnikov

1209.5538 (Giampiero Passarino)

NLO Inspired Effective Lagrangians for Higgs Physics    [PDF]

Giampiero Passarino

1209.5539 (Alejandro Ibarra et al.)

Prospects of antideuteron detection from dark matter annihilations or
decays at AMS-02 and GAPS

Alejandro Ibarra, Sebastian Wild

1209.5579 (Ed Bennett et al.)

Topology of Minimal Walking Technicolor    [PDF]

Ed Bennett, Biagio Lucini

1209.5585 (Kenzo Ishikawa et al.)

Quantum Diffraction of Neutrino    [PDF]

Kenzo Ishikawa, Yutaka Tobita

1209.5586 (Kenzo Ishikawa et al.)

Long-range correlations of neutrinos in hadron reactions and neutrino
diffraction II: neutrino

Kenzo Ishikawa, Yutaka Tobita

1209.5602 (R. Foot)

Hidden sector dark matter explains the DAMA, CoGeNT and CRESST-II

R. Foot

1209.5609 (M. F. Zoller)

Vacuum stability in the SM and the three-loop β-function for the
Higgs self-interaction

M. F. Zoller

1209.5630 (Sandip Pakvasa et al.)

Explanation for the low flux of high energy astrophysical muon-neutrinos    [PDF]

Sandip Pakvasa, Anjan Joshipura, Subhendra Mohanty

1209.5641 (Igor Boettcher et al.)

Tan contact and universal high momentum behavior of the fermion
propagator in the BCS-BEC crossover

Igor Boettcher, Sebastian Diehl, Jan M. Pawlowski, Christof Wetterich

1209.5650 (Giulia Ricciardi)

Semileptonic B and D decays-latest developments    [PDF]

Giulia Ricciardi

1209.5658 (Sushant K. Raut)

Effect of non-zero theta(13) on the measurement of theta(23)    [PDF]

Sushant K. Raut

1209.5678 (P. Mastrolia et al.)

The Integrand Reduction of One- and Two-Loop Scattering Amplitudes    [PDF]

P. Mastrolia, E. Mirabella, G. Ossola, T. Peraro, H. van Deurzen

1209.5679 (Clint Young et al.)

Realistic modelling of jets in heavy-ion collisions    [PDF]

Clint Young, Björn Schenke, Sangyong Jeon, Charles Gale

1209.5702 (Stefano Profumo)

Fundamental Physics from the Sky: Cosmic Rays, Gamma Rays and the Hunt
for Dark Matter

Stefano Profumo

1209.5720 (Albert Deuzeman et al.)

The bulk transition of QCD with twelve flavors and the role of

Albert Deuzeman, Maria Paola Lombardo, Tiago Nunes da Silva, Elisabetta Pallante

1209.5725 (Bogumila Swiezewska)

Yukawa independent constraints for 2HDMs with a 125 GeV Higgs boson    [PDF]

Bogumila Swiezewska