Thursday, June 20, 2013

1305.0273 (Marco Bochicchio)

Glueball and meson propagators of any spin in large-N QCD    [PDF]

Marco Bochicchio

1306.4530 (Priyotosh Bandyopadhyay et al.)

Status of $Y=0$ Triplet Higgs with supersymmetry in the light of $\sim
125$ GeV Higgs discovery

Priyotosh Bandyopadhyay, Katri Huitu, Asli Sabanci

1306.4314 (John Kearney et al.)

Exotic Top Partners and Little Higgs    [PDF]

John Kearney, Aaron Pierce, Jesse Thaler

1306.4321 (Clifford Cheung et al.)

Electroweak Cogenesis    [PDF]

Clifford Cheung, Yue Zhang

1306.4319 (Daniel Grin et al.)

Baryons do trace dark matter 380,000 years after the big bang: Search
for compensated isocurvature perturbations with WMAP 9-year data

Daniel Grin, Duncan Hanson, Gilbert Holder, Olivier Doré, Marc Kamionkowski

1306.4356 (Martin Holthausen et al.)

Quark and Leptonic Mixing Patterns from the Breakdown of a Common
Discrete Flavor Symmetry

Martin Holthausen, Kher Sham Lim

1306.4432 (J. A. Aguilar-Saavedra)

Mixing with vector-like quarks: constraints and expectations    [PDF]

J. A. Aguilar-Saavedra

1306.4445 (R. J. Crewther et al.)

Infrared Fixed Point in the Strong Running Coupling: Unraveling the
ΔI=1/2 puzzle in K-Decays

R. J. Crewther, Lewis C. Tunstall

1306.4448 (A. N. Ivanov et al.)

Proton Recoil Energy and Angular Distribution of Neutron Radiative Beta

A. N. Ivanov, R. Hollwieser, N. I. Troitskaya, M. Wellenzohn

1306.4468 (Alexander Dueck et al.)

Fits to SO(10) Grand Unified Models    [PDF]

Alexander Dueck, Werner Rodejohann

1306.4470 (Ahmed Ali et al.)

Hadroproduction of $Υ(nS)$ above $B\bar B$ Thresholds and
Implications for $Y_b(10890)$

Ahmed Ali, Christian Hambrock, Wei Wang

1306.4472 (V. A. Kudryavtsev)

Heavy states of hadron string as weak interacting massive particles for
Dark Matter

V. A. Kudryavtsev

1306.4496 (Sayantan Choudhury et al.)

An accurate bound on tensor-to-scalar ratio and the scale of inflation    [PDF]

Sayantan Choudhury, Anupam Mazumdar

1306.4497 (Monika Blanke)

Squark flavour violation and naturalness at the LHC    [PDF]

Monika Blanke

1306.4505 (Moumita Das et al.)

Leptophilic dark matter in gauged $L_μ-L_τ$ extension of MSSM    [PDF]

Moumita Das, Subhendra Mohanty

1306.4511 (Kari Enqvist et al.)

Generation of the Higgs Condensate and Its Decay after Inflation    [PDF]

Kari Enqvist, Tuukka Meriniemi, Sami Nurmi

1306.4517 (Pawel Pacholek)

Embedding Zprime models in SO(10) GUTs    [PDF]

Pawel Pacholek

1306.4526 (Ken'ichiro Nakazato)

Imprint of Explosion Mechanism on Supernova Relic Neutrinos    [PDF]

Ken'ichiro Nakazato

1306.4581 (M. Grazzini et al.)

Heavy-quark mass effects in Higgs boson production at the LHC    [PDF]

M. Grazzini, H. Sargsyan

1306.4584 (Hyun Kyu Lee et al.)

Topology Change and Tensor Forces for the EoS of Dense Baryonic Matter    [PDF]

Hyun Kyu Lee, Mannque Rho

1306.4588 (Tim Gershon)

Flavour physics in the LHC era    [PDF]

Tim Gershon

1306.4593 (N. Mohammedi)

Field redefinition and renormalisability in scalar field theories    [PDF]

N. Mohammedi

1306.4644 (Marco Ciuchini et al.)

Electroweak Precision Observables, New Physics and the Nature of a 126
GeV Higgs Boson

Marco Ciuchini, Enrico Franco, Satoshi Mishima, Luca Silvestrini

1306.4655 (Christophe Grojean et al.)

Light top partners and precision physics    [PDF]

Christophe Grojean, Oleksii Matsedonskyi, Giuliano Panico

1306.4659 (Jiajun Liao et al.)

One diagonal texture or cofactor zero of the neutrino mass matrix    [PDF]

Jiajun Liao, Danny Marfatia, Kerry Whisnant