Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1307.5973 (G. Barenboim et al.)

Eviction of a 125 GeV "heavy"-Higgs from the MSSM    [PDF]

G. Barenboim, C. Bosch, M. L. López-Ibañez, O. Vives
We prove that the present experimental constraints are already enough to rule out the possibility of the ~125 GeV Higgs found at LHC being the second lightest Higgs in a general MSSM context, even with explicit CP violation in the Higgs potential. Contrary to previous studies, we are able to eliminate this possibility analytically, using simple expressions for a relatively small number of observables. We show that the present LHC constraints on the diphoton signal strength, tau-tau production through Higgs and BR(B -> X_s gamma) are enough to preclude the possibility of H_2 being the observed Higgs with m_H~125 GeV within an MSSM context, without leaving room for finely tuned cancellations. As a by-product, we also comment on the difficulties of an MSSM interpretation of the excess in the gamma-gamma production cross section recently found at CMS that could correspond to a second Higgs resonance at m_H~136 GeV.
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