Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1307.5925 (Hong-Wei Ke et al.)

Transitions of $B_c\rightarrow ψ(1S,2S)$ and the modified harmonic
oscillation wave function in LFQM

Hong-Wei Ke, Tan Liu, Xue-Qian Li
The LHC$_b$ collaboration has systematically measured the rates of $B_c\to J/\psi K$, $B_c\to J/\psi D_s$, $B_c\to J/\psi D_s^*$ and $B_c\to \psi(2S) \pi$. The new data enable us to study relevant theoretical models and further determine the model parameters. In this work, We calculate the form factors for the transitions $B_c\to J/\psi$ and $B_c\to \psi(2S)$ numerically, then determine the partial widths of the semi-leptonic and non-leptonic decays. The theoretical predictions on the ratios of $\Gamma(B_c\to J/\psi K)/\Gamma(B_c\to J/\psi \pi)$, $\Gamma(B_c\to J/\psi D_s)/\Gamma(B_c\to J/\psi \pi)$ and $\Gamma(B_c\to J/\psi D_s^*)/\Gamma(B_c\to J/\psi \pi)$ are consistent with data within only 1$\sigma$. Especially, for calculating $\Gamma(B_c\to \psi(2S)X)$ the modified harmonic oscillator wave function (HOWF) which we developed in early works is employed and the results indicate that the modified harmonic oscillator wave function works better than the traditional HOWF.
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