Thursday, May 17, 2012

1002.1603 (Susana. J. Landau et al.)

Constraints on variation in $α$ and $m_e$ from WMAP 7-year data    [PDF]

Susana. J. Landau, Claudia G. Scóccola

1109.4271 (Nicolas Borghini et al.)

Heavy quarkonia in a medium as a quantum dissipative system:
Master-equation approach

Nicolas Borghini, Clement Gombeaud

1110.2147 (V. Barger et al.)

Searching for Stoponium along with the Higgs boson    [PDF]

V. Barger, M. Ishida, W. -Y. Keung

1112.1028 (Hong-Jian He et al.)

Unitary Higgsless and Higgsful Standard Models from Spontaneous
Dimensional Reduction and Weak Boson Scattering at the LHC

Hong-Jian He, Zhong-Zhi Xianyu

1201.2665 (Ariel R. Zhitnitsky)

Local P Violation Effects and Thermalization in QCD: Views from Quantum
Field Theory and Holography

Ariel R. Zhitnitsky

1205.3499 (Patrick deNiverville et al.)

Signatures of sub-GeV dark matter beams at neutrino experiments    [PDF]

Patrick deNiverville, David McKeen, Adam Ritz

1205.3501 (Clifford Cheung et al.)

Bubble Baryogenesis    [PDF]

Clifford Cheung, Alex Dahlen, Gilly Elor

1205.3508 (Nathan Hartland)

LHC data and the proton strangeness    [PDF]

Nathan Hartland

1205.3515 (A. Freitas)

Numerical evaluation of multi-loop integrals using subtraction terms    [PDF]

A. Freitas

1205.3526 (Michael Cheng et al.)

The finite temperature phase transition from domain wall fermions    [PDF]

Michael Cheng, for the HotQCD Collaboration

1205.3535 (HotQCD Collaboration et al.)

The chiral transition and U(1)_A symmetry restoration from lattice QCD
using Domain Wall Fermions

HotQCD Collaboration, A. Bazavov, Tanmoy Bhattacharya, Michael I. Buchoff, Michael Cheng, N. H. Christ, H. -T. Ding, Rajan Gupta, Prasad Hegde, Chulwoo Jung, F. Karsch, Zhongjie Lin, R. D. Mawhinney, Swagato Mukherjee, P. Petreczky, R. A. Soltz, P. M. Vranas, Hantao Yin

1205.3541 (C. J. Horowitz)

Dark matter transport properties and rapidly rotating neutron stars    [PDF]

C. J. Horowitz

1205.3567 (Ying Zhang et al.)

The Global Electroweak Fit and its Implication to Z-prime    [PDF]

Ying Zhang, Shao-Zhou Jiang, Qing Wang

1205.3582 (M. Albaladejo et al.)

Finite volume treatment of pi pi scattering and limits to phase shifts
extraction from lattice QCD

M. Albaladejo, J. A. Oller, E. Oset, G. Rios, L. Roca

1205.3584 (Damiano Anselmi)

A Master Functional For Quantum Field Theory    [PDF]

Damiano Anselmi

1205.3585 (Jiangyong Jia et al.)

Study on initial geometry fluctuations via participant plane
correlations in heavy ion collisions: part II

Jiangyong Jia, Derek Teaney

1205.3607 (V. B. Semikoz et al.)

Lepton asymmetries and primordial hypermagnetic helicity evolution    [PDF]

V. B. Semikoz, D. Sokoloff, J. W. F. Valle

1205.3617 (Benjamin D. Callen et al.)

Large lepton mixing angles from a 4+1-dimensional SU(5) x A(4)
domain-wall braneworld model

Benjamin D. Callen, Raymond R. Volkas

1205.3621 (Kota Masuda et al.)

Hadron-Quark Crossover and Massive Hybrid Stars with Strangeness    [PDF]

Kota Masuda, Tetsuo Hatsuda, Tatsuyuki Takatsuka

1205.3625 (Rene Bellwied)

Hadron formation in the deconfined matter at RHIC and LHC    [PDF]

Rene Bellwied

1205.3662 (Andrea Ferroglia et al.)

Soft-gluon resummation for boosted top-quark production at hadron

Andrea Ferroglia, Ben D. Pecjak, Li Lin Yang

1205.3675 (Josef Pradler)

On the Cosmic Ray Muon Hypothesis for DAMA    [PDF]

Josef Pradler

1205.3677 (N. D. Vlasii et al.)

Symmetry Analysis of Holes Localized on a Skyrmion in a Doped

N. D. Vlasii, C. P. Hofmann, F. -J. Jiang, U. -J. Wiese

1205.3683 (Alexander Yu. Korchin et al.)

Contribution of vector resonances to the {\bar B}_d^0 -> {\bar K}^{*0}
mu+ mu- decay

Alexander Yu. Korchin, Vladimir A. Kovalchuk

1205.3709 (I. Mocioiu et al.)

Dark energy from a renormalization group flow    [PDF]

I. Mocioiu, R. Roiban

1205.3751 (Paulo C. C. Freire et al.)

Tests of the universality of free fall for strongly self-gravitating
bodies with radio pulsars

Paulo C. C. Freire, Michael Kramer, Norbert Wex

1205.3761 (Daniel Boyanovsky)

Spontaneous symmetry breaking in inflationary cosmology: on the fate of
Goldstone Bosons

Daniel Boyanovsky

1205.3769 (Qing-Hong Cao et al.)

Discovery and Identification of W' and Z' in SU(2) x SU(2) x U(1) Models
at the LHC

Qing-Hong Cao, Zhao Li, Jiang-Hao Yu, C. -P. Yuan

1205.3770 (A. P. Bakulev et al.)

Comparing antithetic trends of data for the pion-photon transition form

A. P. Bakulev, S. V. Mikhailov, A. V. Pimikov, N. G. Stefanis